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My first suspicion would be a power supply problem. A slow oscillation like that can happen when the supply senses too much current is being drawn and begins to drop its output, but then the decreased output causes less current demand, and the supply output is restored. The cycle repeats itself until sooner or later, something has to give, and the system fails.

Unfortunately discerning whether the power supply itself is the problem, or a circuit within the TV is loading down the supply too much is not going to be easy to pin down. These days it has become harder and harder to get schematics or shop manuals from manufacturers, so that even with good test equipment you'll have a challenge. If it is (a) clear that the power supply can be both identified and easily separated from the rest of the device, AND... (b) you can find a source for a REFUNDABLE replacement power supply, it might be worth a shot replacing the supply to see if the problem remains or goes away. If a supply change won't cure it, you will need some electronic test equipment, some service literature, and a bit of luck and patience to go further. Good luck!

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Hi I'm Peter hope this helps, Harley , S&S and a few others sell the adjustable pushrods.

Read more: http://www.ehow.com/how_7654870_adjust-valves-shovelhead-harley-davidson.html#ixzz2zOfbs8UG

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Check and replace the main power regulator [SMPS] board to your TV. Contact any service technician, or the authorized service center for Mitsubishi. If you wish to get some details; check the site linked here. Viewing it in "Mosaic" will make surf easy.

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Here are some basic steps that will help you fixing the problem.

I'm assuming that your unit is dead set without an standby LED light and your outlet is live.1.Power cord - check the cord it might be opened (no continuity).This is due to frequent bending,pulling. 2. Power switch - check for dry joints, open contact. 3.Check the internal fuse- sometimes the fuse fail because of the power surge, replacing with new one will cure the problem, If this is the case I would advice you to use surge protector/AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator). However if the fuse blew again this is an indication that you have a shorted parts in the power supply, you may visit the linkhttp://www.fixya.com/support/r8053361-fuse_keeps_blowing for more info. If no reaction and still the unit didn't power up then you have an open parts on the power supply.

4.If you see that the fuse is intact , don't attempt to touch anything because there some fatalcomponents stored electricity enough to hurt you with a simple mistake only. I would advice you to look for a professional to troubleshoot the power supply. If you want to repair it yourself make sure that you have necessary tools and test instrument, know safety precaution working in the power supply, know how to test the parts below.

First check bad solder joints(re-solder all cold solder), leaky electrolytic capacitor(sometimes it has bulged at the top but not all, you better have a capacitor checker), open/shorted regulator transistor/IC(mounted in heat sink), open fusible resistor (caused by shorted regulator Transistor/IC), shorted zener diode.

Also check if your unit is under warranty before opening the back panel, it will void the warranty. Avail it because the manufacturer of your unit will fix it for free or a little charge only.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Hope I helped you.

Thanks for using fixya.


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You mean the vertical deflection circuit? I do think its a deflection problem but even the horizontal deflection circuit can cause this. Turn the board over and look for shorts. There will be brown spots near the solder joints if the ICs are fried

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Feb 18, 2011


This TV chassis number is VZ3.

I just uploaded the schematics here: Click here to start download..

If the first link does not work use this: mitsubishi_chassis_vz3_sch_[ET].pdf



Mitsubishi... | Answered on Oct 08, 2010

The main cause of this power up problem are bad capacitors on your power if the capacitor is bad. They are always bulged or leaks capacitor.
Now, if your LCD set is still under warranty I would suggest to use it and let the professionals handle the problem for you. But for the rest of the LCD TV owners that their warranty had expired and want to save some money, this would be the best route.
Here's what you need for this problem to be solved ,Screw driver, Soldering iron(40watts+), Desoldering braid, Soldering wire, and capacitors.

Now lets talk about the specs, capacitors hold 3 important value:

1. The capacitance measured in uF(micro farads) (ex. 2200uF), 2. Voltage (ex. 10v), 3. Temperature (ex. 105°C)

Important Notes:

power supply capacitors has 10v installed on the board and it is attached to a 12v bus which is causing to bulged. its going to get bigger or burst. And that's why our LCD sets end up with bulged or leaked capacitors)
Look at the bad capacitor and get the right information from it, remember uF, voltage and temperature. Mine, I only change 2 capacitors. It needed two 2200 uF, when I first saw my power supply it was really easy to spot the bad caps. Some LCD owners did went ahead replace all the capacitors on the power supply to make sure. I would not recommend changing all the capacitors because to me it was time consuming

Few things to take note, always make sure you have the right polarity. Negative part is where the colored stripe on the capacitor. If your looking at the image above, it would be the copper colored stripe. And if you are looking at the two connector wire of the capacitor, the negative wire is the short one. On placing it on the board make sure negative to negative and positive to positive. By this time you will be ready for soldering.

Hope this help in solving the problem.....

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Oct 01, 2010

This is a older rear projection set. What I have seen and suspect is your problem is this set develops bad solder connections with age---this is a normal thing as the boards expand and contract when hot and then cool down.

Most likely some connection in the power supply has broken loose---I fixed several where it was a 20 minute job to get at the bottom of the circuit boards and resolder poor connections.

Let me know if you have questions as I am here to help.


Mitsubishi... | Answered on Aug 10, 2010

This is annoying, but common. There is a delay to the backlight that sometimes seems to get stuck and can usually be resolved by restarting right after you turn it off.
If it wont light up at all, you may need a new inverter depending on how old the set is.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Mar 07, 2010

The reason your TV is doing this is due to a component that has become thermally sensitive, & when it heated up it made better contact, and, as it has thermally cycled, hot to cold to hot to cold again over and over the compnent has failed completely, thus the fault is as we say :Hard On".Which is easier to diagnose than an intermittent thermal problem. The only real fix is to take it to a ruputable service centre/man and get a firm "Quote" for reoair.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jan 21, 2010

Look in Mitsubishi threads here your problem has already been answered.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jan 08, 2010

most likely bad solder connection or cold solder connection which is making contact after the set is moved or vibrated doe's this happen right away
or after the set is warmed up

Mitsubishi... | Answered on May 07, 2009

your tv most likely has a bad vertical chip or cold solder on this chip. Another thing is that the connections on the vertical yoke connectors are broken and need to be resoldered....John

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PVAT!!Look for bad connects--start w/easy first. Power supply,then vertical IC pins,then regulators.Take your time,be thorough.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jul 28, 2008

If you have a dot, this means that there is no scanning to that colour channel. This fault can be in the scan amplfiers or the deflection yoke itself. Another issue, is that it is also possible that the tube is weak. I am sure that the person you took the set from had an estimate done on it, and did not fix it for very obvious reasons.

This set will be very expensive to fix. Go out and treat yourself to a good LCD or Pasma set, and you will enjoy it much more than an old tube type projection TV set!

Jerry G.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on May 25, 2008

find problem here in threads,

Mitsubishi... | Answered on May 16, 2008

You have a high voltage shutdown problem, look at the threads here on Mitsubishi and you will find your answer.

Mitsubishi... | Answered on May 16, 2008

Replace red convergence IC,both IC's for solid fix

Mitsubishi... | Answered on Jan 17, 2008

I do not understand what it is as I do not know the language it is .

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