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Carb. cleaning

Gas goes bad after 30 days and after 6 months, Boy does it gum things up. i know this because, i do this for pleasure and my living. 99.9% of the time its the low idle jet thats going to be the problem. its the smaller of the two jets. the larger one is the main jet. remove the float bowl and with a very good screwdriver, remove the jets. those would be the little brass things with the hole in them. you must be able to see through these hole. so hold them up to the light and take a look. use a little carb cleaner and a air compressor to blow them out. if your carb has an accel. pump fill the float bowl with a little carb cleaner and make sure it works and that the diafram has'nt any holes or tears in it. you can check by holding the diafram up to the light also.now. you'll need to remove the air mixture screw and clean it as well. turn the screw inward and count the turns before you turn it outward. be careful there will be a small spring ,washer and o-ring. in that order. clean the rest of your carb with cleaner and she'll run like new. one other thing. the needle and seat of the fuel inlet.with the float in the up or full position, you should not be able to blow through the fuel inlet. you may need to adjust the float and or replace the needle and seat. otherwise fuel will continue to run causing it to overflow or worse fill your crankcase with fuel. i hope this helps alot of you. have fun and ride safe!


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My Eagle ****** Chain Saw Model No 600016L doesnt start and I do not have a manual. Any advice would be appreciated. I've chanaged the spark plug!

if it has been sitting for over 30 day or has gas that over 30 days you may need carb repair. the gas goes bad if you dont put any fuel and ethanol stabalizer and will gum up your carb.

Sep 21, 2011 | Garden

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hey there, I recently had my car fixed for my steering I was away for a month and I picked it up yesterday and it feels like its losing power or the brakes are semi on and the pedal goes a bit stiff but I can still brake. After driving around the pedal went back to normal and then it didnt want to hold back anymore. I put some fuel injector cleaner in it today and dont want to drive it until I know why it feels like its losing power. Can someone please help me

Due to aging health, I work with Small Engines these days. But, I graduated college for Diesel, & Combustion theory. You said you had your Steering fixed, now, after been gone a month. loss of power, & other issues. I know somany people that if you touch one thing, they assume,any others that show upp are related. Not in this case. What you are describing......is sounding like bad/stale fuel. I have seen smal lawn mowers run great, then get them back 6 weeks later, never having been used, & the carbs, are a mess of solidified gas, & other material. Ethanol blended fuels sold in the US.....have to have no more than 10% ethanol content, or MUST BE VISABLY marked on the pump. Out of a 1 gallon can of gas, 10% ethanol, multiple additives, (less than goverment regulated law) to the point these days.........some fuels, when you buy them are 75 - 80 % pure gas 7 "other". Whio in this world knows what the "other" is. You gas has gotten bad in that month you were gone. Run the car with Octane additives ONLY. Run until as close to empty as you can go, fill up, 1st poputting in a can of "SeaFoam" cleaner, de-gumming agent. Run that tank out & repeat. It should clean it up & restore performance. The other option, remove the tank, drain all old fuel, remove the fuel injectors, clean them all,& all fuel components, & re-install. If frequently away, there is an EXCELLANT product called StaBill, which will keep fuel stabilized & working for upwards of 8 - 12 months. You may consider using this regularly. IT WILL NOT, however, (nor will other products) restore the gas to good grade fuel, once it has degraded

Sep 10, 2011 | Subaru Impreza WRX STi Cars & Trucks

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i have just bought a 1997 f3 ninja and it has stood for 6 mnths without been started and iam now having trouble with it spluttering and cutting out at low speeds? have you any idea what it could be? it had the carbs done last year?

gas will start to go bad just after 30 days,so if it sat for 6 months then the gas has gone bad and trashed out your carbs,time for another carb clean/rebuild,gas will turn to a varnish which will stop up any tiny size holes like the jets.

Feb 25, 2011 | kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja Motorcycles

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My pressure washer is 3 years old, never had a problem with it until now. It runs for 2 seconds only on choke. It will not start or turnover at all with out the choke on. Please help, I miss my pressure washer. Thanks Andrea M. Conzet

It sounds like could be one of the problems listed below or a combination of those things.

1) The exhaust is partially blocked. Check the screen covering exhaust port for carbon and dirt build-up. High-speed exhaust air must pass freely. We finally broke the exhaust screen out with a screwdriver to get our machine going one day.

2) Gas is not flowing freely to carburetor > under gas tank, find the rubber hose connected to carburetor. Pull off rubber hose and make sure gas flows freely. You can use this hose to drain gas tank of old gas ... and then put in fresh gas.

3) Carburetor is partially gummed up and engine cuts off when gas flow slows down. Buy some gum out, and then don't store power washer with gasoline in the tank. Or put additive in gas when storing machine.

4) The choke is letting in too much gas or not enough gas. Try different adjustments. The choke-lever on our power washer got so bad that we could not set throttle at full open or the machine would die. We still use the machine at 2/3 throttle, and then start it each time using WD-40 as described below.

5) Dirty air filter that won't let engine breath enough air to keep up with combustion. Take off air filter and see if problem persists.

6) The spark coil is going bad?? Change spark plug to see if problem persists. Is spark plug wire pushed all the way onto the spark plug?

Now the nitty gritty of starting that bad boy and making you happy again!!!!

7) Take off air filter. Spray WD-40 directly into carburetor. Yes, we use WD-40 every time to start my power washer, and we use the washer twice a week. Spray in the WD-40, Pull the engine cord. The engine will fire on WD-40. Guaranteed.

Once it starts, keep spraying WD-40 directly into carburetor to keep engine going.

If engine will not fire and keep going on WD-40, then your spark is suspect.
If your engine fires and runs on WD-40 but dies without it, then your gas supply or carburetor are suspect

8) Carburetor problem >>> try Gum out >>> and then take machine to small engine repair shop

9) Spark ... take out spark plug. Put spark wire back on. Hold spark plug by spark wire. Touch metal threads of spark plug to metal opening where plug came out. Metal to metal. Pull back start cord and look for spark between the metal. If you have no spark, then spark coil is bad >>> take machine to small engine repair shop

Let us know how it comes out!!

Oct 15, 2010 | Honda Black Max 2600 PSI Pressure Washer

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XR200 B model...newly mechanically completely refurbished...hard to start - won't idle without choke - only comes clean at around 2k rpm....when strobed - timing mark wanders until about 2k rpm - or at full advance.

Sounds like the carburetor(s) is/are not flowing fuel properly - was it/were they "refurbished", as well?
The so-called "gasoline" they are selling these days has a shelf life of about 1 month before it goes bad, 6 months before it turns into something alot like maple syrup or worse. Bad gas makes gum and varnish in carburetors - motorcyles carbs are especially vulnerable due to being tiny.
Please have a competent motorcycle mechanic overhaul your carb(s).

Oct 08, 2009 | Honda XR 200 Motorcycles

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