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How can I put model #R0018 together, screws are not labeled?

I got about 7 bags of screws with are not labeled

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I just opened the box and their are no instructions and the screws are missing. I have the bag labeled b but no screws. Can you tell me what kind of screws to use and send me instructions

Instructions can often be found online. Go to company website and they should be able to give you what you need. They can also send you the screws you need at usually no cost. I assume this is a new

Dec 23, 2015 | Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

Kia spectra steering wheel

it will have an air bag i take it feel behind the steering wheel you will feel two holes these holes are the way you take off the air bag depending on weather it has a star drive screw or a normal posey screw put the driver into these holes take out screw (some screws dont come out all the way but you can tell if there loose ) air bag should come off remember to take off battery lead and let it power down for a few minuets before yo u remove the air bag if not the air bag ecu will thing there is a faault and you will have to get it reset the nut for the steering wheel will be there losen it and remove wheel hope this helps ivan

Oct 02, 2012 | 2007 Kia Spectra LX Sedan

1 Answer

How do u replace headlight chrysler 300 m do u have to take bumper off

I've written on this many MANY times. On this model it can be an afternoon's outing by iteslf! The upper radiator mount must be removed, because there is NO other access I know of to get at it. Stand in front of the car and look down at the black plastic valance covering the front of the car and surrounds the hood latch. there are plastic pins that can be removed with a small screw driver that pop out. Get a plastic bag, label it and put the parts in there. Take off the valance and set it aside. NOW: the radiator support is all steel and must be removed with maybe a 13mm ratchet. there are about 6 or so bolts in all. watch carefully where everything comes from and put them in a marked bag too. on the driver side there are two smaller screw fr the washer bottle and the cruise control brackets. remove them too. Lift the radiator support off the car. The tops of the headlights are now exposed Each headlight has two LONG srews, one left and one right on each headlight. Put them in a bag. NOW Wrestle the headlight bucket out of its' nesting place and over the bumper (It is somewhat flexible, so be careful but firm when pulling them out. ) Don't scratch the paint! Once out, turn the outer rings ( They turn hard.) loosen and lift out the bulb from its socket.Make SURE you have the right bulb. When re-installing the new bulbs (replace them all at once) DON'T TOUCH THE SURFACE OF THE BULBS WITH YOUR OILY FINGERS!! If you do and they get hot, they will POP! Then you'll have to do this all over again. Reinstall everything in reverse of dis assembly.

Nov 02, 2010 | 2000 Chrysler 300M

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My car's horn actives every time I turn the steering wheel. What do you think is causing it to go off?

My 2000 Cirrus had the same problem.

Before I describe how I fixed mine, a warning and disclaimer:
Working on the horn switch, clock spring and steering column requires working safely with the air bag module. An airbag that goes off unintentionally can cause serious or fatal injuries. If you don't know how to handle the air bag safely, do not attempt to fix this yourself!

Symptom: Horn sounds when steering wheel is turned or with slight movement of the air bag module in the center of the steering wheel.

Possible causes:
1. Deteriorated insulators under the air bag mounting bracket screws. (This is what caused the problem in my case.)
2. Warped or bent steering wheel or air bag module.
3. Short circuit in clock spring assembly.
4. Short circuit in steering column due to abraded or pinched wire.
5. Faulty horn relay. (Very unlikely if the horn only sounds when turning the wheel.)

How the "horn switch" works: The term "horn switch" is a bit of a misnomer because there is no identifiable "switch" as one might think. The "switch" is actually a combination of parts: The four air bag bracket mounting screws, four plastic bushings and washers that insulate the air bag mounting brackets from the screws which are fastened to the grounded steering column, four springs under the bushings and the metal back side of the airbag module. The horn wire, which comes from the horn relay up the steering column and through he clock spring, is connected to the left hand mounting bracket which is electrically connected to the back of the airbag module which is electrically connected to the right hand mounting bracket when everything is assembled. When the air bag module is pushed in, the metal back contacts one or more of the four air bag module mounting screws completing the circuit to ground and thus activating the horn relay.

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal on the strut tower under the hood and pull the two 10 A air bag fuses from the fuse panel on the left side of the dash.


2. Loosen the two torx head screws on the back of the steering wheel that secure the air bag module to the wheel. The screws are captive in plastic retainers, so don't try to remove them.

3. Remove the air bag module, pull out the connector lock and disconnect the air bag module connector.

4. Place the air bag module on a flat surface connector side down away from where you are working.

5. Locate the four air bag mounting bracket screws. Look for black gritty debris around the screw heads and inside the steering wheel. This is an indication that the top insulating washers have deteriorated allowing the mounting brackets to short out to the screws.

6. Now reconnect the battery negative lead and do the following tests:

a. Move the left hand bracket slightly. If the horn sounds, then the top side insulating washers are either gone or deteriorated. If you want to test the right hand bracket, you will need to connect a jumper wire between the brackets. If one washer is cracked or missing, it is likely they all are.

b. Disconnect the horn wire from the left hand bracket. Start the car and turn the steering wheel to the stop in both directions. If the horn still sounds, then you have either a bad clock spring or a short circuit in the steering column.

The repair if the insulating washers are bad:

The official Chrysler repair manual says to replace the steering wheel (about $260); however, there is a cheaper solution.

1. Remove the four air bag bracket mounting screws, bushings, springs and the two brackets, paying careful attention to how they are assembled so you can re-assemble them later.

2. Clean any debris, dirt and grease from the brackets and undersides of the screw heads.

3. Purchase or fabricate some thin insulating (plastic) washers to replace the ones that deteriorated, which unfortunately you cannot buy from Chrysler. I insulated my brackets and screws with kapton insulating tape plus some very thin plastic washers I cut from some blister pack packaging scrap (probably clear polystyrene). This plastic is very thin, but still is pretty tough. Some hollow punches are handy for punching the holes and making nice round washers, but you could probably do it with small scissors or your wife's scrapbook punches if you are careful.

4. Reassemble the air bag mounting brackets to the steering wheel placing the new insulating washers and/or tape between the screw heads and brackets.

5. Reconnect the horn wire to the left hand bracket and move the bracket around a bit. If the horn doesn't sound, then you likely have fixed the problem. Once again, to test the right hand bracket, you need to jumper the left and right brackets together.

6. Disconnect the negative battery lead and wait at least two minutes before proceeding to ensure the air bag capacitor is discharged.

7. Reconnect the air bag connector to the air bag module and insert connector lock.

8. Reassemble the air bag module to the steering wheel.

9. Reconnect the negative battery lead and test the horn. It should blow only when the air bag module is pushed in. Start the car and turn the wheel to both extremes to test the repair.
If the horn sounds continuously, then the washers you put in are two thick causing the air bag module to rest on the screw heads.

10. Turn the car off and reinsert the two 10 A air bag fuses, then restart the car and make sure the air bag light comes on briefly then goes off.

Hope you find this helpful.

Aug 31, 2010 | 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

1 Answer

I'm trying to replace my head gasket myself but i have no idea were to start or what to do

Wow. Thats a biggie.

I highly recommend that you purchase a haines manual if you want to try this.

You will need to have the head shaved so that it is flat, and pressure tested to ensure it is not cracked.

If this is an OHC four cylinder you should also consider replacing the timing belt.

You will need to purchase a torque wrench if you dont own one. Read all of the proceedures in the book a few times so you understand them before you proceed.

Also, I always get a box of ziplock bags and a sharpie. As you remove bolts, label the bags and store them in there. It will help you out alot when you go the put it all back together. (ie:intake, valve cover, timing cover,etc.)

Dec 21, 2009 | 1998 Ford Escort

2 Answers


I don't know of any that are easy ones used to be the old Lincolns that used to come out in about fifteen minutes. today you need to take most of the dash apart. You can get a better idea of what the job entails by getting a haynes or chiltons manual and reviewing it to see if its something you want to get into.

Sep 25, 2009 | 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2 Answers

Air bag light blinks then syays on

If you mean the passenger airbag light no longer lights up and airbag light on the dash blinks at start-up and then stays on; the read the below and check this site:

I went to radio shack cost me $2.99 for 3 bulb packet. But the post below worked. It really didn't that long, pretty easy job. Took longer to find the tools. The first guys idea/fix, the second guy gave pretty good instructions. Just a little more detail: (3) the clips are one each side of the panel; (5) these two screws are on the inside lower part of module, (6) unclip the plastic tabs from the back (where the plug end is) first and it should lift up easily.

I had this happen on my 98 Ranger.(code 27) My light on the module that turns off the passenger side airbag was burnt out. I went to Radio Shack and bought a 12v light with wires attached and soldered them to the existing light.(didn't even take it out!) It fixed it!! Cost, about $1.50 and 20 minutes of fix time.

Note: If the light by the key switch to turn off the passenger side airbag does not work, it disables the entire airbag system! Hope yours is as easy to fix.



Thanks for your post. I have no way to read codes, but I heard the five tone alarm every time I started the vehicle and the passenger air bag off light did not light up. I was skeptical, but tried your advice and it worked.

1) 12-volt colored lamp (Radio Shack part: 272-1099)

1) socket set
2) philips head screw driver
3) soldering iron

1) remove ash tray from console panel
2) using a socket set, remove 4 hex head screws from console panel
3) pull console panel out of the two clips
4) remove connector from air bag key module in console panel and take console panel to a work bench
5) remove 2 philips head screws to remove the airbag key module
6) carefully unclip the plastic tabs that hold the airbag key module case together
7) remove connector circuit board from air bag key module
8) solder the yellow replacement lamp to the two solder pads for the original lamp on the back side of the circuit board (which wire to which pad does not matter)
9) tie the replacement lamp in place next to the original lamp
10) replace the circuit board in the airbag key module and snap the case back together
11) connect the airbag key module in the truck and start the engine to check that the lamp illuminates and that the alarm does not sound
12) screw the aribag key module back into the console panel
13) snap the console panel back into the truck
14) replace the 4 hex head screws
15) replace the ash tray

Sep 05, 2009 | 2004 Ford Ranger

1 Answer

Air bag light on after replacing headlight switch. 95 Camry

The collector ring under the steering wheel is not making connection. Did you lose a brush when you put the steering wheel back on. Try cleaning the collector ring with steel wool.

May 21, 2017 | 1996 Toyota Camry

1 Answer

I need to know step by step how to remove a heater core.

allow me to make a recommendation. get a haynes manual. generally like 15 bucks at the local autoparts store. get an extra pair of hands and about 4 hours. there are a boat load of screws so make sure you bag them and label them. the heater core is located on the passenger side of the vehicle. once the dashboard and support behind it is out you ll have a casing in which the heater core is located. make sure you remove the negative from the battery terminal and all remove all pressure from the AC. remove the bolts for the AC tubes on the outside of the firewall as well as the two tubes that are attached to the the heater core (they are located in the same area).

MAJOR ADVICE take youre time. this will take about 4 hours to remove the dash, 10 minutes replace the core and another 4 hours to put it all back together. I am in the process of putting mine back together in case you have any questions email me. ricardo(dot)markland(at)gmail(dot)com

best of luck

Oct 31, 2008 | 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2 Answers

Need to remove steering wheel

Disconnect the battery. Remove the 2 "Torx" screws that hold the horn pad/air bag assembly on to the wheel (there may be 2 small trim covers that you may need to remove to see the "Torx" screws. Remove the horn/air bag assembly & disconnect it at where it connects. You will now see a really large nut. Remove it, and bang back towards the dash, both sides, to pop the steering wheel off.
You do not need a puller.
NOTE: Do NOT turn the circular object that is right behind the steering wheel. This is the "clock spring". It is black & yellow, and has a lot of writing on it. If you turn it, you may damage it when you put it all back together and then drive it.

Aug 14, 2008 | 1998 Toyota 4Runner

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