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Your tank my be hidden by a cover or exposed. Either way, there should be at least two bands or straps that hold the tank between the frame rails and cross trusses. Before attempting to remove, ensure the tank has been emptied. The straps are held by screw that use an S2 but, do not use a Phillips, it will strip and waller out the screw head. As you remove the screw, the tank will drop. It is plastic and not heavy when empty. As you remove those screw, the tank will start to drop. When laying on my back, I use my legs to hold the tank up until all the screw are out. Gently power the tank knowing that the hoses and lines to fill and empty are still attached. If you need, use jack stands or wood blocks to support as needed to remove the lines.

As a temporary fix, get a short machine thread screw that would be a tight fit and apply Blue Loctite (let completely dry before installing) and screw into the hole until you have resistance. I just did this on a 2019 Thor Palazzo on the fresh water tank until I have a chance to get it replaced.

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If you open the compartment for your utilities, you will see panels that are held in by screw (use an S2 bits, not a Phillips). Removing this screw should give you access to your water pump. On the chance your MFR did not put it there, look for a panel somewhere near the water heater.

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While researching your model, it looks like the panel you need to look for is down right of the bathroom sink. When you open it, keep in mind that the AC & DC circuits are in there. DC has fuse and AC has breakers. Hopefully they are labeled for you to make locating the ones you are looking for easier. Can you pull each fuse to check or is a multimeter to see if you have the 12-13.8VDC on each side of the fuse. Remember there voltage is hot even with shore power disconnected. To remove the voltage, you need to turn off (open) the Main Battery Disconnect. Typically, these are located in the storage compartment area or near the location of the batteries. Just look for a bit red switch or lever. If you find the fuse are good, check your battery voltages. Anything less than 11.8VDC could be your problem. If less, charge the batteries with a trickle charger or put into shore power.

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if it aint broken it dont belong on this repair website...

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Make sure the microwave is unplugged.

You should have some kind of panel on the top front of the microwave. There are typically 4-6 wood screw along the top edge. If you can have an assistant, remove all but 2 then have the assistant support the unit while removing the last 2.

Once the unit is free on the front, you should lift up on the rear to detach from the rear support plate.

Typically, the biggest challenge is getting the cover plate off without damaging the unit or the cabinetry that it is under.

RVs | Answered on Nov 11, 2018 | 38 views

If you have low batteries (<11.8VDC) the system will not function properly are all. You will first have to make sure the battery or batteries are fully charged before you can go further. Recommend a trickle charger or, if you want to do it with jumper cables, remove the batteries from the coach for safety. If they are not holding charges well, take to an auto parts store to get checked. They can charge properly if all the cells are good; if not, replace.

Once voltage is corrected, turn the LCI system back on. Once it has booted up, you should be able to press and hold the MANUAL button for 3-5 seconds until the LED light indicator light up.

If the problem still persists, you will need to check each of the sensors wiring for visual damages or breaks. This would typically happen at the jacks or near the hydraulic station itself. Sometimes people will store items in the area and they move around. Also, if you have done any work out had work done in the camper, go over any areas to make sure wiring was not damaged. Unfortunately, i have done this accidentally to my own unit so I speak from experience. ??

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Use a multimeter to check the input AC voltage (110-125VAC), the fuse(s) for the DC out and the voltage (12-13.8VDC). Have the batteries disconnected when doing this and check the battery voltage(s).

If your batteries have low voltage and the output is into correct range, you may have dead cells. This has been my findings on many units, which means battery replacement. Make sure your get a MARINE DEEP CELL or DEEP CYCLE battery, not a regular car battery. Clean out replace the battery terminals well when installing new ones and use the battery terminals grease that it should come with liberally for future corrosion protection.

If your input voltage does not match the voltage coming from the shore power connection, check the continuity of your power cable.

If your input voltage is in the proper range but the output voltage is not, your inverter may be faulty and in need of repair or replacement.

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Thor never made that model so they will not have that information available. Thor bought Damon around 2011-12 time frame. Many places that fix RV's will tell you that if you bought a Damon product before Thor bought them, it is probably still in good condition and has needed minimal fixing but anything after Thor, forget it. At least when you throw your money in the toilet you know why you lost it.

I did find some available 2000 damon challenger motorhome wiring diagram Google Search

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The exact location can vary for each MFR, but the two places you mentioned are the most common, best the fresh water tank or heater. If you do not see them in an obvious location, check behind the panels and also look behind the panel where your water inlet and valve controls would be. A part like this is typicallyeasy to access, though not always visible..

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There is a partial airlock on one line the input line air bubble is moving around system creating no purge will not collect vacume in other words it will vacume so far then return

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Yes, do you have a more specific question?

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The cable hook up is almost always in a driver's side compartment, mine is in the compartment with the shore cord, not the water hook up. Remember that if you have an antenna booster it must be turned off or it will interfere with the cable signal.

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This is the only Gulf Stream Class A RV owner's manual I've found. I have an original 1998 copy of this manual and it's the same. Manuals are expensive to produce and most manufacturers keep them very general in nature so they don't reflect every change in model or production line changes. Take time to survey your own RV and note every item you find, writing down make and model numbers, also note any fuses or breakers you find. Then sit down and use Google to find manuals for each item you listed. You'll soon create a detailed manual of all the systems in your RV.

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Ull need a shopbook..may havum in dealr. Theres a general maint by peterson in library or bookstor

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With Ing. key on do you have 12 V at the + side of the coil. - connects to the distributor. Check the ceramic ballast resistor on the fire wall should have 12 V on both sides with the key on.

RVs | Answered on Nov 07, 2018 | 28 views

Should have a screw on piece on the outside...

Thanks D

Holiday Rambler... | Answered on Nov 07, 2018 | 19 views

take a tape measure and measure the hub, lighter shorter trailers typically are 10"

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best option if its an old toilet, get a repl, typically 150 on up . if not too old its needs a new ball seal or water valve is leaking, and theres also a seal at floor that could be leaking....

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a bypass valeve would close of water intake and the pump should suck up bottle when running your faucets ect ect

RVs | Answered on Nov 07, 2018 | 28 views

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