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I have locksmart LC62640 ignition key switch,and i would like to installation it myself.what is (sir) system and were is it located need help installing the switch.

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How can I program my new keys that came with locksmart ignition lock cylinder switch from autozone is there a way I can do it my self on my 06 Honda civic

you can't do it!either local locksmith with correct tool or the DEALER.and you will need to take the car with you on a tow truck!it ain't gonna start,until they program it to your car with a special scan tool!

Oct 31, 2015 | 2006 Honda Civic 1.8

1 Answer

Can you help me with the restart system on i installed a locksmart ignition switch on my 2002chey malibu part#LC63730

what is a RESTART
do you mean Aftermarket remote start system (hacks)?
if yes, did you loose the origional instructions?

May 02, 2014 | Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

Do you have to teach your computer on1998cavalier when replacing ingition switch

I don't think so: Ignition Switch REMOVAL & INSTALLATION Fig. 1: Ignition switch mounting 87958063.gif
The Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system must be disarmed before working around the steering column. Failure to do may cause accidental deployment of the air bag, resulting in unnecessary SIR system repairs and/or personal injury.
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. If equipped, disable the SIR system.
  3. Remove the steering column.
  4. The ignition switch is located at the base of the steering column. Disconnect the vehicle wire harness from the ignition switch.
  5. Unfasten the mounting screws, then remove the ignition switch assembly. To install: WARNING
    When fasteners are removed, always reinstall them at the same location from which they were removed. If a fastener needs to be replaced, use the correct part number fastener for that application. If the correct part number is not available, a fastener of equal size and strength (or stronger) may be used. Fasteners that are to be reused, and those requiring thread locking compound will be called out. The correct torque value must be used when installing fasteners that require it. If the above conditions are not followed, parts or system damage could result.
  6. Position the ignition switch assembly.
  7. Install and tighten the 2 mounting screws.
  8. Connect the vehicle wire harness to the switch assembly.
  9. Install the steering column.
  10. Enable the SIR system.
  11. Connect the negative battery cable.
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Sep 18, 2010 | 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

2 Answers

Got a 2000 chevy 3500 express van how do i get the old ignition switch out to replace it

remove the steering wheel , need a puller and locking ring tool, disconnect batt, turn the key to tho on position, and remove bolt that holds the tumbler in,

Nov 13, 2009 | 2000 Chevrolet 3500

1 Answer

How do u chang the ingition switch

Removal & Installation

Park/lock cable removal

Ignition switch alignment

Ignition lock cylinder removal

WARNING On vehicles with air bags, disable the SIR system. The vehicles wheels must be in the straight ahead position and the key must be in the LOCK position when removing or installing the steering column. Failure to do so may cause the SIR coil assembly to become uncentered and may result in otherwise unneeded SIR repairs.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. If equipped, properly disable the SIR system, as outlined in Section 6 of this manual.
  3. Remove the left side lower trim panel.
  4. Remove the steering column-to-support screws and lower the steering column.
  5. Unplug the dimmer switch and turn signal switch connectors.
  6. Remove the wiring harness-to-firewall nuts.
  7. Remove the steering column-to-steering gear bolt and remove the steering column from the vehicle.
  8. Remove the combination switch.
  9. Place the lock cylinder in the RUN position.
  10. Remove the steering shaft assembly and turn signal switch housing as an assembly.
  11. Using the terminal remover tool No. J 35689A or equivalent, label and unplug the wires F and G on the connector at the buzzer switch assembly from the turn signal switch electrical harness connector.
  12. With the lock cylinder in the RUN position, remove the buzzer switch.
  13. Place the lock cylinder in the ACCESSORY position, remove the lock cylinder retaining screw, and remove the lock cylinder.
  14. Remove the dimmer switch nut/bolt, the dimmer switch, and the actuator rod.
  15. Remove the dimmer switch mounting stud (the mounting nut was attached to it).
  16. Remove the ignition switch-to-steering column screws and the ignition switch.
  17. Remove the lockbolt screws and the lockbolt.
  18. Remove the switch actuator rack and ignition switch.
  19. Remove the steering shaft lock and spring.
To install:
  1. To install the lockbolt, lubricate it with lithium grease and install the lockbolt, spring and retaining plate.
  2. Lubricate the teeth on the switch actuator rack, install the rack and the ignition switch through the opening in the steering bolt until it rests on the retaining plate.
  3. Install the steering column lock cylinder set by holding the barrel of the lock cylinder, inserting the key and turning the key to the ACCESSORY position.
  4. Install the lock set in the steering column while holding the rack against the lockplate.
  5. Install the lock retaining screw. Insert the key in the lock cylinder and turn the lock cylinder to the START position and the rack will extend.
  6. Center the slotted holes on the ignition switch mounting plate and install the ignition switch mounting screw and nut.
  7. Install the dimmer switch and actuator rod into the center slot on the switch mounting plate.
  8. Install the buzzer switch and turn the lock cylinder to the RUN position. Push the switch in until it is bottomed out with the plastic tab that covers the lock retaining screw.
  9. Install the steering shaft and turn signal housing as an assembly.
  10. Install the turn signal switch. Install the steering wheel to the column, and tighten the steering shaft nut to 30 ft. lbs. (41 Nm).
  11. Install the steering column in the vehicle. Connect all electrical leads. Install the lower trim panels.
  12. Connect the negative battery cable.
  13. If equipped, properly enable the SIR system, as outlined in Section 6 of this manual.
  14. Check steering column operations.

Oct 18, 2009 | 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix

1 Answer

How to remove an ignition switch on an 1991 caprice

See Figure 1

0900c15280047a11.jpg enlarge_icon.gifenlarge_tooltip.gif Fig. Fig. 1: Ignition switch assembly
If equipped with an air bag system, make certain to follow the recommended disarming procedure before, and rearming procedure after, repairs.
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable and disable the air bag system, if equipped.
  2. Remove the column to instrument panel trim plates and attaching nuts.
  3. Lower the steering column and disconnect the shift indicator cable.
  4. Disconnect the ignition and dimmer switch wire connectors.

The steering column must be supported at all times to prevent damage.
  1. Remove the switch attaching screws and remove the dimmer switch followed by the ignition switch.

To install:
  1. Move the key lock to the LOCK position.
  2. Move the actuator rod hole in the switch to the LOCK position.
  3. Install the switch with the rod in the hole. Adjust the ignition switch as follows:
    1. 1990 - Place a 3/32 inch drill bit in the hole on the switch to lock the switch into position. Move the switch slider to the extreme left position then move the slider 1 detent to the right OFF LOCK position. Remove the drill bit.
    2. 1991-93 - Install the ignition switch in the LOCK position. Move the switch slider to the extreme right position and move the slider 1 detent to the left LOCK position. Depress switch mechanism slightly to insert a 3/32 inch drill bit into ignition switch.

  4. Position and reassemble the steering column in reverse of the disassembly following the proper coil centering procedure. Enable the air bag system, if equipped, as follows:
    1. Connect the yellow 2-way SIR harness connector located at the base of the steering column.
    2. Install the SIR fuse to the fuse block.
    3. Turn the ignition switch to RUN and verify the inflatable restraint indicator flashes 7-9 times and then turns off.

Jul 29, 2009 | 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

2 Answers

I need to take out old ignition lock cylinder without key on 1989 toyota camry le -lost keys-bought locksmart replacement but it says old has to be in acc position to remove-

This is what the tech manual says.....

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. If equipped with an air bag, wait at least 90 seconds before working on the vehicle. CAUTION
    Some models covered by this manual may be equipped with a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), which uses an air bag. Whenever working near any of the SRS components, such as the impact sensors, the air bag module, steering column and instrument panel, disable the SRS, as described in Section 6.
  2. Remove the lower steering column cover. Unfasten the ignition switch connector under the instrument panel.
  3. Remove the screws which secure the upper and lower halves of the steering column cover.
  4. Turn the lock cylinder to the ACC position with the ignition key.
  5. Push the lock cylinder stop in with a small, round object (cotter pin, punch, etc.). NOTE: On some vehicles, it may be necessary to remove the steering wheel and combination switch first.
  6. Withdraw the lock cylinder from the lock housing while depressing the stop tab.
  7. To remove the ignition switch, unfasten its securing screws and withdraw the switch from the lock housing. To install:
  8. Align the locking cam with the hole in the ignition switch and insert the switch into the lock housing.
  9. Secure the switch with its screw(s).
  10. Make sure both the lock cylinder and column lock are in the ACC position. Slide the cylinder into the lock housing until the stop tab engages the hole in the lock.
  11. Install the steering column covers and connect the ignition switch wiring.
  12. Connect the negative battery cable.

Jul 26, 2009 | 1991 Lincoln Town Car

1 Answer

How do you replace a ignigtion lock cylinder on a 1998 dodge


NOTE: The Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system must be disarmed before removing any components in the area of the air bag system. Failure to do so may cause accidental deployment of the air bag, resulting in unnecessary SIR system repairs and/or personal injury. 

Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable from the battery. 
Allow the SIR system capacitor to discharge for at least 2 minutes, before performing any removal procedures. The air bag system is now disabled. 

Remove the key cylinder (ignition lock). 
Using a No. 10 Torx® tamper proof bit, remove the ignition switch mounting screw. Depress the ignition switch retaining tab and carefully pry the ignition switch from the steering column. 
Disconnect the electrical connectors from the ignition switch and remove the switch from the vehicle. 

Be sure the ignition switch is in the RUN position and the actuator shaft in the ignition lock housing is in the RUN position. 
Reconnect the electrical connectors to the ignition switch. 
Carefully install the ignition switch, making sure the ignition switch snaps over the retaining tabs. 
Install and tighten the ignition switch mounting screw. 
Install the key cylinder (ignition lock). Complete the installation by reversing the removal procedures. 
Reconnect the negative battery cable. 
Check switch operation. 

Good Luck and hope this helps

May 01, 2009 | 1998 Dodge Caravan

1 Answer

Ignition switch

  1. If equipped, disable the SIR system as outlined in . Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the ignition switch trim ring (bezel) by gently prying it out from the lock cylinder with a small suitable prytool.
  3. Remove the trim plate by gently prying around the edges with a small suitable prytool.
  4. Remove the tilt lever (if equipped) by pulling it firmly out from the steering column
  5. Snap off the upper steering column cover by gently prying between it and the bottom cover.
  6. Remove the lower steering column cover screws and lower the steering column cover.
  7. If necessary, remove the instrument panel cluster trim plate.
  8. Remove the two ignition switch bolts.
  9. Detach the two electrical connectors.
  10. Disconnect the ignition lock cable from the ignition switch.
  11. Remove the ignition switch from the vehicle.
To install:
  1. Insert the key into the ignition switch cylinder and rotate it into the RUN position.
  2. Press the cylinder release plunger located at the four o'clock position on the ignition switch.
  3. Use the key in order to pull the cylinder from the ignition switch.
  4. Assemble the cylinder into the ignition switch.
  5. Verify the engagement and operation of the cylinder using the key.
  6. The remainder of installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.
  7. Good luck...

Feb 27, 2009 | 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1 Answer

I need instructions on how to put a locksmart switch ingnition

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable. Remove the steering column shroud by removing the four or five self-tapping screws. Remove tilt lever (if so equipped).
  1. Remove instrument panel lower steering column cover.
  1. Disconnect the ignition switch electrical connector.
  1. Rotate ignition key lock cylinder to the RUN position.
  1. Remove the two screws retaining ignition switch.
  1. Disengage the ignition switch from the actuator.
  1. Adjust the ignition switch by sliding the carrier to the switch RUN position. NOTE: A new replacement switch assembly will be set in the RUN position as received.
  1. Check to ensure that the ignition key lock cylinder is in the RUN position. The RUN position is achieved by rotating the key lock cylinder approximately 90 degrees from the LOCK position.
  1. Install the ignition switch into the actuator. It may be necessary to move the switch slightly back and forth to align the switch mounting holes with the column lock housing threaded holes.
  1. Install retaining screws. Tighten to 5.6-7.9 Nm (50-69 lb-in).
  1. Connect electrical connector to ignition switch.
  1. Connect battery ground cable. Check ignition switch for proper function, including START and ACC positions. Also, make certain that the column is locked in the LOCK position.
  1. Install instrument panel lower steering column cover.
  1. Install the steering column trim shrouds and tilt lever (if so equipped).

Feb 26, 2009 | 1991 Lincoln Town Car

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