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2003 dodge caravan with po750 trans code.. replaced trans module and the pressure switch assembly and code is still present... it seems to be stuck in a fail safe mode (2nd gear)

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  • Jun 03, 2010

P0750 = Shift solenoid A - circuit malfunction. Probable cause: wiring, shift solenoid, Engine Control Module (ECM) / Transmission Control Module (TCM).
TCM electronic control unit (TCM ECU) can be accessed using a diagnostic scantool connected to the Data Link Connector (DLC) of the car. After TCM ECU memory scaning from internal errors, (Diagnostic Trouble Codes - DTC memored), you will be able to know exactly what piece is damaged. After bad piece replacing you will be able to erase the TCM ECU memory from internal faults, and reset TCM ECU = exit transmission from 2nd gear.

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  • sara_hilley i have already replaced trans control module and solenoid shift switch assembly and the code is still present...

    Jun 03, 2010

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