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There are two knock sensors, one for each cylinder head, they are located under the intake manifold.

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 6 hours ago

DIESEL ENGINE - NO CHAIN - DIAGRAM FOR A PETROL ENGINE. IS posted right here On This Site First things First Gas Or Diesel? (more Info Please)

Donald Deane MCSE,ASE,CPO

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 11 hours ago

you disable it you disable car theirs a reason its called a security system have another key cut

2001 Toyota... | Answered 11 hours ago

That should be in the manual. There are probably fuse boxes both under the dash on the driver's side and under the hood - also typically on the driver's side. The fuse diagrams, and what they control, are on the underside of the top of the boxes. Take it from there. This shouldn't be a hard fix, inasmuch as the cruise control is always controlled by a fuse.

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 11 hours ago

Its integrated into the O2 sensor mounted to the exhaust pipe in front of the catalytic converter

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 14 hours ago

The engine control computer is bad or the sensor string is sending it faulty information which puts it in the limp in mode.

Toyota Pickup... | Answered 15 hours ago

engine too lean, this can be a 02 sensor fault or a timing problem, could called also be a leak in the manifold gasket. try a smoke test, cheap way is buy a cigar and take off the intake pipe, breath in the cigar but not inhale and blow into the intake with the throttle open, and then close it do this a few times and you will see smoke coming out where its leaking, sometimes you will need to put your hand over the intake as it can escape out the idle valve. this should help you find a leak.

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 15 hours ago

Remove both day time running light bulbs,that light is not needed.

Toyota Corolla... | Answered 16 hours ago

NO CHECK engine lamp (CEL) glowing running???????
which engine, there are more than one engines, offered on most cars.
that is misfire. and misfire is complex.
there are 50 causes of misfire, on Otto cycle engines (gas)

and more if flooding.
hot or cold engine?
or both?
ever do the 60k tune up?
id bet the engine is good, so we can remove 1 of the 3 main causes.
1: bad engine , no
2: bad spark, id bet not if miles is low, is it? below 60k?
3: bad fueling.
that is the proper order,
so if car is tuned up and spark is good.
then it must be fueling. so we connect the scan tool (any Can-bus)
and see DTC errors and it MIL active.
ok its sees misfire P0300s?
if no errors and its misfiring.
we then look at all sensors live with the scan tool.
id bet the engine dont hold closed loop hot, idle , as it must.
screen says, CL = active, or like kind.
if v6, there are 2 banks that must be in closed loop status.
I'll stop here, but will say I have a battery of tests for CL failures.

one is to make sure the 02 sensors work right and that there
are no exhaust manifold cracks near any 02 sensor.
i try to force the engine leaner and righter (tricks) that might
wake up a dead 02,
to see if it swings. (called cross counts)
the causes are many if the sensors are good.
fuel pressure out of spec,
injectors bad, leaking or clogged.
bad fuel.
dirty MAF sensor.
ECT stuck at wrong temperature for any reason, 180F or more is good.
and more... ask.

2012 Toyota... | Answered 17 hours ago

If a dual element bulb develops a condition where both filaments touch together even momentarily will produce a fast flash too. Replace the offending bulb.

1997 Toyota... | Answered 17 hours ago

What is the recomended oil type for toyota corolla fielder of 2004 station wagon

Toyota Cars &... | Answered 18 hours ago

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