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Hello there,

Asssuming you've got all of the correct hardware to make this work and it's correctly connected, all you need to do is set the DTV input to ON in the ASSIGN INPUT menu, select the DTV input using the mitsubishi remote, then switch the laptop to an external monitor setting. Easy huh . . .

A. Connecting to the TV:

Connect the red, green and blue component jacks to the sockets I've ringed in the picture below. Make sure you are connecting the red video jack to the red socket and not the red audio jack. Don't worry about the audio connections for the moment. You will need to connect your laptop directly to the TV to use the TV speakers as your PC speakers. A 15 pin (D-Sub) cable will not carry an audio signal. We can deal with that later.


B. Switching the DTV input ON:

1. Press the MENU key on the mitsubishi remote to open the on-screen menu
2. Use the DOWN arrow to highlight INPUT ASSIGNMENT then press ENTER
3. Use the DOWN arrow to highlight DTV
4.Press the RIGHT arrow repeatedly to set the DTV value to ON (if not already on)
5. Press the HOME key to close the menu

C. Selecting the DTV input:

Press the INPUT UP/DOWN buttons on the mitsubishi remote repeatedly until the DTV input is selected. (These are below the number keys, next to the CHANNEL UP/DOWN keys.)

D. Switching to an external monitor setting on the laptop.

Hold down the FN key (usually next to CTRL) and then press F5 once. On some laptops this may be F4. One of these should have a small icon of a PC and a monitor on it. Whichever one has this icon is the monitor switching key. With FN held down, each press of F5 or F4 will change the monitor configuration between:

- TV screen ON, laptop OFF
- Both ON
- Laptop ON, TV screen OFF

That's it! Well . . . not quite.

Your TV was not designed or intended to be a computer monitor. It has no PC monitor input sockets. With the correct adaptor/interface between the laptop and the TV, it can probably be made to work, but this is not guaranteed.

I really need to know what adaptor you bought. Most of these are one-directional. You need a 15 pin D-Sub to component adaptor. If you've bought a component to 15 pin D-Sub adaptor, it's not going to work. It's designed to only work in the opposite direction.

Please make sure you have done all of the above and then let me know whether you have video from the laptop on the TV screen. We can then move on to using the TV speakers for PC audio. If you don't have video, then you may not have the correct adaptor or it may not be possible to use your TV as a PC monitor.

If you don't have video, I will need to know which component/D-Sub adaptor you bought.

Hope this helps - I look forward to hearing back from you. This one could be quite a challenge!


Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 18, 2011

Check the CC (closed caption) settings.
You may have the closed caption turned on, it may be set on text or a setting that is causing this. Turn CC off and see if it goes away. If you need the CC put it on a different setting.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 15, 2011

Hi gomeryandgee,
If the symptom didn't cure by convergence adjustment through the remote control, this is an indication of faulty convergence board inside. You may replace the convergence IC's and some of the resistor around because its already gone bad
http://www.tvrepairworld.com/mitsubishi_repair_kits. You may also replace the entire convergence board for your convenient. If the board replaced with new one, your unit will back to normal again. Also, consider bad solder joints in that area, it will do the same symptom like what you've encountered right now. Find it first and re-solder. If you don't have necessary tools and test instrument and can't do the job yourself, I would advice you to look for a qualified technician to isolate the problem.

Hope I helped you.
Have a nice day!
Thanks for using Fixya.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 15, 2011

You have several bad grounds in the convergence board. This TV will also need a new convergence IC. I believe it is a STK 393-110. It has poor grounds on its pins to the circuit board. I would suggest you replace it with a new one, it would be heart breaking to resolder the original IC and discover it is bad. It takes quite a while to pull this board out and replace. Be sure to check the 2 watt less than 10 watt resistors too. They can be bad. And I cannot tell you enough...there are also many,many bad grounds through out this convergence board. Please really examine this closely. Solder any and all ICs attached to heat sinks, power resistors, transistors, transformers etc. This TV is worth repairing. Thanks for asking and show a few hands of support!

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 14, 2011

It sounds like you have a faulty power supply. These go out on most televisions after a period of time and use. The repair is going to run you about 200-300 dollars, and you can actually have a repairman come out to do the repair.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 12, 2011

Your TV is going into immediate shutdown. The first thing to determine is whether you have liquid coolant leakage from any of the pix tubes, usually the blue. Remove front spkr grill and six screws from front door panel. Look very closely inside on the green colored PC board for any liquid or residue. If you don't have leakage of any kind, then most likely a convergence output IC problem in which case you'll need an experienced servicer. Good luck

Bill W

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 09, 2011

Press the Windows key + P on your laptop.
Or, if that doesn't work, look on your F keys for something that looks similar to a monitor.
Press the FN key and that key.
This should bring up your laptop's display on the tv.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 09, 2011

The WS-65809 uses two of the STK-392-570 convergence IC's---if convergence is skewed and will not adjust----both chips and any of the protect resistors around them that are bad need to be replaced.

The repair involves getting the middle circuit board out of the set---You can buy a pair of the chips on Ebay for less than 14 dollars plus shipping.

This all depends on if you are handy and know how to solder----each chip has about 18 pins that are soldered in-----I repaired one of these here yesterday for someone---repair takes about one hour.

If you are able to do it yourself you will save a lot of money as most shops charge 300-400 for this type of repair. If you get someone to do it for you make sure they change BOTH chips---

I have had so many people here ask me how do this repair that I have composed start to finish step by step instructions for this set---they tell you everything you will need to do the repair---if you decide you want the instructions let me know and I will post them here for you.

Not everyone can do the repair---



Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 05, 2011

If the TV "seems to not have power" then I assume that no lights are on or blinking, and that no noise is made by the television at all. This is most likely a power supply issue or a power chip issue. If you know anyone who able to solder or has working knowledge of electronics boards this could be a relatively cheap fix ($30+ in parts). Otherwise, you may be paying hundreds from a TV repair shop.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 03, 2011

If your TV looks 3D, warped, or distorted it likely has a convergenge problem.
If however it just looks dull, washed out, redish, greenish, or blueish or if it looks like objects on the screen have halos the fluid in the lens has soured.
You can search google for parts or you can get the parts with repair instructions from sites such as www.TvRepairKits.com

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 02, 2011

Your television has component inputs. You need an up-scaling DVD player or another source that uses component cables and will have an output of 1080i (your televisions max resolution)

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 28, 2011

Sounds like you have a cooling issue. Do you notice if the fans inside the back of the tv are running? If not then it's overheating and turning itself off to prevent further damage.
Also The next time it happens, before you just turn it back on, press the INPUT and MENU buttons on the front panel together and hold them down for at least 6 seconds. This should cause the front LED to flash a 2 digit code. If it flashes once, then twice, then pauses and repeats, it means that the TV's computer didn't detect a problem.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 28, 2011

If your TV looks 3D, warped, or distorted it likely has a convergenge problem.
If however it just looks dull, washed out, redish, or if it looks like objects on the screen have halos the fluid in the lens has soured.
You can search google for parts or you can get the parts with repair instructions from sites such as www.TvRepairKits.com

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 25, 2011

Please do us a favor and rate this solution after reading.

Projection TV sets have two very common problems. One is convergence ( 3D/Warped video) the other is CRT fluid ( Dull Video). Here are more details and solutions for both. Repair kits with instructions are also avail from www.TvRepairKits.com

Common Problem #1) Convergence has gone out

Projection TV sets need to have all three colors - RED - BLUE - GREEN - lined up correctly on the screen in order for the video to look normal. When its out of alignment the video will look 3D, wavy, distorted, etc. Most of the time you just need to adjust your convergence in the TV menu. If you cannot adjust it in the menu - then your convergence is broken and needs to be repaired.

This is a very common failure on these projection sets and a fairly simple DIY fix. All projection sets including Samsung, RCA, Sony, Philip Magnavox, Panasonic, Pioneer, Akai, GE, JVC, Toshiba, and others at some point will have the same problem.

Common Symptoms include....

  • Screen looks 3D
  • Colors don't line up
  • One or more colors can't be adjusted when using the convergence menu.
  • Screen is bowed or warped.
  • TV shuts off after powering on. Power light will blink. TV may also make a chirping noise.
Here are some pics of convergence problems.


69189a5.pngSOLUTION #1

For more more examples and find a fix using this link on Fixya http://www.fixya.com/support/r2861467-solution_video_looking_whiteish_dull

Common Problem #2) CRT Fluid is Cloudy

Projection TV tubes have a liquid coolant that is used to keep them from overheating. After many years the coolant in the blue and green tubes will become cloudy and cause the screen to look dull, red/orange, etc. You may even see halos around images.

Picture of a set that needs the fluid changed.

TV set after fluid change



You can see some more examples and find a fix using this link on Fixya http://www.fixya.com/support/r2861467-solution_video_looking_whiteish_dull

Please do us a favor and rate this solution after reading

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 21, 2011

Your Convergence ICs have failed. Replace the STK chips, check fuses and the resistors next to the STK chips. Replace as necessary and re-align via the service menu.

Use this simple test to verify.
Go to the users menu on the tv.
Look for the converge option to align the red and blue colors

If you cannot move the red either horizontal or vertical, then the STK chip has failed for red section.
If you cannot move the blue either horizontal or vertical, then the STK chip has failed for the blue section.

If you can move both in each direction then the problem is something else.

Note if one STK chip fails, you replace both regardless.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 20, 2011

You have poor contacts and or dry joints. Resoldering on the convergeance panel and powersupply/line timebase board will probably fix it.
It should take less than an hour in labour terms.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 20, 2011

Not sure I understand what you mean by green shadow. I would check the fluid in the green and blue CRTS and verify they are clear. I would do this if the green color seemed fuzzy or blotchy looking on the screen.

When looking on a blank screen, do you see any arc lines of either green, blue or red? If so, you would need to lower the screen voltage for that particular CRT.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 20, 2011

Ok, explain somethings to me. Which parts did you replace? 3.9 ohm resistors will read about 2.2 ohm in board, they are in pairs.

Was convergence problem different than before or EXACTLY they same?


Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 17, 2011

check 2 5amp chem fuses. in middle of tv. yellow or orange in color . if bad replace the 2 stk convergence ics and fuses.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 15, 2011

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