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I have been seeing a lot of Toshiba remote "eyes" (the infra-red receiver inside the TV) fail recently. If several known good remotes cannot control the TV then the IR receiver will have to be replaced. If you have no experience soldering and unsoldering PC boards then have a qualified tech handle it for you.

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Please check on the links below for details to check on your remote:

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It will work again if you take it apart and clean the entire circuit board with alcohol. Clean also the keypad. Let dry and put back together. Some have screws holding them together and some have plastic clips that you have to take a knife to pry apart and unclip.

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there is a problem in your tv remote sensor.

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Your TVs vertical swee sction has failed. All CRT based TVs have both vertical and horizontal sweep sections to sweep the picture both in vertical and horizontal direction to display it on the picture tube screen. This process is otherwise called as scanning. If vertical scan section fails, you will see a horizontal line at the middle of the screen and if horizontal scan fails, you will see a vertical line on the middle of the screen.
You have to open your TV to retify this fault, as the fault lies in the internal circuit board. Open it after disconnecting it from the mains wall socket, and locate the vertical output section inside. It is very easy to locate. On opening you can see a coil fitted on the neck of the picture tube, called deflection yoke, and there will be four wires from it goes to the main board. Out of which two of them will be thick, and the other twos will be thin. The thick wires are usually colour coded as red and blue. Just follow the two thin wires. You will reach to a plung in socket to which these four wires together connected. Turn upside down the circuit board, and follow the print track through the print side of the above said two thin wires connection goes. it will go to the vertical output section.
Before doing any thing, first look into the circut board for any loose or bad solderings are there. It is a common fault that this section have loose solderings on it, because most of the components will heat up while working. Repeated heating and cooling, make loose soderings to emerge.
Resolder all the suspected points, as loose solderings will be microscopic,a nd acnnot be detected very easly. We in the service field also will fist do this.
Usually vertical output section is composed of an IC related circuit. Solder all pins of that Ic first and feel the effect. If this does not help, desolder the IC out of the board, will be screwed on to a metal heatsink, go for the same type and number. Replacing the IC will solve your problem.
If you wants any more assistance, feel free to contact me through Fixya. OK.

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try to check your remote sensor if working.Using your cellphone camera,point your sensor on your cellphone camera you should see a illumination of light on your remote control once you press the a button on your remote..if not try to fit your battery tou your remote there might be a loose contact on battery terminals..or open the casing of your remote control.visually inspect the battery terminals from a loose contact and corrosion.if this dont solve your problem,replace the crystal oscillator of the is the color orange square in shape with two terminals soldered near the is labeled with frequency....

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Replace the ir sensor on the tv front control panel board. part cost is about 12$. A service call fom a major player will cost @175+tax to do that.

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your remote is old and needs to be cleaned and rebuttoned(you can do this yourself) open up the battery panel and look for small screws to take of the case. you need to dust it out with compressed air. and reline the buttons. when you push down on the power button it probbaly is not making complete contact with the button, take a small thing and poke the power button without the buttons on. see if that works. if it turns on right away with direct pressure to the power switch then you just need to make sure your buttons are making complete contact. if that dont work then your circuit is screwed. you need a new remote or a new tv.

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A lot of times it is the remote sensor in the set. These are good sets so I would have it checked out. Could be fairly cheap. Thanks for using fixya.

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sounds like you could be right-
possible fix----try removing battries and re-placing with brand new ones also pressing the on/off button while holding down the 5 button can reset the remote - I have never tried this myself but I was told by the manufactors that this is the way to do this - if you can belive that- worth a go - nothing to loose everything to gain.B/O/L------P.

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You'll have to contact Toshiba's part distributor in order to purchase a replacement remote. The company is Fox International and their number is 800-321-6993.

I hope I've provided you useful assistance and that this information allows you to make an informed decision as to how to proceed from here. Please be sure to vote on my response. I hope I've earned a good rating from you today.

Please post a comment if you need additional assistance so that I can help you further.

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How old is the TV? Does it have a marketplace of apps that came preloaded? Is there a search button in that screen? If so search for the app, you can also search for Amazon prime Video App that comes with Hulu.

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Ten years? Toss it.

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That flashing light is and error code count the no. of flashes then go on line with the make and model no. of TV and add (for example) 6 flash error code. And it will tell you what's wrong with the TV.

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The code will be found in the remote control, if it is compatible.

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it's important that the polarity is correct, the + on the capacitor lined up with a +n the circuit board, also if the cap was (for example) 1000uF 25V , the replacement must be a least 25V, not less.

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Hello Turel74, I sent you the link to download the user manual
I hope you can solve the problem
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Turel74, te envio el link para que descargues el manual de usuario
Espero puedas resolver el problema
Saludos Franco Dosil

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Hello Karen, indicate the model of your Toshiba, that you are commenting, in order to find the best possible solution
I wait your answer
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Karen, indica el modelo de tu Toshiba, que estas comentando, para poder encontrar la mejor soluci?n posible
Espero tu respuesta
Saludos Franco Dosil

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