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No sparks on the wiired plugs or pumps gas

No sparks on the wired plugs or pumps gas

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I have a 97 Ford truck will not start but fuel pump is working

Engines only need three things to run provided they are in running order. Another words of the timing is correct and the combustion is correct. Gas, air, spark. If you are sure you have gas in the carb or throttle body then I would check power at your coil. If that's alright then pull a spark plug wire and put a screwdriver in the plug wire and with the other end of the team screwdriver near a groung try to start the 's. Here should be a spark

Apr 02, 2015 | Ford Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

I was driving my car and it backfired, and has not cranked since. it turns over but will not start was told it could be a electronic probelm. what could it be.

It could be gas or spark (ignition system). To find out why it won't start, you have to start checking. Does your fuel pump turn on? Turn the key to on,. not start. There should be a buzz or hum from the gas tank that lasts about 2 or 3 seconds. That is the pump inside the tank and it will put pressure in the gas line and put gas up to the engine. The pump is electrical. If you do not hear it come on, you will need the fuel pump circuit tested to find the problem.

If you do hear the pump, then you need to check ignition system: check for spark on a spark plug wire. If you are not sure how, then get someone to help you who knows how, because you need two people anyway- one to watch for spark and one to be cranking the engine over with the key. If you do have spark, a strong blue spark, maybe the injector circuit needs checked. The fuel pump puts gas up to the engine, and the injectors put gas inside the engine.
If you don't have spark on any spark plug wire, then the ignition system is the problem. This is pretty complex and needs electrical testing to find the problem with it. Post back if you have questions. Good luck.

Jan 12, 2014 | 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

1 Answer


Maybe the engine did run out of gas; if the pump quit working, that is it. Do you hear the pump in the tank turn on for 2 seconds, when turning key to on, not start? It should turn on with key on, to pressurize the fuel system. If you don't hear it, and you don't have gas up to the engine, the pump has failed or the pump circuit needs checked.

Sudden stalls while driving are usually gas or ignition related. And so we say: check for gas, check for spark. If you have no spark on a spark plug wire when cranking the engine over-the ignition system has a fault- will need electrical testing to diagnose it.
Do you know how to check for spark? You will probably need a helper to crank the engine over while you or someone watches for a strong blue spark. If you have it, ignition system is working, check fuel pressure and check injector circuit.
Easy way to check for spark without getting shocked: buy a cheap spark tester from parts store. Plug it into the end of a spark plug wire, and clip the ground clip of tester to a metal piece of engine. Now you will not have to hold the wire close to a ground- don't touch the wire at all when cranking engine: just watch for a blue, snapping spark.

Dec 30, 2013 | Kia Rio Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

Dion engine

Check ignition and gas.

Listen for the fuel pump to come on for a couple of seconds with key ON. If you hear it, pump is working, check for gas at the fuel rail on top of engine. Should have gas under pressure.
If pump doesn't come on, check the fuel pump fuse, check fuel pump relay. Last, use a test light or voltmeter and check if the fuel pump wire has power to the gas tank connector when the engine is cranked over. If power there, fuel pump will need taken out and replaced. If no power at the pump, pump circuit needs checked.

Check ignition by checking for spark at a plug wire end. Pull off plug wire from spark plug, push the boot back so metal end terminal is exposed. Hold the end terminal 1/4 inch from a grounding source like a metal bracket or bolt on engine. Have a helper crank the engine over and watch for a spark-you need to see a blue snapping spark to know the ignition is good. Maybe wear gloves or use a heavy rag holding the wire-you can get shocked if not held close to a ground. Another way is to pull off the wire from plug, remove plug from engine, then re-attach plug to plug wire, and lay the plug on top of engine where the plug threads are touching metal-now the plug is grounded. You will not have to hold the wire. Have the helper crank the engine, while you watch for spark at the spark plug end. If you have a blue snapping spark, ignition is good. It is a good idea to check for spark on more than one plug wire-maybe another coil is not firing.
If your ignition is good, and you hear the pump come on, possibly a weak pump not putting out enough pressure- then check fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. Fuel injection requires high pressure, so the injectors will spray fuel out.
If still no go, scan computer for trouble codes. Check if your security or theft deterrent has immobilized the car.
Good luck.

Sep 29, 2013 | Mitsubishi Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

Wants to turn over

Fuel pump? Listen for it to turn on when key is turned to on. May need to stand by the gas tank with the cap off. It should come on for a couple of seconds to pressurize the lines. If no noise, find the fuel pump relay under the hood and put your finger on it while someone turns key to on. You should hear it or feel it click. If not, need to check wiring in pump circuit. If it does click, but pump doesn't come on, check for power at the fuel pump connector at the gas tank. There should be power on the fuel pump wire when the engine is cranking. If not, again it's a problem in the wiring circuit. If it does have power and pump won't work, the pump has probably failed. The gas tank will have to be removed and pump replaced. Not recommended to buy after market pumps, spend the extra for genuine parts. It will save you grief.
If pump works and still a gas problem, check fuel pressure with a pressure gauge-should have around 40-50 psi. If good, check that fuel injectors are pulsing.
If not a gas problem, check for spark at the spark plug end of a plug wire. If no spark, ignition circuit will have to be diagnosed. Possibly a crank position sensor. Computer needs that sensor information to initiate spark.
Check for trouble codes from the engine computer.
Good luck.

Jul 19, 2013 | 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

2 Answers

1990 honda accord wont fire

Do you have spark, do you have fuel pressure? it is one of these or a camshaft timing problem. I would start with checking the spark at the plugs 1st.

Jun 27, 2012 | 1990 Honda Accord

1 Answer

Replaced bad fuel pump, installed new relay and fuel filter, engine turns over but is not firing on..... positive the fuel pump is pumping gas and checked to see if gas was going thru fuel filter. Tried...

Hi, Ok you have confirmed that it's not a fuel problem. You need to check for spark. Pull the coil wire off of the coil(secondary lead-looks like a spark plug wire) Have some one crank it over and listen for a popping sound. IF yes, spark is at the coil, that means all ignition sensors are working. Next check for spark at ends of wires after cap. IF no replace cap and rotor. IF yes remove a couple spark plugs and check for fouling(wet, fuel etc...) IF yes replace or clean plugs and retest for starting. IF no spark is present at coil you need to scan computer and watch for rpm signal. IF no rpm signal, replace crankshaft sensor with OEM delco part. BIGGEST problem with these engines is Cap and Rotor burn out.

May 23, 2011 | 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

1 Answer

Getting no spark. replaced the ign module. had low fuel pressure to. replaced the pump and screen. getting gas but have no spark. had spark before i replaced the pump.

check teh wiring plug on the ignition module and the wires in the plug havent corroded and broke inside the rubber cover

Aug 09, 2010 | 1992 Chevrolet Suburban

1 Answer

1995 blazer was running rough, now not starting

if you believe some one put water or bad gas in your tank, then you will have to drain the tank. however, to know if you have water in your gas, first disconnect fuel return line or the line that goes in to the fuel pressure regulator put some fuel in a clear glass and let it sit for 15min.if you see white cloud at the bottom of the glass or water. drain the tank. if not check for spark by removing one spark plug wire and spark plug. place the spark plug in the spark plug wire boot and touch it on the metal part of the car. do not touch the spark plug itself only the booth with the plug in the boot. have some one crank the car over. if you see spark, the spark part is ok. but if no spark, check the coil with a volt meter it should be 3 to 8 ohm if not replace the coil. if ok, check for fuel by removing one spark plug or two and see if they are wet,if wet pump is ok. if not check the fuel pump relay and fuse. if fuse is blown replace. check relay with a volt meter. resistance of the relay should be between 40 to 80 ohm. not mega ohm,if mega ohm, replace. if not , listen to the fuel pump while some one is cranking the car. if you donot hear the pump, disconnect the pump electrical connector and applive 12 volt and ground to the pump by using a jumper or any wire and listen for pump sound. if not replace the pump. if there is sound coming from the pump, it is ok. check the fuel pressure regulator with a fuel pressure gauge or simply disconnect the vaccum from the regulator and try starting the car. if fuel pump is ok and spark is ok. then it maybe the computer or the crank position signal. also check the fuel filter it may be clog.

Jan 02, 2009 | 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

1 Answer

2004 Kia Sedona wont start but i can hear starter.

if the starter is revving very slowly it is the battery, charge battery. if not, It can be three things happing. 1 no spark 2 no fuel 3 no crank signal or the car computer is bad- you will need to unplug one of the spark wires and remove the spark plug and put the spark plug in the spark plug wire boot, and touch the spark plug on any metal on the car and have some start the car. donot touch the spark plug itself and see if there is a spark. if spark is bright, then it is not spark plug and wires but if no or spark is not bright, check the spark plug wires by applying a little bit of water on the spark plug wire and take a 12v test light, connect the clap to ground and and have some one to crank the vehicle, touch allover the spark plug wires with the tip of the test light, if you see spark, replace the wires and change the plugs.. they are not good. if spark is present, check for fuel by removing any one of the spark plugs and see if it is wet. if wet fuel pump is ok but if not go look for the fuel pump fuse and relay. is fuse blown, replace, check the relay resistor with a volt meter. it should be around 40 to 80 ohm. if everything is good from this point check the fuel pump itself by disconnecting the connector to the pump and apply 12v and ground using jumper wires or some wires to the fuel pump if you donot hear the pump,replace pump. if you, the crank signal or computer may be the problem

Jan 02, 2009 | 2004 Kia Sedona

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