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Toshiba 640GB... | Answered on Aug 30, 2013

i think its a crash it if it is in under warranty plz change it.

Toshiba 640GB... | Answered on Sep 08, 2011

The hard drive is easily damaged when it takes a fall, there is no way it can be repaired because it is integrated into one unit, the only option is to replace the hardware.

Toshiba 640GB... | Answered on Jun 07, 2011

1) Download (0x8007045d) repair utility.

2) Install program and click Scan button.

3) Click the Fix Errors button when scan is completed.

4) Restart your computer.

Try that, it sounds like a registry error. If it doesn't help let me know.

Toshiba 640GB... | Answered on May 04, 2011

You Google!

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go.toshiba.com/battery Recall of Battery Packs Used in Certain Toshiba Laptops. ... Toshiba is offering a free replacement for affected battery packs. If your battery pack is subject to Toshiba's recall/replacement program, Toshiba recommends you turn off the laptop and remove the battery pack immediately.

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Toshiba... | Answered 18 hours ago

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  • Toshiba... | Answered Yesterday

    This is usually caused by how the hard drive is formatted. I.E, how the disk is broken up into chunks so the computer can easily read/write/organize data.

    Seems like most of the time, the solution is to reformat the drive to use 4k PHYSICAL sectors, rather than the 4k logical sectors these drives are formatted to by default. Be warned that by formatting a drive, you lose all the data on that drive.

    Toshiba... | Answered Yesterday

    nice try there !
    but what is this thing, I guess a PC of some kind model? what"?
    windows what?
    so this happened out of the blue or did you change OS versions or any new hardware?
    I think that is Toshiba code only
    for HDD failure.
    what shop does, every time, to save endless pain and labor.,
    is run HDD tests.
    we use a linux boot demo disk super easy to do.
    but if the hdd is bad.
    no install or software repair is possible
    like a bucket with holes in the bottom the same thing ! ok
    why not just get it repaired, computers are not simple.
    cheap yes simple no. ask for more facts or tests.
    have endless .

    Toshiba... | Answered 2 days ago

    toshiba lenscopier what is this? google shows zero hits. must be a printer (Plus)
    try telling, ful model numbers and names of TOSHiba thinnngs
    Toshiba estudio 455 this>


    i think i guessed what you own,just on 070

    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

    call toshiba .
    no laptop stated, (model)
    that is why no answers possible, ok>
    3 generations of rules, or more.

    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 14, 2018

    there is not one there,!!! in 1999. sorry.

    Ethernet, is a RJ45 jack
    its near square shaped.
    uses CAT5/6 cable, only, so if the cable fits, BINGO, it's right.
    bingo no. (unless the PCMCA slot has it)
    1999 made, windows 98? really?> it still runs?

    back in the dark days of web
    was DIAL up
    and they gave you a PHONE jack only, this JACK goes to the DIAL UP MODEM inside
    ON THE LEFT IS is the PCMCIA slot cages.
    now called PCcards?
    we buy a wifi or ethernet card stuff in there and that is how we did this 19 years ago today, I still have one ,like new.
    its used only for 1 program that runs only on XP. ($$$$)
    never use this on the internet or get a virus in 1second flat.
    don't say i didnt warn you !

    rear-ptlyufokhfl3syd1rsiy5myb-4-0.jpg , see that phone logo, that be mr, modem.
    below left see those PCMCIA slots?

    see I didnt guess.

    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 13, 2018

    indicates a failed hard drive and the chip has no connection to boot from

    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 12, 2018

    ask toshiba that, at there web site, we are not toshiba
    the manuals are here. (it said to write it down)
    (under strongly recommended)


    now read this page. its clear you cant do this
    there is no magic jumper clip like in the golden days.
    in fact they now ask you to prove owner ship first.


    the forum is here.
    they will tell you what i told you above.
    after proving ownership.

    i cant find a usa toshiba forum oddly, just a lame (FAQ/KB)
    but EU yes


    europe. ask here, and learn to never use bios admin pw, or write it down.

    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

    a laptop, and internal kbd dead. (or using external, unstated)
    in device manager, lick keyboard.
    right click update driver now.
    you must be internet connected now or PnP will fail, 1/2 the time.
    if that cant fix it, it needs service.

    try owning a real external keyboard, USB
    plug it in, problem solved in 10 second flat.

    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

    windows OS? what?
    manual backup?
    what are you doing? backing up data?

    we can back up vast ways today.
    1: to external HDD, (bingo?)
    2: to DVD burner
    3: to a home server
    4: to the cloud or to a private FTP server (i use latter)
    5: USB stick.

    all you do is drag and drop files.
    I looked up your model, and is an external drive."portable"
    so plug it in, see it in program manager,? you must see it or its dead.
    is this the first time using this device,? unstated.
    if it works on other PC, then it works.
    it may not on this PC if your USB ports are weak. no PC stated.
    try all USB ports yet?
    does it show up in disk manager, ? it must
    if you have USB errors in device manager, then we fix this first.
    all drivers for USB must be good on this PC
    the pc must be connected to the internet or PnP will be 1/2 dead.

    when you plug in any USB device, the PC goes, (bingdong) for USB going online, and then shows up in diskmanagers.
    if the drive is new, you must assign drive letter to the disk in disk manager, then it needs to be formatted, if virgin disk.

    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

    older posts.
    vista laptops, old.
    was the PC parked for over a month (y/n) if yes the RTC batter must be charged first. with power on, run with big battery out, do the long reset in the manual, (power held button on for 10 +seconds)
    the manual shows its now 11 years old. (2007 built)
    that means the coin cell RTC battery is first thing to die. as they all do. replace that first. ever decade , but the book shows and odd duck RTC battery here.
    why did you say video card on laptop.?

    the manual, I am reading your manual
    this pc has chargeable RTC battery, (odd that) and must be left turned on to charge it (odd duck 2 rules) never buy toshiba's
    the laptop has no video card. like a desktop so your post is very very confusing, in that light .

    I guess, long the built in LCD died, then you connected an regular desktop monitor to the VGA jack on the rear, and run this?>
    be nice to know what you have before your eyes, and all connections stated ,no?
    the Fn + F5 key lets you pick internal or external or both screens.
    did you know that? its on page 68 in your manual.
    laptops 101, white screens of deathh(sic)
    1: push power on, no external screens now.(local LCD)
    2: fan runs and blows air if not fix this first. clean the vents , and fan paths.
    3: ok fan runs.(there is hope) if not remove that old useless 11 year old huge battery now, if shorted now, it overloads the regulators.

    4: put in a new RTC battery or charge it some magical way, IDK.

    5: now test BIOS, does the bios screens work>?

    ill stop here, if BIOS is dead the PCI is dead or the CCFL lamps are dead.
    for 11 long years BIOS put text on the screen at boot time.
    it tells you the hot key for BIOS entry, if this is dead the PC is dead.

    CCFL is the backlamps on old old PCs 2010 or older , after are LED
    CCFL go dead on most by now, most are BLACK screen forever now. after 20k hours of usage.
    So, I'd retire this old dog, why spend money on any CCFL laptop?
    it has street value dead, of $20 or less as parts, as-is.
    guy PC 2010 or newer. or with w10-64b loaded and running, big time better that.

    the only easy fix here, is cleaning out , so it dont overheat.
    and running with no huge big battery run on AC only,saving $20 on new battery,(the battery is worth more that the PC now) so.....
    if the fan is dead , you must fix this first.
    Sure wish you had told us why you have video cable there
    an where it the world a video card fits in side any Laptop.
    dont get me wrong , my HP highend Laptop has 4 video cards inside.but most others do not. 99% not,

    here are your manuals.


    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

    how did you connect it, let me guess, USB? cable>>? external hDD?
    the only cure is to get the spec for the TV
    it will tell you if :
    1: it supports external USB hDD.
    2: and what format is supports (hint, it will not do them all) GPT probably not. use MBR format NTFS.

    Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

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