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possible vacuum modulator or bad vacuum hose

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Could be a bad igniter.

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Sounds like you have a leak in your metal roof needs to be recoated each year to prevent leaks from getting in to your ceiling electrics. Check for voltage with a voltmeter across your fuses or breakers to show if you are getting any juice to power the circuit then investigate that there has not been any shorting across any circuit boards in the fuse box. Need more info to go further.

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The parking brake is a spring actuated band that clamps around a disk located on the drive shaft immediately behind the transmission and is automatically activated when you shift into Park, which mean it should automatically deactivate when shifting out of Park. This band is held open by hydraulic pressure when the rig is shifted out of Park and into a drive gear. Most likely you have an issue with the hydraulic pressure, like the pressure is not being released because of clogged lines, or the spring actuated band may be broken. If you are able to get under the unit to get a visual inspection, you may be able to see or hear any issues. The best way to do this is to have the unit on a stand or at least elevated enough to have the rear wheels off the ground (if using automotive stand, please make sure the jack stands are rated to support the weight of your rig; failure could be catastrophic and deadly, and chock the front wheels well).

Eitherr way, you are not going to like this answer; Freightliner, which manufacturers the chassis, no longer makes parts for some of these systems so an older unit like yours so exactly parts needed may not be available. Freightliner is still making FRED units for new coaches but compatibility may be something you need to discuss with a Freightliner authorized repair shop. In upgrade may be in order but they would be able to give you the exact details. You might be in better luck than someone that has the opposite happen where the brakes were burning up because they were always engaged, even when driving.

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make sure LP tank s on and turn on appliances

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The solenoid is most probably for your starter ( just like an older car), what type of Coachman is this? p37 as a model doesn't come up.

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If you have access for inside under the bed ? Crawl thru and take the latch off the lock and that will open the door. Either get a new lock or take it to a locksmith and have a key made . OR Most locksmiths will come out and open it for you . Ask him what is the best rout to take on a key or lock !!

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You don't give enough info, but I presume you mean the breaker on the parks supply post trips?
If so it means you have a dead short somewhere in your RV, the only way to find out what and where is to turn all the breakers on the RV board, turn on the master first, it should stay ON, (See note) proceed to turn the other breakers "ONE BY ONE", one of them should jump your or the park's main, keep that one OFF until you identify and repair the shorting equipment in your RV.
(Note if the parks breaker jumps when you turn on the RV's main only, get professional help.)

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Will this site work?


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should be glide wheels to set up

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Unfortunately, almost all RV manufactures provide a generic user manual. You can check with Forest River RV and see if they have one specific to your model, but be ready to do some extensive online research. Here is a link that might help you in the right direction. Good luck!

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Its clogged with a big (s h i t ) from ur wife. Go to can tire and buy the part that allowes u to hook a hose to it try and flush it with water if that don't work fit an air connnector to it. And slightly open ur toilet valve then use air to push the clog out into the main tank.be sure not to do this with the toilet valve closed or u will hate ur self. Good luck and tell the wife to ease off the chilly and bread. Lol

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If you have a meter, black lead to ground and red lead on white wire, flip the switch to start. If no voltage, solenoid is bad. A Cummins dealer can get the solenoid. Take a picture of the data plate for the serial number and model to provide them, it will be need.

If you have low voltage, the solenoid will only click repeatedly, charge your battery and try later.
If you have voltage (? 12.2VDC), then look at the back of the starter switch, you need to take a heavy piece of wire (8g or bigger) and jump the bottom big post of the solenoid to the top big one. If it has voltage and the generator does not turn over, the problem is IN the generator. Most common issue is the brushes are stuck and not making good contact with the slip ring.

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Usually the hoses at the steering pump as they perish and are also affected by engine movement. The path is short, reservoir to steering pump, to steering rack, and a hose back to the reservoir.

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try resetting fusible link under tongue or by battery

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Not familiar with its configuration and whether it has a selector inhibitor - a system that locks the shift until the engine is run and your foot is on the foot brake - this is operated by a solenoid through a relay. If it has this system it would be more likely that the relay has failed. If you have a technical manual check relay positioning. If it foes not have an inhibitor set up we are looking at torque convertor or gearbox. (Inhibitors were introduced for the auto box when people began saying their vehicle moved without driver input -- "unintended aceleration")

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Here is a site that seems to maintain copies of maintenance manuals.

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