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Hi I think you might have a lose connection with your ram cards.
Remove the cards and clean the contacts with a non dust eraser and put them back in and try.

If this does not fix your problem please take it to a laptop repair shop. It might be due to a motherboard problem. (In my country these problems are fixed for around USD70)

Always touch the ram cards from the edge`s. Other wise a static charge may damage your ram cards. waring a anti static wrist strap is adviseble.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 09, 2013

Ok yet one more bad monitor post, ever search here, or at HP real>
teal as in the DUCK?
why not just plug this old monitor in to know good PC
and end all the drama? guessing HW/ then Software?
NO OS stated
NO PC stated.
all we know is TEal /pink boxes. as clue to any of this.
no photo post of the bad screens.
it just shuts off?(if that means the monitor turns off)
then it is bad monitor. if does it on 2 PC.
for sure, monitors can go to sleep. sure. amber power LED.

if the PC signals go dead it tells you, lost sig /lost signal , going to sleep or out of range errors on the monitor (the monitor has its own brain inside that does that, the PC could blow to bits and do that)

but the power lamp does not go dead, it changes led color
as your manual states. (lost it, its free, and easy to find)
sure it ran before all did before, but not now. all things fail.
nothing is immune to failure for sure Entropy and more.
this monitor is 10 to 12 years old today(carbon dated by me)

here is the free manual

what will be , will be, can't change fate after the fact.
not me, only GAWD.(your deity)
All i can do is tests, find the truth and state it.

so does the power lamp self turn off?
and in the OSD manuals all power savers and timers set to off
when monitor goes dead (inside)
turn it and fast and hit the MENU botton and get the OSD screen.?
if not the MONITOR IS Bad.
if yes, but the OSD is pink the Monitor is bad.
OSD + is the monitor brain menu's , on screen display.

this monitor is oldest is NOT LED monitor
and has those nasty , CCFL lamps inside that fail
they turn yellow or pink.
the go dim
they go dead.
they go intermittent (per above ways)

I think you tried, HTML on TV.??? and that failed.?
then the monitor is bad.
the as-is value is $9 on the street.

find LED monitor, and it will last long.
so vga cable fails and HDMI fails so its not cable issues,
and is not PC issues if the power dies, and is not amber or green led. or aqua-white color,
black LED for power ,is power supplies inside bad or shorts inside.

that is it., If you test it on 2nd PC and fails, it is bad the old monitor.
btw most are this old. due to the CCFL never ever lasts.

HP Computers &... | Answered 16 hours ago

Your TV needs to have a video input marked "RGB"

HP Computers &... | Answered 22 hours ago

    1. Let the process complete, then type exit and hit enter. Next, click the Start Menu, click Computer, left click Local Disk C once to highlight it, right click Local Disk C and select Properties. Click the Tools tab and then click the button to 'Check the Drive for Errors'.

      Cannot Defrag "System" on my HP Pavilion Desktop - HP ...

  1. How do I clean and defrag my HP computer - HP Support ...

HP Computers &... | Answered 3 days ago

the manual covers that, at HP.com
answered here 1000times at fixya and a gillion at HP.

push and hold the menu key for 10seconds, and it unlocks.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 13, 2018

RTM yet, we are not HP here.
HP has your book called the service manual.
here lets go to your book. its all there.
on all HP pcs... everyone, until obsolete.

you posted the model wrong?
see that service tag, see model # there, all that matters
my guess its a


as you can see the bottom has no hatch
so that means its below keyboard, (it removes)
or the case must be split...
i always take the keyboard off first, if the book is not handy.

on my laptop its 4 sticks, 2 top 2 bottom.
ask hp for the book here.

ask on a real HP forum and magic happens. books.


HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 13, 2018

sure there is, for sure,!!! but.....
wow no OS
stated not even a tiny hint, XP to W10 32 and 64 bit.
18 versions that are, must I GUESS? I guess w10-64 and run with that.
did you ask HP this on there HP forum, seems NOT.
why ask here, we are not HP, all we can do is guess, point at HP
or tell you how to test for true failure cause.
that is it.
BTW, the HP forum this is asked, like 1000 times. and answer is always 1 answer, below.

the hard part here is knowing rule 1.
is it hardware bad or software. the endless questions.

I'm not sure what icons you are talking about, can you be more clear"? are you saying the keyboard buttons fail> ? if yes which ones> (1 or all? or where)
I guess Quick launch buttons.
Here is my answer based on all things seen down wrong by customers. 20 questions.? or less.
1: did you buy the pc new. if yes what OS was there new.?
2: did you change or upgrade the OS ever.????? this kills buttons. and lots more , ask.
3: did you make 100% sure you used the right 6910 driver? NO.
4: did you know upgrading the OS with out HP permissions causes just this class of failure. I can tell you exactly why if true..?

your 6910 only runs windows 2k ,xp,vista,w7)
id does not run w8,w8.1 nor w10 in any way, HP does not support
but with a qualification,, below.
same as mine.
For sure the top hardware key strip is failing; the hot keys
to the right OF MY power switch.
if lucky, it can be made to work, like me. here is how.

here is how my HP 8540w PC fails, and knew it would going in.
as 1 simple example. (i run w10 but with limits !!!)
HP , I formatted the HDD. put in a new SSD.
I then installed the microsoft w10 ISO using usb media.
W10 loads and does run. but not fully.
what fails, gee lots.
that hardware touch strip is dead.
the finger printer device all that fancy security razmataz is dead.
and will never work ever on w10
the hdd protector (gforce sensor is dead) no cure but ssd needs no such sensor so im good.
The SOFTPAQ ( is dead took fails for w10) this is the magic tool at HP that loads driver, missing, and is DOA, for W10

To make the key strip driver work
I had to force feed it. using w10 compat mode.
the HP has EXE file for each driver
on most it will pukee. as it sees WRONG OS
so i then (we do this all the time) we unpack the exe using
7-zip, and then find the strip driver inside and force install it and it works perfectly
in windows 10 , i downloaded the w7-65bit hp driver,

i think, (IIRC) the driver is called, HP quick launch buttons.
down load that here.

the with the the sp49104.exe file (w7-64 actual and yours0
now right click the file and pick compatibility mode. for w7-64bit.

but i had to guess what OS you ran, and if not w10, all the above
is no good,

watch out the exe file is super spart.
it knows 2 things you do wrong.
1: wrong OS>
2: you dont have this option in this PC.

learn that the options on your PC, are coded with numbers
at the end of your model number.
see this tag (service)
see that ABA# number that tells the HP expert
what chips are in your PC, all options
mine can have 4 video cards, 3 audio chips ,3 Lan chips and 5 wifi cards. all coded there when new.

I published this at HP.com (im not HP)
I published how to hack the security pack scripts for installer
that makes it work on w10.
now learn the ONION effect, on mine this trick (both)fixed the quick launch button.
but not the wifi button (our sound)
if the driver for wifi fails so will it button
same with the 3 audio chips used, if wrong long loaded, driver.
this this and more failures will and can happen
by not asking HP if they support w10. they don't
but with carefully forced drivers loaded for w7, it does work.

also Microsoft Pnp does work on this PC for w10
that is easy to explain, HP never released them to MS.
ever. nor will they ever.
so welcome to the dark side of hacking, you are there.
now the unpack trick
use 7zip, to unpack the w7 exe.
then in that folder you made.
see setup.exe. run that. (its inside the above ,extracted.
this setup is dumber and will run under w10 if not run this setup.exe in compatibility mode.

i have more, i have journal I made to my self on my 5 elite books.
ask. or at least tell now what OS you are running.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 12, 2018

310 dash what? 310-1000? it really and all-in-one PC.
what is the full model name and number.
no text? screen never ever shows any thing?

is the fan running inside, and blowing air.? it must.

the steps are here at hp.com


PC boot in serial progression.
power on
fan blows.
BIOS POST's with errors if found. (3 ways) beep ,text or flashing keyboard led codes.
bios text mesages, logos
windows boots.
windows login, screen
last desktop and (startup files load)
where do you land here.?

see no power? there?

HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 10, 2018

call hp yet, hp.com
here click contacts. on bottom of ever HP page see it?


HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

what laptop is it model and name.
ac pack does to things (really just 1)
it is 19vdc primary power. (power pack, it converts 120vac to 18vdc.
so really is power converter, adaption is the minor part,
the motherboard inside has charger chip (smart)
this chip uses the 19v main to charge the battery.
it it runs on AC pack with battery out , for ever
it the battery will not charge 99% of the time the battery is good.
its the shorted lived part in all laptops, even 1 year old they can go bad.
buy a new battery
the post you made makes no sense. sorry.
i bet you mean it runs all day on AC power
but never ac pack removed, due to the DC battery will not charge and is dead , and is a bad battery.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 09, 2018

check with office manager may need password or office policy wont allow personal components to be uploaded downloaded or blutoothto company computers

HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 08, 2018

ask the maker, of the app that?
1st google hit, btw


HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 07, 2018

the latest version nero is a good program to use nut there are others

HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 06, 2018

BIOS is not OS orientated.
If it is the correct updated BIOS for your machine, it will self install.
If it is not the correct BIOS your machine will be rendered inoperable and not repairable.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 03, 2018

Turn your WiFi box upside down and write down the Network Name and the Wireless Key code.
Click on the WiFi icon in the bottom right of your PC screen and select the matching Network Name and then enter the Wireless Key and select the Connect button.

HP Computers &... | Answered on Aug 03, 2018

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