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is there an 800 number for parts...mine is a (Red Stone vent-less natural gas heater)

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Here is what I would suggest trying first.



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There are a few different issues that might be the cause of your problem.

The way that the gas control system works on your unit is with a millivolt system. The thermocouple is a located in the pilot flame. When the thermocouple is heated it generates millivoltage to magnetize the gas valve so it will stay open. This acts as a safety system to shut off the heater burner gas in case of pilot outage.

The thermocouple could be defective and need replacement. The part is fairly common to obtain from most home improvement stores as long as your heater uses a unviersal style thermocouple. Some have wired connections instead of a threaded one and others can have a inline safety switch connection so make sure that the one that you purchase is the identical style.

But before you go changing it there are a couple of things to test before doing so...

1. Is the thermocouple is getting proper flame impingement? Make sure that the pilot flame is making good contact with the thermocouple for proper heat transfer. There can be debris in the pilot flame causing it to be restricted so give it a light tap with something hard while it is on. Also make sure the thermocouple has not slipped down out of position.

2. How are the connections to the gas control valve? Check the wiring to the control valve and make sure the screws are tight. Loose connections can cause this problem. If the thermocouple threads into the control then make sure it is not loose. Do not overtighten it. Just make sure it is not loose.

2. Check to make sure the room is not too small for your unit. This unit has a built-in oxygen depletion sensor. It will detect a problem with open oxygen in the room for the burner flame by detecting a smothering condition. Some of these switches are self-resetting and some are manual(push button on the sensor). There could be a problem with the switch(loose wiring,defective switch) or a smothering/restricted burner flame tripping the switch.

If all of these things are testing good then I would lean toward the problem being with the thermocouple. You can test the thermocouple with a fluke meter. Just heat the end with a flame and test the threaded end of the thermocouple(removed from control) with the fluke or multimeter probes(center and side contacts). Set the meter to the millivolt setting and you should get at least 150 millivolts. If you get less then more than likely it is dead.

If you replace the thermocouple and you still have the same issue then it is possible that the control mag head is defective and the gas control valve will need to be replaced.

And here are a couple of things to consider...

1. How comfortable do you feel about making repairs on this appliance? Not to talk you out of trying to make repairs yourself but a gas appliance can be dangerous. There is a chance of fire or explosion if repairs are done improperly or safety precautions are not taken.

2. Is the appliance still unbder warranty? You might still have a warranty and the repairs could be covered.

Well I hope my information is helpful and thanks for using FixYa

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what kind of heater do you have? is is a vent less heater because if it is the main reason it would shut off is the ods(oxygen depletion sensor). make sure that the heater is not too big for the room. also purchase a carbon monoxide detector

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Combustion needs air mix in the correct proportion to burn efficiently-also gas supply may be stronger on the outlet side of burner causing an imbalance-chech for obstruction in either area-cheers Denny

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try cracking a window so the vacum sucks the ajr up

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Hi it is blue with a slight yellow tip

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Be sure that the gas line to the heater is ON.

Looking at the Control Knob on top of the heater, you note that he knob has 3- positions: OFF, Pilot, ON.

Turn the control knob to the Pilot position and push down on it. If it does not go all the way in and your do not feel strong pressure pushing back at you, it is not directly in the pilot position. (Reposition the knob slightly and try again). Once You're sure the knob is directly in the pilot position and the knob is depressed, continue to hold it in and press the Ignitor button next to it. You will hear a loud click. If possible, watch the pilot assembly inside the heater when you do this. That way you can see if the pilot lit the first time. If not repeat, pushing the ignitor.

If the gas line had been turned off to the heater, the pilot may not light the first couple of tries, due to air being in the gas line. If that is the case, hold the control knob in until you smell gas, let off, wait 5 minutes and repeat the lighting sequence.

Once the pilot does light, continue to hold the control knob in for 1 minute. This will allow the Thermocouple to heat up completely. Ease off the control knob and the pilot should remain lit. If it does, turn the control knob to ON and the burner will light.

Now you're ready to set the temperature or comfort level. You do this by raising or lowering the flame height. The higher the flames, the more heat it puts out. The lower the flames, the less heat it puts out. The stripe on the knob represents the flame heights - Narrow stripe, lowest setting, widest strip, highest setting. Or your specific model may simply say Low, Medium, High.

If you do not have the Owners Manual for this heater go to http://www.desatech.com/
click on Wall Heaters and enter the Model Number of your heater. You can then download and print the Owners Manual.

Hope this helped to get you up and runnig.

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Sorry friend. Despite what you may have been told or think, it takes more than orifice change to convert a vent-free gas heater from one gas type to another. In any event, you "might" get it to work, but it would override the built-in safety features that are designed to shut it down within one minute, if something goes wrong. If you still have your Owners Manual, you will see that it can not be safely converted.

I highly recommend that you don't even attempt it. Is trying to saving a few $$ worth risking your or your family's life?

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can you turn flames down with the control knob ,if not you need control gas valve,that if burning right gas for heater you got. Check the data plate.If not right gas your heater your living very dangerous.

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Check to see if the pilot flame is hit the themcouple bulb. there is a angle sheild that mount be hind the pilot lite to keep main flame from pulling the Flame up and way from pilot lite and the bulb. If can't find one E-mail me And I will sent you one. Ken's Repair

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The odp pilot is probably dirty and causing it to shut off due to a false 'low oxygen' situation. Turn the unit off and let it cool completely. Have a drinking straw handy. Locate the opening for the pilot light and use the straw to blow a stream of air across the top of (not into) the pilot assembly. This will create a small vacuum and pull the small particles of dust out of the pilot head. Re-light the pilot light. Note that it should be much stronger and 'bluer' than it was previously. Turn the heater to 'on'. If this does not solve your issue, I would replace the thermocouple. Hope this helps.

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First, can you smell gas when you push for the pilot? If yes, look at the tube where the pilot gas comes out. Sometimes there is a small hole or 2 in the tube before the opening where the gas comes out. This is to allow air to mix with the gas. They sometimes become plugged with lint or dust. Check for this and let me know what you find.

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sounds like the burner is blocked not lighting right across !! I would try blowing the burner out or call back the person who cleaned it , air mix could be wrong as well

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Start with cleaning the Pilot ODS assembly.

Try this link for general instructions:



Vanguard... | Answered on Oct 08, 2010

no you need make model serial number then look on line at national energy for the parts, the numbers make etc are on the heater

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