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i am not sure what you mean
but if you cant get an internet connection
you will have to open up your network connections

click start control panel network connections this may vary depending on your operating system look for local area connection if you see a red x or a yellow exclamation or question mark ! ? you will need to update or install the driver or it could be firewalled

If you are trying to connect through a modem/router you it should have come with a disk then
you might have to connect the usb lead to your modem to get a connection then

click start control panel administration tools computer management device manager scroll to network adapters should see a yellow question / exclamation mark ? ! or a red X right click install drivers

the driver might be on the disc supplied by your ISP internet service provider
or the motherboard disc

click start type cmd press enter you will be in DOS mode

type in ipconfig press enter

you will see all o fyour internet connection details type in your default gateway adress into your internet search should read something like

Make sure you Ethernet/internet is enabled in bios restart your computer during the boot up process you will see on your screen a certain key to

press to enter set up (BIOS) press and hold that key to enter bios using arrow keys navigate to integrated peripherals look for SiS On Chip Pci Device press enter scroll to SiS 10/100m press enter make sure its enabledimake sure its enabledPci device arrows key scroll to nstalled.

hope this helps

ASUS M4A785M... | Answered on Sep 14, 2012

ok , what OS came on this new?
for sure dont use w8, as the wifi engine it it is JUNK totally junk from MS.com

i see Asus offered a free w10 upgrade, google searched 1st hit.
says clear as day, not all features work, if done
why not just leave it at w7 ?
1st and always,
connect the PC directly from PC ethernet jack cable to router
now the web works, and now the magic PNP works
microsoft plug and play works, so does that cure the dead wifi chip?

i can not know what chip is inside your PC for wifi, as the makers uses like 5 kinds even on one model. (what's on sale i guess.?)
but they do.
so only drivers for that unknown chip work
in a real shop we run app called PCI-z, or the like.
and see what chip it is then if the chip is dead, we get the driver from
ASUS direct or from the chip maker, like say broadcom.

here are the correct paths in order
1:MS PnP autoloaded driver,
2: Asus driver off their set
3: chip makers driver

only those work and only those are virus free, ok? 1,2,3. only
there is 1 exception but lets skip that, for now.

if the ethernet cable fails, that is very bad, and very rare.
for sure w10, plug and play on modern PCs supports all ethernent
your support site is here


the ATK fixes, w10 compat. issues.

asus does not disclose what chips are on the mobo , in there lame spec,page, (par)
but we have tools do that , in all cases. so.... spec be damned.

look at that page, you see all drivers are missing there
this is like marketing ploy, (goons) that can communicate facts.
it should say at the top, this.
"ALL drivers for this product not seen below are at ms.com"

did you install w10 64bit fresh (not 32 !!!)
and did the ethernet cable run from PC to router
if not OOP that was wrong, that 1st step.
let the installer reach the MS servers,

here that server is if curious.


connect ethernet to PC RJ45 to router, cat 5 cable is ok,
then boot the DVD< w10 or ISO built uSB stick.
now fresh load w10-64bit, and all chips in the PC should hit the deck running. ok?

ASUS Computers &... | Answered 3 hours ago

Well, as there is no such technique to solve it. I will recommend you to go to your nearby service center.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered 3 hours ago

you posted with NO PC stated, at all just the makers name,
like saying my ford is dead what do it do? same deal.
well boot the DVD (its not a CD , as it will never hold w10 ever)
boot it, go into BIOS set boot order to DVD first.
then when you power on the PC , hammer the space key
"it prompts hit any key too boot dvd" and bingo
w10 setup starts
no PC stated, so i can read the page from your your manual to you.
but in said manual there are 2 ways.

the boot on the fly key, (hit that and you can pick and boot device on the fly)
if PC is super new, (no pc stated)
then you must turn off UEFI, safeboot first. or you cant boot to DVD nor USB sticks
then in the bios menu, go to boot order.
change the order to DVD top of list and save the settings now
then boot the DVD> and hammer the space bar.
I use space key because its HUGE and very hard to miss.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered Yesterday

John, most monitors made have no service guide.
all are different, every brand and every model
some of this thin devices, like this are snap apart
and some are glued (using glue not unlike "stickynotes"
they do that also to make it water proof (limited) so that makes it super hard to repair, just like many notepads,
or both. they are all very tricky to work on, (that is the price for thin)
the users manual at asus has no facts here.
nor do they list a service manual on it. (sad)
google for it or youtube it is the only way.

ill looked on youtube, see nada
buy dead one on ebay,learn to take the dead one apart first
then work on yours.
other than that, call ASUS, ask for service manual
or google all week,

ASUS Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

no symptoms stated
so therefor can't know what RESET means.
there are like 100 things in any PC that can be reset.
1000s and more. really
let me guess, you said, windows died. (and not bios resets )
so you want reset windows to day one, if is windows.
windows 7 , ? like you bought it day 1 new, that ?
lets now read your manual "RTM"
ok? here it is, pick a lang.

then read page.
the magic word, on most PCs is RECOVERY to day 1 state.
all data lost, all new apps you added LOST.
looks like PC is 2010 made, 8 years old
The battery large is no good, now, if 8 years old
run it with the big battery out yet>?
the book says you need recovery media.
and after 8 year you lost that or never bought it or made it.
so is long long gone.
leaving what? buying it from MS.com
or calling Asus, and get the hard answer (no)

on better PCs surely not this PC
we have recovery hot key, like HP and dell have.
we hit the F11 key at power on and we can go back to day1. ready.
hdd not bad.

next time post as least one tiny reason to reset
then say what is to be reset.
Bios , windows, or bitlocker, or security, and the like.
that's it.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 15, 2018

ask ASUS yet?
we can't guess screens ever.
post a photo of screen failing
photos are worth 1000 words they say, and can be true.
nobody does so answers go nowhere fast.
"a hard row to hoe", they say.
google , "asus support"

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 14, 2018

ok, so what are you trying to do?
my guess (wild) you are not using a USA spec.PC?
and cant find the @ key? for EMAIL as I see all the time in S,American trips
with Spanish keyboards. there is tricky key sequence to do that.
or you have the OS set to the wrong language.
tell more, get more?
what country are you in now,
what PC is this, what keyboard is on that PC
PCs come with 100 different keyboards, for all languages on earth.
I cant guess any of that. (the OS must be set to your language and the keyboard present) ok?
if the @ key is missing say so. first.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 11, 2018

no PC stated, zenpad what? exact model. lots of models...
OS ANdroid?
call or go to unnamed Mscope.com
ask them for android drives and apps for you scope.
talk to the maker of USB devices, for working software.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 09, 2018

so just pull the card,
i has a sticker
then on ebay type the p/n in the ebay search box,

or buy $4 usb wifi dongle, and use that . same place sold.
millions sold in fact.

i get no hits this way but i cant read your cards sticker.


ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 07, 2018

Please take it to service center, and of you are an engineer than please check below link:

also there are more videos on youtube for the same

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 06, 2018

your post really is , PC will not boot into windows.
(it can;t so pops BIOS page showing this fact)
we run disk tests first, after all repairing windows on a bad hdd is impossible. (or endless pain, and wasted time, going nowhere)
what is best is boot to Linux Demo disk and run disktests
and run the smart test, as seen here failing and passing.


ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 01, 2018

the battery is bad, and is the 1st thing to fail in all lap/notebooks
99% failure.
even 1 year old if abused, (constant deep discharging is that)
no PC stated, so.... no extra help possible

think about this
buy new motherboard or new battery
$300 or $15 , your call.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Aug 29, 2018

tell the PC model exactly "ASUS is maker not a PC model"
or ask at the Asus forum?
new PCs this is not simple. by design. is PC new?
the Hyjacker, same to you what PC? on what screen?

There are 6 layers of passwords on all modern PCs.
we can not answer you,unless you give one tiny clue
as to which password it is, or a photo of your screen failing.


ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Aug 28, 2018

no PCs stated of any kind ,
it has a Name and model name or numbers.
Asus is maker, not a model. is it a laptop? (sure a computer)
what OS, Windows, Linux, or?
or windows or Linux Password. or?
we have no idea what you own or whats inside ?
hear are the 6 levels of PW

or tell what screen you land on, first.
I open what a laptop? and push power button
then the screen does something ,tell what it does. exactly
then and only then can help be easy (more easy)

notepads Zenpad, and more
even huge gaming Destops.

as seen here, Asus makes vast things for 2 decades

good luck ,
Why not get the PC serviced,?

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Aug 23, 2018

This is true and on many
The bios has wifi enable ./disable feature,
In fact top enterprise grade PC's or Laptops , the have over 50 things
in BIOS to turn on or off. even sound turned off and more.

Some work places forbid wifi so turn it off and lock the bios down.
by ADMIN PW, now you know why it is there,.
thanks so much for remindind everyone about BIOS.

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Aug 22, 2018

Get it repaired in repair shop? OR.....
Asus x553m this is Notebook not a motherboard,
power pack AC attached both ends,? not wrong pack?
main battery removed FIRST. they short, and overload the DC power system inside. the battery on this PC is BURIED DEEP.
remove the center power plug on battery , as seen in video.
vid frame 4:15, SEE?

screen 100% black, ever shows any text ever or Asus Logo ever.
100% black?
does the fan run inside, are all vents clean, so it can not overheat


the cables break easy if not up to doing this with no damage,

ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Aug 22, 2018

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