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drain hole plugged on pan

Jayco 2013 Jay... | Answered on Feb 06, 2018

You will have to find the short circuit some place in the wiring. The first thing to do is trace the circuit to find the short. You have to locate the item that the circuit controls and determine if that is where the short is. Disconnect what ever it powers and see if the fuse still blows if it does now blow with that item disconnected you have found the problem. If it still blows it is in the wiring some place.

Jayco 2013 Jay... | Answered on Nov 08, 2014

Usually white will be the ground going to the lowest and usually a little more distance from others. Then simply get someone to push levels button on monitor and as you touch each wire separately to white wire or screw head it is attached to, the corresponding light at panel will tell you which is which.

Jayco 2013 Jay... | Answered on Sep 03, 2014

goto jayco.com and enter your model number to d/l a manual for it. also you need too goto wemakeitsafer.com there a a few recalls regarding the wiring on your model and other jaycos. seems they wire things with thee wrong polarity

Jayco 2013 Jay... | Answered on Jun 21, 2014

goto jayco.com/tools/archives. enter model number and you can d/l a pdf of manual. the wiring is probably backwards. deepending on what you are having a problem with. also goto wemakeitsafer.com that website shows all the recalls for this particular model. there are a few regarding wiring.

Jayco 2013 Jay... | Answered on Jun 21, 2014

check to see if setiment has settled on the pilot....blow it out with air if it has. This issue comes up often with water heaters and rv refers. If that is not the problem and the pilot remains lit, but never increases when the thermostat is turned up, you probably need a new gas valve/thermostat.

Jayco RVs | Answered on Mar 01, 2015

Found this diagram on suburbanrvparts.com
#21. You will have to do some disassembly to get to the limit switch.

RVs | Answered 14 hours ago

In a situation like this, you will have to drop the tank to access anything. If you have covers to protect the underside, you will have to remove it/them. Pretreat the screws with WD-40 or some other rust penetrating lubricant. Use hand tools to remove, not power tools; power tools on these rusted screws get the heads snapped off quite a bit. FYI, consider replacing all the screw with stainless steel or galvanised screws. The ones used at RV facilities are cheap and rust easily. Personally, I upgraded from the S2 button type screws they used to a hex head, self tapping screw and zinc plated washers to protect the plastic and prevent cracks & rips.

Back to the tank, once you locate the panel and remove it, you will see 2-3 angle iron pieces that hold the tank up in place. Disconnect the pipes and anything else connected it possible before removing the angle iron. Once you get it out, you can give it a good cleaning and find the leak. You might be able to fix the leak, depending on severity, replacing old plastic would be better. If your tank have the wires for sensors to know how full the tank is, be careful as these are small and fragile, keep track of the colors so you get them back on in the same place.

RVs | Answered Yesterday

When you extend the slide as far as it will go out, stop, then carefully check everything inside the bed frame and on the outside, especially where the rollers contact the slide. Many older units rolled out of a reinforced fiberglass type of panel where most modern units will have a steel plate to slide on.

Look careful with good lighting. Is there panel completely flat or do you see some curving on the outside edges? If everything is still flat, could be as simple as getting the rail lined up. If there edges are curved downward, you may have a more serious alignment issue.

For the flat panel, once the slide is out as far as it will go without binding, you need to loosen all the anchor bolts on the frame rails. Loosen just enough so you can wiggle the frame rails by hand, this ensure tension is off. Carefully try to extend the slide, moving a couple inches at a time she checking everything to make sure nothing is binding or getting caught. If you are able to support the outside somehow, for safety, do so. I borrowed a transmission stand and had my wife watching outside while I slowly extended the slide.

If you have the curved edges, this is probably due to moisture getting in and the fiberglass/wood/what ever else it's made of is absorbing, causing it to warp. Before trying to align, you have to resolve the warped material by fixing with steel plates or possibly rebuilding. Using transmission jack stands with definitely help here. After correcting, continue with alignment just as stated previously.

RVs | Answered Yesterday

LG and Maytag have a problem with undersized copper traces for power relay on the power circuit board. If you know how to solder, remove circuit board and you will see a charred area next to a plug in. Take a piece of 14 or 16 gauge wire and solder one end to connection at plug that is burned, then the other to the other end of the copper trace to complete circuit that was damaged. The other option would be to purchase a replacement board.

RVs | Answered 2 days ago

Is the water constantly running inside the toilet or leaking from behind. If it is running inside the toilet it is often cause by the valve not being allowed to return to the off position. This could be a result of a bad flush linkage from the foot pedal or handle or it could be that the ball or blade gasket is messed up inside the toilet. If it is leaking behind the toilet that means your water flush module has cracked and must be replaced. Turn the water to the coach off. Disconnect the water line to the rear of the toilet. Remove the nut on each side of the base of the toilet. Take the toilet outside and inspect every component and replace what has failed. It is very basic and simple to repair.

RVs | Answered on Dec 10, 2018

Need to fish the motor out and check if it is getting good power and earth, if so it will be sized and need replacing.

RVs | Answered on Dec 08, 2018


If you use the Comment menu, you can add more information to your question to assist in finding a manual for your model.

Alpenlite is out of business, so you would be looking for somewhere that has kept the manual or a similar year manual.

What year model is it?

What state or country are you in, in order to locate a dealer?

RVs | Answered on Dec 08, 2018

try jayco or an rv shop

RVs | Answered on Dec 02, 2018

could be on water heater bottom left under the gas valve

RVs | Answered on Dec 01, 2018

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