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Est IG Circuit a gnd short

Car examiner (launch 431) output report informed that my car had an error CODE001: EST IG CIRCUIT A GND SHORT

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2 Answers

Ok one major question! Will changing the tcc solenoid in my 01 cougar fix the o/d flashing and make the car go forward when I try to drive it?

No. replacing the TCC or the OSS, will not make the transmission work. You can unplug these transmissions and they will still work, less OD. Sounds like you may have stripped the torque converter oil pump gear. Common in these older Mercury/Fords.

Mar 18, 2016 | 2001 Mercury Cougar

1 Answer

How to fix a p1599 and a p1640 on my 2001 Saturn lw200

DTC P1599 will set if the PCM has detected an engine stall condition when:
The engine is in run mode.

Ignition voltage is present on circuit 839.

The CKP signal at PCM is NOT detected.

DTC P1599 is a type D DTC
The PCM has the ability to set a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) if the engine stalls when the ignition has NOT been turned OFF. This DTC may aid in intermittent diagnosis of a customer complaint of intermittent engine stall. The scan tool Failure Record information can be duplicated under the same stall conditions in an attempt to reproduce the occurrence. Since DTC P1599 is a type D DTC, the PCM will not command the MIL or SERVICE telltale ON. This DTC can set due to driver error. For example, a vehicle equipped with a manual transaxle in which the clutch was released too quickly causing the engine to stall.
DTC P1640 (PCM Output Circuit)
The PCM contains an output driver module (ODM) which controls 7 circuits: A/C relay, air pump relay, EVAP purge solenoid, EVAP vent solenoid, fan control 1, fan control 2, and TCC solenoid. The ODM controls each of these circuits independently by controlling the circuit ground. The ODM monitors the voltage level at each of the 6 circuits into the PCM when the device is being commanded ON or OFF. When the device is commanded OFF, the circuit is not grounded, the voltage level at the PCM should be high (ignition voltage). When the device is commanded ON, the circuit is grounded, the voltage level at the PCM should be low. Each of the 7 drivers in the ODM contains a feedback circuit used to determine if a particular circuit failed, which can be read on the scan tool. DTC P1640 sets when any one of the 7 feedback voltages is low when that device is turned OFF or when any one of the 7 feedback voltages is high when that device is turned ON when the engine is running.
Sounds to me like you have a short on one of these circuits !
To locate an intermittent problem, use the scan tool to command each of the 7 solenoids tied to the ODM circuit ON and OFF independently while monitoring:
If IGN 3 fuse is open, A/C RELAY CKT OPEN SHORT TO GND, EVAP VENT CKT OPEN SHORT TO GND, and EVAP PURGE CKT OPEN SHORT TO GND parameters on the scan tool will read YES.
Do you have a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter ? You need to check each wire in the above circuits for a short to ground or B+ !

Sep 30, 2015 | Saturn Cars & Trucks

3 Answers

My check light comes on scanned system found several codes po443 evap,po135 o2sensors all banks,and egr vacuum regulator solenoid circuit can you advise me on next step

the codes should be addressed in the order they show up, so starting with the P0443 (it's a zero not an o after the P, the P refers to a powertrain code).
Have you replaced the purge valve itself, often times this will rectify the trouble.Open the gas cap after driving a while , do you hear a "whoosh" of pressure release? If so likely the valve itself is defective.Replace it reset the MIL and drive to see if light comes back on, if it does ,rescan to see if 443 is still present, if not then move on to new first trouble code.
To cause a P0443, there has to be a problem with the purge control CIRCUIT, not necessarily the valve. Usually they are a unit housing the valve and the solenoid as an assembly. Or it could be comprised of a separate solenoid with vacuum lines to a purge valve. That said, it could be any of the following: Bad purge solenoid (internal short or open) Wiring harness chafing or rubbing another component causing short or open on control circuit Connector worn, broken or shorted due to water intrusion

Jan 11, 2015 | 2001 Ford Mustang V6

3 Answers

Check engine light came on

What do you mean "can't find code"? If the check engine light is on, there is a fault code stored in your onboard computer - that's the way it works. If you are using a generic OBD code reader, that is most likely the reason you cannot find any codes. You need to use a scanner that has the correct software to access your ENTIRE computer network, not just the "continuous memory" or "generic" side of your computer system.

The window problem is a seperate problem and must be diagnosed accordingly.

Apr 23, 2012 | Daewoo Matiz Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

On a Honda CRV-2000 clock module (working intermittently, no fuses are out), there are 4 connections: B+, IG, LI, and GND. I'm assuming the B+ is a fused connection from the 12V battery. What are the IG...

Ignition and headlight illumination (clock should dim when wired to IG/+). The clockshould be bright with it disconnected and dim with it connected to +/IG. If it is dead in all cases, I offer a repair service, check out

Feb 28, 2011 | 2000 Honda CR-V

2 Answers

Most common cause for code P0340 of 95 Ranger

Hi, the cam shaft sensor will be located Under the hood, center, upper engine area, mounted behind rear of intake manifold, in the engine block.

This is a magnetic or hall effect sensor. It sends a signal to the computer relaying information about shaft speed, position and acceleration or deceleration. This information determines when the fuel/air mixture needs to be ignited and how much mixture is needed for the engine.

The possible causes of failure will be faulty housing or faulty wires as well. A faulty ECM could trigger a false alarm as well. this is highly unlikely but, possible in most cases. The most reported reasons is flat out sensor failure.

May 21, 2009 | 2001 Ford Windstar

1 Answer

99 Saturn SC1 ''Service engine soon'' light is on.

Did you get the code that triggered the SEL? If you know that, it will be easier to diagnose your problem. You can do it without a tool on the old saturns. Just need a paperclip. :

Use a paper clip to jumper Terminal A and B of the ALDL *Assembly Line Diagnostic Link* which is above your left knee.
Terminal A is an interal ground and is the top right terminal in the connector. Terminal B is directly adjacent and to the left of Terminal A.

Turn the ignition to ON.

All codes are 2 digits between 11 and 99. Codes are displayed on the SES light by flashing the light with short and long pauses to distinguish digits of one code from digits of another. The short pause is used between digits of the same code, long pauses are between codes. Also, each code is flashed three times before going to the next code.

For example, the sequence of code 12 will be: flash, pause, flash-flash, long pause, then repeat 2 times. If Code 12 is not displayed, the self-diagnostic pogram i snot functioning properly.

If only Code 12 is displayed, no system malfunctions have been stored.

Any existing system fault codes are displayed in order from low to high, except for Code 11.

On vehicles with an automatic transaxle and on which exist stored transaxle codes, Code 11 will be displayed last, then the SHIFT TO D2 light will begin flashing transaxle codes of flags.

When all engine codes have been displayed, Code 12 will flash again.

Diagnostic Codes
11. Transaxle Codes present
12. Diagnostic System Check
13. Oxygen sensor, circuit open or not ready
14. CTS circuit, out of range high
15. CTS circuit, out of range low
17. PCM fault, pullup resistor
19. 6x signal fault, no 6x signal between reference pulses
21. TPS circuit, out of range high
22. TPS circuit, out of range low
23. ATS circuit, out range low
24. VSS circuit, no signal
25. ATS circuit, out or range high
26. Quad Driver output fault
32. EGR system fault
33. MAP sensor circuit, out of range high
34. MAP sensor circuit, out of range low
35. IAC valve, rpm out of range
41A EST circuit open
41B EST circuit shorted
42A Bypass circuit grounded
42B Bypass circuit open
42C Bypass circuit shorted
41. EST bypass, open or shorted
42. EST bypass, open or shorted
43. ECS (knock sensor) circuit open or shorted
44. Oxygen sensor indicates system lean
45. Oxygen sensor indicates system rich
46. Power steering pressure switch circuit, open
49. Idle rpm out of limit high (vacuum leak)
51. PCM memory error
55. A/D converter error in PCM
81. ABS message fault (1993 vehicles with TCS)
82 PCM internal communication fault

Diagnostic Flags
27. Quick quad driver output fault (1993 only)
48. Reference imput intermittent or noisy
52. Battery voltage out of range
53. ESC knock present
54. Five volt reference ground
58. Battery voltage unstable
61. 6x signal fault
63. Option check sum error
67. Handwheel sensor circuit fault
71. Cooling system temperature high
72. Coolinng system temeprature low
73. CTS sensor unstable
74. CTS/transaxle temperatuer sensor ratio error
76. ATS sensor unstable
83. Low coolant (1993 only)

Feb 24, 2009 | 1993 Saturn SC1

1 Answer

Explorer, 2000; 4.0 EFI: Engine runs fine in neutral & responds well when accelerator is depressed; shift to reverse or drive & engine runs very rough....with no power whatsoever. Scanned...

P1747 * EPC, wiring, PCM EPC solenoid circuit failure, shorted circuit or output driver Voltage through EPC solenoid is checked. An error will be noted if tolerance is exceeded. Short circuit causes minimum EPC pressure (minimum capacity) and limits engine torque (alternate firm). Go To Pinpoint Test
The EPC solenoid is shorted or the electrical circuit (wiring) or the transistor (driver) inside the computer is fried. do you know how to test a computer controlled circuit ?
How to test computer transistor driver without scan tool

Do you know how to find the circuit in question ?

And you are correct about these two codes as being not related . Do you know what evaporative emission system is ?

Wells EVAP Training with Sgt Tech P0440 P0441 P0442 etc

The Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP) is used to prevent gasoline vapors from escaping into the atmosphere from the fuel tank and fuel system. The EVAP system usually requires no maintenance, but faults can turn on the Check Engine light and prevent a vehicle from passing an OBD II plug-in emissions test.
EVAP Evaporative Emission Control System - you can find free wiring diagrams here . Do you know how to use a wiring diagram ?

P1451 - EVAP Control System Canister Vent Solenoid Circuit Malfunction Monitors the canister vent (CV) solenoid circuit for an electrical failure. The test fails when the signal moves outside the minimum or maximum allowable calibrated parameters for a specified canister vent duty cycle by PCM command.
  • VPWR circuit open
  • CV solenoid circuit shorted to PWR GND or CHASSIS GND
  • Damaged CV solenoid
  • CV solenoid circuit open
  • CV solenoid circuit shorted to VPWR
  • Damaged PCM
To verify normal function, monitor the EVAP canister vent solenoid signal PID EVAPCV and the signal voltage (PCM control side). With the valve open, EVAPCV will indicate 0% duty cycle and the voltage approximately equal to battery voltage. When the valve is commanded fully closed, EVAPCV will indicate 100% duty cycle and a voltage drop of 4 volts minimum is normal. Output test mode may be used to switch output ON/OFF to verify function. This is another electrical circuit problem .
Do you know how to use a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter ?
Do you know that P1747 (electronic press control solenoid short circuit) Is a transmission problem . This solenoid controls the fluid pressure .

May 10, 2017 | Ford Explorer Cars & Trucks

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