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Diagrama de inyection electronic motor 2,4 Z

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i have had the same problem and it was my mass air flow sensor. and dont by the whole kit from the deal cause it was like 500 buck and you can order one from ebay for like 70

Source: My 1997 Nissan King Cab pickup wont run!

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  • J. May
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  • September 28, 2008

I've had similiar issues with a different vehicle. I had to purchase new plugs, rotor, and distributor/spark plug wires. I was running on three cylinders verses four. I did not notice until I was going up hills, where it required more power. If you have a tachometer, keep an eye on it. If it is running slower than it should that could be an indication that there is a problem with the wiring. (probably should be doing about 2500 rpm)

I had a Hyundai that did just the opposite. It would peg the tach to 3,000 rpm well before it was time to shift. Ended up being an ignition coil went bad, which takes the place of the distributer. I replaced the ignition coil and now the engine doesn't have to run as high.

Source: 1986 king cab

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first thing to check is for fuel supply to the carb, it may be just a filter, worse off is you may have to rebuild the carb

Source: 1987 nissan 1987 d21 hardbody

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