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Dear Friends, This is from the heart for the best of the best of us, America's motorcycle and car racers. and fo flat trackers especially, and to those running cars on the dirt ovals... and for those who race through the mountains and up the canyons of the high sierra's and the dirt roads of Baja. where the casualites have to be air lifted out. Here is how to get a whole lot faster...and a lot safer... and quickly. In a couple of afternoons believe it or not. Source of these insights are my own experiences on motorcycles, AMA flat track and cross country events such as the Ensenada Grand Pix and Willseyville in Northern Calif, 1/8 mile, quarter mile, and mile dirt ovals.,, and from one of the greats of greats... and from Mr. Jack Gordon,, who passed away a few years ago. Jack had won millions of dollars on the worlds car tracks in the 50's and 60's and sponsored my ...err... warped bruddah in sprint cars.. I asked him just a few days before he passed, still eating junk food by the way, at age 89... I said 'Jack, what do you want to leave behind in the line of advice for us up and comers (I was 62 at the time) Jack said "Never ever race the competition, never. Let them pass you if they can, just let them go, do not race them" Racing the competition, that is responding their moves in anyway, take you out what you have developed...the fastest liine for that track. Stay with it. If you try to race them, you will go out of your line, mixing lines etc... that fails even in the short term. Now folks Jack, one of the worlds greatest actually said that, and he said that my brothers problem was that he got excited and raced the other racers...and that was his fatal mistake. Yes indeed....and it fits what I learned decades prior... magic for sure. Now since I?m almost 70 years old, and Fixya is here I am going to spill the beans...Yes I am. But first you must honor yourself, and mankind, and Jack and myself by being respectful to all you encounter in life, and on the track, no matter how vicious the competition. You must be respectful or the Gods will zap your *** out of the saddle for being a ****... Don?t be one. Stand tall and decent, show the humility of a man or woman that knows what it takes and realizes he has just begun, no matter past accomplishments. You find in life that no matter how accomplished, in fact the more accomplished you become... humility and grace arise in you. These are both the characteristics of winners, but, believe it or not the keys that drive success in all aspects of life. With this beginning to develop, surprisingly you will absolutely cream them on the race track, politely if not with ..some sort of edge that words cannot explain.. it looks vicious from the outside, but it is in fact somewhat as decribed by the Nagual Don Matuse as 'unbending intent' I will address that at length in some other essay.. for now let me say you cannot simply will unbending intent for yourself...it is a gift, some earn in battle. I am going to leak this racing strategy to you in a form that you will never be quite sure of ..but will think about the rest of your life in all you do. *** Control is the name of the game. If you practice out on the ragged edge, out of control, you will never learn to ride or drive or live with infinite finesse...grace..and absolute power. and let me tell you... all the power, and cold blood running up your spine is in limitless grace and finesse. Abuse of that power, detroys any and all grace and finesse it takes to win. Amazing isn't it..but true to the core. If you are a young man, remember that, you will grace and advance all you touch in life. Here is the drill: Set up or go to a practice track or two, all types, rough, smooth, a mix, ride or drive ever so slowly..slowly.. slowly..slowly.. but on a stop watch each lap. That is crucial. Ride 2 notches slower than exquisite finesse, perfect control, grace and artfullness allow.. slower. Never ever faster than that. Keep taking laps, and keep slowing down... and you will see as I did... you will learn the magic of sliding a 90 hp motorcycle into a 100 mph turn with both of your feet on the pegs! ..and you will learn what cannot be learned or taught in any other way. Now that is something you know. You will find pics of #15n Jennifer Snyder, age 17 just signed at the time by my erstwhile slight acquaintance... Mad Dog Davidson as an HD Factory pro rider! Jenn was the first girl in history to show the men how it?s done...photographed at a 1/2 mile night race one time, crossed up sliding between two of the nations leading mens pro riders. A slgiht young lady, who wore a sun dress when hanging out in the pits. I come to tears just thinking about it.. then, oh god, I hate to describe it, but it describes the very best of the very best, so I will.....she clipped the outside rail at the Springfield Mile, shattering her hand ,and her arm and shoulder and her leg coming trying to hold first place.....with everyone in the stands on their feet. Jenn took it to the line.. in second, like Sammy Tanner did a decade earlier...but never fully came back. For me though Jennifer lives forever...and so do Sammy, and Gene, and all those who have known the arena. Remember Jenn Snyder. ** Getting back to the point... ride slower than molasses but with absolutely perfect, impeccable control at all times...and chills will begin going up and down your spine and you will be turning laps, safely, in control and at world class speeds with your front wheel in the air as you cross the line. But thats only if you ride slowly and in pefect control, with limitless grace. You will know it when you get there... chills will run down your spine. Then you will know what can't be put into words...and if you pass *that on, you will change all you touch, That is my hope for *you. ** a few details... you must do it right. Have the timer standing beside the track with a stop watch and marking you 50 or 100' away as you approach and have established say a lap time of 45 seconds. HIs standing way ahead of the mark gives him time to signal you as you pass him what your lap time was. It is *vital to get that time every single lap, the *instant you finish the lap... without fail. Not later. Later is worse than a waste of time. Here you are not just probrammng your brain with feedback, but you are guiding your etherial aspects of understanding ..grace you could say. This is not a light duty drill. Then after you pass the mark, the timer holds up the number if fingers needed to show your time as you pass... 3 fingers for 43 seconds etc. 5 fingers for 45 seconds etc. What you will find is that the laps you expect at 39 seconds, come in at 49 or 50 seconds...and the laps you felt slowest on were the ones you felt totally in control and slow run 38 seconds, 37 seconds, 32 seconds as you pass the timer sliding sideways with your front wheel in the air.....it will feel slow to you however. I will not discuss what I call the void here, or what Sammy Tanner and many other racers call the 'zone'... I will leave that in the only way I can for your own breathless discovery. And for you, if you learn something here, that day will come. It will shape your entire world. Best Regards, Phil Scott

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