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Start - Program Files - Accessories - System Tools - Character Map.

Or find the ones you want to use online and copy & paste them. If you have a series of math symbols you use a lot, paste them into a little NotePad file and save it on your desktop for that purpose.

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you can try it

otherwise you just reinstall the driver

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you can download it from

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Exactly as it says, go to control panel, add-remove programs, Microsoft Office - change, but not uninstall. Have your CD ready, ask it to repair. Be ready to download lots of updates after it is finished from Windows Update.

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you would first need to install Microsoft office, Once you have installed the suite, you woulod be able to see outlook.

Once you have installed outlook please visit the below link to configure your gmail account with your outlook.

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Whats the make and model of your PC or Laptop?

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Audio Driver depends on the audio card or hardware. What kind of computer, model etc.

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If the USB Port is 2.0, it might not work if the printer is 3.0. If the USB Port is 2.0, it might not work so fast if the printer is 3.0. It would work better if the USB Port was 3.0. And don't forget, USB cables are also rated (USB,USB2.0,USB3.0). Can't tell you how many times I've gotten a printer to work just by switching cables. Good luck.

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How about using an other way to get to your computer? is a good alternative and free for limited computers.

Good luck!!

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if you have a pirate copy, you should get an original to get rid of theese kind of problems...

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A very good place to start your research will be the newsgroup sci.crypt for learning about security issues. Security is not something you can learn in a couple of days though...

Best of luck

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The simple way to restore .pst files in outlook is

Choose File-> Import and Export…
Choose Export to a file
Choose Personal Folder File (.pst)
Select the Inbox and press Next (we do the Contacts folder later)
Set the file location to D:\My Documents\My Outlook\Backup\export.pst
Press Finish and you’ll be prompted to set properties for the export.pst file
In the Name field type a descriptive name like "Export June 2004" (yeah, I wrote this guide a long time ago but don’t worry; I still keep it up to date!)
Press OK to start the export
To export the Contacts folder as well repeat step 1 to 4 and this time select the Contacts folder
If the save location is not set to the path you’ve set in step 5 browse to it
Press Finish to export the Contact folder
Close Outlook and copy the exported file to your safe location as described in Backup pst-file
please vote

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You have not mention the email service providers name. Is it Yahoo? Is it MSN mail? or Is it a gmail? account.
  1. In any case we are looking for a "Customer care" or "Customer support" or "Customer service" (these terms are essentially the same) live representative such as "customer support live person" This key word along with the email account service provider name such as Yahoo can be used to search on a good search engine like Google.
  2. You can construct a keyword to search on Google like this "Customer Support live representative for MSN". if your email acound is like "" I am sure you will come across many websites which will give you information on that. There will be many official emails etc.
  3. Insist on live services such as chat and preferably telephone contact is much effective and convenient. Blogs are very helpful also to gain this kind of information.
Good Luck!

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You can go for core java projects as well JSP Projects. As you are in 5th semester of BE mini project in Java will suit your requirements.
Check some projects here If it can help you out.

Microsoft... | Answered on Apr 17, 2017 | 126 views

If you don't already know how to program then i wouldn't start with Java but maybe with Visual Basic. Once you have a good grasp of Basic then you can move onto Java.

If you already know how to program in another language, especially C++ then you will find java to be quite familiar.

In any case your first step would be to go to yoru local book store and buy a book or two. Read through the book while at your computer and try all the examples.

For Visual Basic there are books like this: or or

For Java you may want to check out: or or

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might be cmos battery is flat on the motherboard and it is forgetting the Type of hard drive you have.
Suggest looking for cmos battery it might be a cr2032 type battery attached to the motherboard .

Microsoft... | Answered on Mar 26, 2017 | 56 views

are you wanting to hide a few files? or you can right click each file ..go to properties and click HIDE that should work

Microsoft... | Answered on Jan 03, 2017 | 164 views

Probably use different frequencies if you mean by "get output from shortwave radio" that you are getting output via a receiver in the computers.

If you mean, on the other hand, that some program is taking the output from Radio 1 and it's showing up on Computer 2 then it may be that it isn't on Computer 2 but that a folder on Computer 1 is showing up on Computer 2 and you are looking there thinking you are looking at a folder on Computer 2. On a network there can be "public" folders that reside on one computer but can appear on another as if they were "local" to that computer. So the problem may be that the input from Radio 2 is coming into Computer 2 but that when you look for it, you are looking for the "shared" folder from Computer 1 rather than the folder on Computer 2 where the incoming stuff is being stored.

To solve this the first thing I would do is unplug the network cable and see if you are still receiving updated information from Radio 1 on Computer 2. If not, and the data from Radio 1 is being updated on Computer 1, then you know you are looking on a shared folder of Computer 1 and thinking it's the folder for Computer 2 where the Radio 2 information is being stored. But it's not. Look carefully, and if Radio 2 is being received, it's probably being put somewhere else on Computer 2. Unplugging the network cable just insures that the "Radio data" folder on Computer 2, the one you are looking at and seeing Radio 1 data from" is, in fact, the folder from Radio 1. And you know that it is because if Computer 1 is receiving data from Radio 1 and that folder is not being updated (which it can't be if it's disconnected) but does get updated once you put the network cable back it.

Finally, you can also test Radio 2 to Computer 2 connection by simply turning off Radio 1. If the folder you think is receiving Radio 2 continues to update, then it is Radio 2. If not, then it's probably a Radio 1 folder "shared" from Computer 1.

Good luck.

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Reboot the computer
Right after the bios is finished, hit F8 (or F2,F10,F12)
Select 'Safe mode' or 'Safe mode with Command Prompt' 26301562-bxzhjmonsmllydp0qa2riq2g-2-0.jpg Type net user and press Enter. This will bring up a list of user accounts. Look here for the name and exact spelling of the account whose password you wish to change.

Type net user name goes here *. Do not neglect any of the spaces (particularly the one before the *) or the command won't work. 26301562-bxzhjmonsmllydp0qa2riq2g-2-5.jpg
Press Enter. Once submitted, the command will give you the option of typing a new password for the user.

Carefully type the desired password and press Enter. The characters will not display as you type, so make sure the Caps Lock isn't on and be very thorough with the spelling and punctuation.
Retype the password to confirm. This should weed out any typos.

Press Enter. The new password should go into effect immediately. If you get an error message or your access is denied, the account you're working on doesn't have high enough authorization to change any passwords.


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you either do not have enough virtual memory, physical memory or hard drive space for this program.

Microsoft... | Answered on Sep 27, 2016 | 58 views

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