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How to adjust carb settings

Hi Charlie.
Operations to be performed depends on how much tuning is needed.
Carb setting regulates the ratio between air and fuel in the mixture aspired into the cylinders.Optimal air/fuel ratio is usually around 14(air) to 1(fuel). I illustrated the complete job with cleanup and jet replacement and adjustment. In some situation you do not need to perform complete tuning, which involves taking apart the carburetor. In that case perform basic regulation setup using the two adjustment screws at one side of the carb. Adjustment simple procedure starts from part 2/Adjustment. A good approach is first doing adjustment using idle and thickener screws. Then do the whole tune up if the simple adjustment does not work.
The complete tuning is based on carburettor cleanup, regulation of main jet and idle jet and needle setup.

Part 1 : Complete tuning and cleanup:
1. Take apart the carburettor,
2. Undo the float chamber(6 in diag) held by screws (26 in diag).
3. Clean bowl with with carb cleaner (put a lot of it in the bow, wait a bit and dispose it-finish the job with a cloth if needed) . Clean floats (nr.4) and other parts using carb cleaner and cloth.
4. Use a flat screwdriver to remove the main jet screw (placed in the chamber, held by big golden screw, goes between the floats). Spray the main jet. You must be able to see through it.
5. Use the carb cleaner to clean the accelerating pump and all the other parts inside the part. Needle and small parts must be cleaned. Clean the idle jet, which is the smaller golden screws. If you have a compressor blow into the jets (you can blow them even without compressor, but follow H&S).
6. If possible replace main and idle jets. Sometimes you may like to replace the jet with a bigger one to get a richer mixture.
7. Adjust the needle if needed. A lower needle settings means a richer mixture.
8. Remove idle adjustment screw (7) and main adjustment screw(31), clean them screw them back in without tightening and perform part 2. Leave the screws about one and half turn from all way in.

Part 2: Tuning and minor cleanup - Here you mainly operate on idle and air (thickener) adjustment screws (8 and 12 in diag)- Start from here, if this does not work, do part one:

1) If the engine runs start from idle adjustment: screw or unscrew the idle regulator to adjust the idle speed, the screw is placed to one side of the carburetor and has a spring (part 12).
Keep idle least slightly higher than the minimum needed. Example, if the engine stays on slightly below 1000 rpm, set idle to a bit higher with engine revving above 1000 rpm.

2) The thickener, placed near that of the minimum screw regulates the air flow. Tighten the screw and unscrew 2 turns from all the way in. Do regulation from this position.

Here carburetor diagram and part list. The diagram is taken from service manual. The manual for Lifan 150 (does not include carb setting) has been uploaded here:


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The fuel/air mixture in any gasoline-powered engine is regulated by the carburetor, and the carburetor in a Stihl chainsaw is factory-adjusted to provide the best performance.... You'll find three adjustment screws for the carburetor, usually located under the air filter cover.

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I have tryed to holter air fule mixture no joy what are the 3 screews

Depends on the type of carb.
One screw is likely to be the throttle stop screw used mostly to adjust the idle speed but sometimes only to provide a basic setting for the throttle.
One screw is likely to be the idle mixture fuel adjustment screw. Although primarily for setting the idle mixture it can influence running to almost a quarter throttle.
The third screw could be either a fuel screw or an air screw. An air screw tends to be significantly larger than a fuel screw and would be used to set the idle speed after the basic setting of the throttle stop.

If a fuel screw it could be intended to provide adjustment for part load.

There is a large difference in the way carbs of different designs need to be dealt with and adjusted so referring to the manual is very important.
Changing the air/fuel ratio at the wider throttle openings (and getting it right) generally needs much more than turning screws and can involve slides and springs, jets and needles and an experience level that to the uninitiated seems akin to the black arts.

It is a general rule, incidentally, that before tackling any suspected carb problems everything else should be put into specification order, particularly all the engine timings, valve clearances, ignition system and intake and exhaust breathing.

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Nissan 1400 consuming too much petrol. How do you adjust air ratio in the carburator

No reference to your model 1400...but if it has a carburetor the air/fuel mixture is set with 2 screws on the front side...to adjust each one...car must be running, turn each screw clockwise until your motor starts to stall...then back out (counter-clockwise 1 1/2 turns from stall...should smooth out as fine tune adjusting...each screw must be re-set this way...could also be dirty or clogged air filter, dirty carb throttle body...and need new spark plugs...probably needs the standard parts tune-up...Hope this helps.

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my yz250 uses way to much fuel and spits oil even with a 50/50 ratio. I dont know if i need to change the jetting or adjust the air screw.

Probably both settings need attention. But you could have a sticking carb float too. Here is a pretty good procedure for setting air to fuel mix:


If performance still lacks after adjusting dismantle and inspect carb.

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cagiva mito 125 carb settings

Hi, Anonymous tuning your carburetor is fairly simple once you understand the basic principals. You engine is a simple airbox sucking air in and blowing it out, it is finely tuned at the factory for maximum performance once you upset that delicte balance by changing air filters, camshafts or exhaust systems your performance may go down the and the engine may run poorly, you need to compensate the air-fuel mixture in the carburetor in order for the engine to run smoothly and at peak performance. Here is how and where you compensate trouble:
1. Your air/fuel mixture screw manages your idle.
2.. Your slow speed jet manages 0-1/4 throttle opening.
3. Your jet needle c-clip position manages 1/4-3/4 throttle opening.
4. Your main jet manages 3/4-wide open throttle.
If you are running lean, spark plug electrode color is white, engine runs hot and feels like it is starving for fuel you need to go up on the jet size or move the c-clip down one notch. If you are running rich, spark plug color is black or dark gray, engine runs cool, and bogs down when accelerating you need to go down on jet size or move the c-clip up one notch. When your carburetor is properly tuned for maximum performance your spark plug electrode will be a light tan color like coffee with cream. If you prefer fuel economy over performance you can go down on main jet sizes until a satisfactory level of lower performance is acceptable versus MPH, your spark plug color will be whiter and your engine will run warmer. These tuning adjustments will only make improvements if your intake and exhaust system have no air leaks or sealing issues and the entire electrical system is in proper working order and you have no mechanical issues. For more information about your issue, please visit the websites below. Good luck and have nice a day.
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