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FIXYA has no connection with UBER. Contact UBER for help.

Quoting driver help - read carefully. Check for Greenlight if in the city near you.


How Drivers Can Contact Uber Driver Support Uber drivers have more options than customers when it comes to getting help. In addition to a series of help articles and contact forms inside the Driver app and at, drivers can call Uber in some cities, and Uber offers in-person help at Greenlight Hub offices.

Uber drivers can call Uber to get help

Uber offers 24/7 phone support for drivers in many markets. To call into phone support for drivers, open the driver app, tap your profile image in the upper right corner of the home screen, tap Help in the upper corner, then scroll to the bottom to find the Call Us button. You can ask Uber anything you want, but many drivers report that it's not too much more helpful than the normal online support system.
How to call Uber phone support for drivers Call Uber: In your account, tap Help, then scroll to Call Us

How drivers can ask Uber a question inside the Uber driver app

To submit a question inside the Uber driver app, tap: Account > Help > Account and Payment > Change Account Settings > I have another account issue
You can send a question to Uber using the Uber driver app, but in what seems like a mission to reduce the number of support messages they get, Uber buried the forms deep inside their extensive menu system.
To submit a question inside the Uber driver app, tap: Account > Help > Account and Payment > Change Account Settings > I have another account issue Note: There are other ways to ask a question inside the app! The steps above show you how to find a contact form for general account issues, and Uber will reply to any type of question you enter into it. But there are other forms for more specific purposes. They have built-in features that are helpful for things like fare reviews and payment questions.
How to view your existing support threads with Uber driver support Account tab > Help > Support Messages
After you've submitted a question, you can track the support thread with Uber inside the driver app. You'll see all the questions you've submitted through these help forms, and you can read replies from Uber and update the thread with new replies of your own.
More about features inside the Uber driver app

How drivers can ask Uber a question at

Much like the driver app, contains a massive variety of support articles, but Uber has chosen to bury the question submission forms behind menus.
  1. Go to
  2. On PC: Click "For Partners" on the left
    • On Mobile: Tap "For Partners" at the top
  3. Under Account and Payment , click "More"
  4. Under "Changing Account Settings", click "I have another account issue"
You can also use the search bar to search for "I have another account issue."

What drivers can expect after asking Uber a question

You'll get an email when an Uber rep answers your question, and the reply will also appear in the Support Messages area of the app. It should take anywhere from a few hours to 2 days to get a response. Most drivers find that Uber's response time varies by quite a bit. Don't be surprised if the first answer you get doesn't directly address your question.
If you're unhappy with Uber's response, you can reply to Uber's email or add a reply using the Support Messages area of the driver app.
Tips to get better help from Uber support
  • One question at a time - Uber typically will only respond to one issue at a time, so loading your message with several issues won't be effective.
  • Be as brief as possible - Only include the details that are absolutely essential to your issue. Many drivers send Uber long-winded stories in a massive wall of text. Uber reps have to reply quickly, so only give them what they need.
  • Be polite and civil - Don't let your anger show. Be polite, but direct.

Drivers can get in-person help at Greenlight Hub offices

Uber operates in-person support offices called Greenlight Hubs in most big cities. Uber reps at these offices will spend a lot more time on your issues and have access to all the information they need to correct issues on the spot. If you want a faster resolution and a better answer, visit a Greenlight Hub.
You can find office locations by going to Click "For Partners," then search for "in person help" and look for the relevant article. That will typically contain the address to your local Greenlight Hub.

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Replace the injector, it is faulty.

Chevrolet Cars &... | 323 views | 2 helpful votes

Oxygen and Acetylene is ideal but MAP GAS or Propane can be used. They just take longer to get red. Getting the part hot will expand the metal but turning the threaded area red will dissolve rust build up. Don't try to spin the part immediately. With two pairs of large pipe wrenches or two large vice grips. Rock the threads back and forth repeatedly. 6-8x will usually work the rust away and allow the tie rod to be spun off. Cranking and turning the tie rod in one direction sometimes causes the rust to build up and seize the threads again. Because of tolerances you may need to wait for the part to cool down before the threads will start to move. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Plymouth Cars &... | 221 views | 2 helpful votes

On the left cylinder head (Drivers side). The position is on the left side, at the rear corner, close to the firewall and facing the steering column.

Jeep Cars &... | 163 views | 1 helpful votes

Thats basic diesel so a manual or utube can show..glowplug circuit issue

Cars & Trucks | 201 views | 1 helpful votes

The shift interlock may be bad or the brake light switch itself may be bad not sending the signal to the shift interlock to release shifter out of park . Do your brake lights work ?

Cars & Trucks | 215 views | 1 helpful votes

What ? you looking for a magical fix . Never happen .darling . take it to a qualified repair shop. You'll never find the problem this way . Testing electrical circuits , checking for DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes etc... is only way . You should go on the pay line .
The park, tail and marker lamps, including the license lamps, are turned on when the headlamp switch is placed in the PARK or HEAD position. The headlamp and panel dimmer switch supplies a ground signal to the BCM on the park lamps switch on signal circuit. The underhood fuse block supplies battery positive voltage to both the park lamp relay switch contacts and the park lamp coil circuit. The body control module (BCM) provides a ground or control circuit to the park lamp relay coil circuit. When the park lamps are turned on the BCM energizes the park lamp relay. Current flow is from the park lamp relay to these fuses in the body fuse block:

Would like to know what you expect to hear ,other then what i told you ? Any trained professional technician is going to tell you what i already told you . I have 30 + years working for general motors . Blown fuse means short circuit . The fuse that blows is a power supply for the BCM , the BCM supply's B+ voltage to the lighs you have not working . The BCM or the wiring is shorted .

GMC Cars &... | 178 views | 2 helpful votes

Power an ground check for the BCM . Traction control an StabiliTrak are controlled by the EBCM - electronic brake control module . What year is your H3

Hummer Cars &... | 239 views | 1 helpful votes

it is extremely good practice to replace the following when doing a timing belt
hydraulic adjuster
all idler pulleys
cam shaft seal/s
crankshaft seal
oil is the greatest destroyer of belts so seals are a must and all of the rest have done the same amount of work as the belt
the motto is , do it once , do it properly and it will be good for another 60k miles or 100k klm
might cost a bit more but it can all be done for an extra hour labor and there is no bent valves expected in the future

Plymouth Cars &... | 125 views | 1 helpful votes


sounds like you changed your fuel pump.
try hooking everything back up and spray some starting fluid in the intake while turning it over. for some reason ford engines have to be fooled back into starting back up. I did a mountaineer and had no power after a fuel pump change, tried starting fluid and voila.

Ford Cars &... | 130 views | 1 helpful votes

The code means the EBCM (electronic brake control module) is receiving faulty data from other modules or is faulty itself. If you are asking what has failed, IDK. This issue requires diagnostics. If you want to. Write back with Year Make and Model. I suspect this is a GM vehicle. Please let me know if there is anything else.

Cars & Trucks | 158 views | 1 helpful votes

Some experiences I have had.
If you are lucky I have had rocks get in the tire tread and it would make noise while going down the road.
You may be able to jack up and spin wheel and see is you have the rough noise of a wheel bearing.

Subaru Cars &... | 228 views | 3 helpful votes

* Make, Model, year for specific solutions.
* Check warranty. Contact your dealer (do a system's test using Computer.)

*** Following is for information only.***
* Since your indicating there is an "Error code". I'm presuming this is a late model car with an electronic, digital system.
* First, There is a "shorted" condition in the car that's draining your battery.
* "phantom drain" is when there is something on like a light that is not noticed unless the car is visually checked. (Kids often play with things in the back seat and may turn on lights or lighter button, etc.
* Depending on the amount of 'drain' (amperage) this will draw power and voltage away from the car's digital control system.
* Low voltage on car's system will give false errors or indication that everything is okay but you don't have enough cranking power to turn over the engine (won't start).
* You can perform visual checks to make sure EVERYTHING is in the off position. I really mean , you have to crawl into the back seat and imagine your a kid and what's there to play with. I've found many 'options' the car had that I was unaware of. Who knew there was a 'Makeup' mirror in the back of the passenger seat with a 'lighted' option if the switch was on. Another time the cigarette lighter was stuck in the down position and came on when I turned on the car. (it was in the middle arm rest of the back seat.)
* If you have a voltmeter or better yet a DC amperage meter then you can monitor the battery drain while the car is off. Disconnect items (fuse) while checking if the 'amp drain' falls off.
* quick test;
* Amprobe test;
* Check the oil pressure switch;
* Replacing Oil sensor;
* Measuring the pressure;
* Shop testing oil solenoid;
* Error P0843;
* Using scan tool;
* Technical specs on ;
* Codes (breakout);
* Check with your Dealer for additional advice.
Aloha, ukeboy57

PS; Check, Hood light, Trunk light, Passenger makeup mirror light, wide mirror blinker/running lights, ID Plate light, Rear back up system (New cars have back up camera or distance radar.), ect.

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An alternator converts rotary energy into electrical energy by moving a magnetic field (the armature) thru the coils in the housing. The magnetic field MUST be present for the alternator to generate electricity. It is initially created by the excitation current that is supplied thru the charging warning light and the parallel resistor (mounted on the back of the voltage gauge). If the excitation current is too weak (bad resistor, bad bulb, bad connection), but present, the alternator will start charging ONLY at higher RPM levels. If the excitation current is not present at all, the alternator will never charge.

Once the alternator starts charging, it supplies its own field current. Since there is now voltage on both sides of the light/resistor combo, the light goes off. Once the alternator starts charging, the light/resistor combo has no effect.

If the charging warning light is on, there is voltage on one side of the bulb and not the other, and there is a problem, usually in the alternator.

The alternator coils produce AC voltage, which is not useful for our purposes. The alternator includes six charging diodes (one-way check valves for electricity) that convert the AC voltage to slightly-pulsing DC voltage. If one diode is failed open, the charging amperage will be reduced. If one diode is failed shorted, there will be AC ripple in the output voltage, and you will get whine in the radio. As more diodes fail, the conditions will worsen.

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If the engine is cold and air conditioner is off, yes this is normal. If the engine is hot and temp. gauge reads hotter than normal, yes. If you do have an issue, it could be that you have a bad sensor or worse, a bad fan motor. Am not not a Volvo technician but those type things are all common in most vehicles manufactured today. Hope hope this gets you headed in the right direction. Jesus loves you, John 3:16-17 (KJV)

Volvo Cars &... | 448 views | 1 helpful votes

You have leaking spark plug wires, replace them and make sure they are routed correctly and in the proper routing fixtures.

Ford Cars &... | 227 views | 2 helpful votes

Your fuel pressure should be between 48-50psi. I think your combination Fuel Filter/Regulator is clogged. Too much fuel pressure can be just as bad as not enough. You may have more than one issue though. You mentioned that while slowing down or traveling over bumpy roads, the truck "goes dead". This symptom sounds more electrical than mechanical. I might start by looking scanning for codes. See if there is anything in the history or current. A loose or faulty wire, loose or corroded connector, ground or worn component could cause your truck to loose power. This trick doesn't help everyone but it takes a second to find out. If you suspect a faulty TPS, depress the gas pedal .5-1" and try to start the engine. If it starts with it feathered but dies when you release the pedal or wont start with the pedal released. Then take a closer look at that connector and sensor. Please let me know if there is anything else. Good Luck.

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