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2004 CTS " service airbag "light is lit

Light goes on and off. the rear driver side airbag cover (at pillar) was loose when i got the car. I popped it back on but it still comes loose once in a while. could this be the cause for the warning light coming on? If not any suggestions for self troubleshooting?

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Yes it is the cause of the light coming on. Unless you have lots of auto mechanic experience don't attemp tthis repair yourself. Get the car to a dealer.

Posted on Dec 27, 2008

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How many airbag sensors in a 2008 gmc acadia

1) Front End Sensor - Right--Located under the front hood in the engine compartment (2) I/P Air Bag--Located at the top right under the instrument panel (3) Roof Rail Air Bag - Right--Located under the headliner, extending from the passenger front windshield pillar to the passenger rear windshield pillar (4) Side Impact Sensor (SIS) - RF--Located under the right front door trim near the lower rear of the door frame (5) Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM)--Located underneath the vehicle carpet under the center console (6) Seat Belt Pretensioner - RF--Located under the trim near the bottom of the center pillar (7) Side Impact Sensor (SIS) - RR--Located under the right rear door trim near the lower rear of the door frame (8) Roof Rail Module - Right--Located behind the garnish molding on the upper rear pillar (9) Roof Rail Module - Left--Located behind garnish molding on the upper rear pillar (10) Side Impact Sensor (SIS) - LR--Located under the left rear door trim near the lower rear of the door frame (11) Seat Belt Pretensioner - LF--Located under the trim near the bottom of the center pillar (12) Side Impact Sensor (SIS) - LF--Located under the left front door trim near the lower rear of the door frame (13) Roof Rail Air Bag - Left--Located under the headliner, extending from the driver front windshield pillar to the driver rear windshield pillar (14) Steering Wheel Air Bag--Located on the steering wheel (15) Vehicle Battery--Located at the front left of the engine compartment. (16) Front End Sensor - Left--Located under the front hood in the engine compartment

Aug 12, 2015 | GMC Cars & Trucks

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Rewire rear right door of Odssey 2005 EXL

I found this on an Odyssey forum. It is long, but that panel is not a short process. After you have fixed the wire, you might have to "rehome" the doors. Google this and you should find instructions.
  1. I just finished replacing the passenger 3rd row seatbelt in my 2006 Odyssey, which required removal and replacement of the trim panel. Instructions were enclosed with the new seatbelt ordered from Honda, but I had to scan thru the whole document because the needed info was not in the section about 3rd row seatbelt replacement.

    Trim panel removal is not terribly difficult, but is rather fussy and slow work. Basically the panels are held in place by little plastic pins that snap into holes in the underlying metal bodywork. In addition, the rear panel is held at the bottom by the sliding door threshold panel and the rear hatch threshold panel, and at the top by the pillar trim panels flanking the rear window. (These are called Pillars C and D, repectively).

    You may as well start by unbolting the 2nd row seatbelt at the floor and on Pillar C. Down at the floor, pull back the rubbery cover and unscrew the bolt using a 14mm wrench. Up above, on the pillar, remove the plastic cover at the sealbelt shoulder height adjustment mechanism. This cover has hooks molded into either side, so gently use a screwdriver to pry them loose and pop off the cover, then unscrew the bolt with your 14mm wrench.

    Next, remove the sliding door threshold panel by prying it up with a screwdriver or prybar and getting your fingers under it until you hear and feel the pins pop loose one by one. You will develop a feel for how much force to apply. Use your fingers as much as possible, because you risk marring the plastic edges with steel tools. The threshold panel is hooked into the other trim panels at either end, so work it to disengage.

    Fold the rear seat down flat and remove the plastic cover over the seat pivot. Pry the forward side up first and then rotate it rearwards over the pivot, and then disengage and remove it fully.

    At the rear hatch, unscrew the two cargo net knobs on the passenger side. The plastic knobs will probably come off like nuts, leaving a steel stud behind, or the stud may remain attached to the knob; either way is okay.

    Pry loose and remove the little plate on the rear trim panel "window sill" where the seat belt enters. BTW, keep all these little loose parts together as you go.

    On Pillar D (rearmost pillar) there is a small square cover that says something about air bags. Pry this loose at the top, as it is hinged at the bottom. You may need something thinner than a screwdriver (try a pocket knife). Once this is open, remove the Phillips head screw inside.

    Pillar C (forward) also has a square "air bag" cover plate, but it works differently. Just pry it straight out, but not all the way out. Just let it dangle.

    At this point all the major hindrances to removing the passenger side rear trim panel have been dealt with. Starting back at the rear hatch, pry the panel loose and pull it away from the wall, using fingers as much as possible. Listen for the plastic pins to pop loose as you go. There are two at the rear, four across the "window sill" and two toward the front. There is another pin in the center of the panel, but it will pop loose eventually as you pull the panel away from the wall.

    NOTE: The lower trim panel and the pillar trim panels are hooked together, so you have to work those joints to separate them. NOTE: DO NOT TRY TO PULL THE PILLAR TRIM PANELS LOOSE AT THE TOP. First loosen them at the bottom, and then rotate and work them gently free of the headliner. Similarly, the main trim panel should be loosened at either end and along the top before rotating the panel in, sort of pivoting at its base. It is hooked under the rear hatch threshold, so you'll have to work it free by pushing down and rotating.

    Long before this point, I was wondering if I could get at the seatbelt retractor spool behind the trim panel without completely removing the trim panel. However, there was a hard plastic a/c duct in the way, so I had to completely remove the trim panel to get at the duct. It turned out there wasn't much holding the duct in place and I was able to loosen it enough to get the old seat belt spool out and the new one bolted in.

    Reinstall everything in reverse order. One tip I can offer concerns the little square plate on the Pillar C trim panel, the one I said to leave dangling. This gizmo is actually a long plastic stud. When I finally managed to pull the Pillar C trim panel loose from the main trim panel, this stud fell out. It is molded in tan plastic (my van has tan interior) but it had a separate black piece on the end. I thought I would never get this stud/plate back in place during reinstallation. Here's the trick: take the little black piece loose from the stud, and install it first by itself by pushing it into the hole, making sure the cross-shaped hole is aligned correctly to match the tan stud. The small black piece is analogous to a nut, and the tan stud is like a bolt. Put the "nut" in first, then poke the "bolt" in on top of it. Otherwise, the stud forces the "nut" to expand BEFORE IT CAN ENTER THE HOLE in the metal bodywork, and no amount of pushing or pounding will force it in.
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  • Jun 24, 2014 | 2005 Honda Odyssey

    1 Answer

    Airbag light on

    B 1811. Open in driver side squib, 2nd step circuit.
    The driver's side seat belt circuit is open. Remove the driver's side pillar cover, and look at the connector attached to the reel. Clean it with contact cleaner and place it back. If it does not solve the problem check the harness wiring for damage or broken wire.

    Dec 09, 2013 | 2005 Toyota Corolla

    1 Answer

    Air bag code 33 for a 2005 lincoln town car

    2005 Towncar SRS Code 33 (3 flash + 3 flash, repeat this set for twice. then Beep 5 times pause x 5 = 25 beeps every 30min).

    This means you have problem with left (Driver) side pretentioner (Seat belt retract system).
    It doesn't mean physical belt or retract mechanism.It is just bomb wiring which is part of airbag system.
    When airbag deploy, passenger must stay tight in seat otherwise body lean to front then slam back to seat by airbag.
    if belt is loose or delay to lock, passenger's body rocks back and forth.So, system use small bomb (Fire power) to lock and retract seat belt when airbag deploy.There is small bomb and igniter in part of Seat belt retractor.
    Code 33 is warning for this part on 2005 Towncar.(older model is different meaning in Ford/Lincoln, it's possibly passenger side airbag system for earlier model)
    Before you work for any part of Airbag system and touch any "Yellow connector", * *Disconnect battery (negative side is good enough) and wait at least 5 min to clear all power in system**.(Airbag store back up power for few minutes to be able to deploy even in case if power disconnected)
    by the way, you should move your driver seat most forwarded position before you disconnect battery to make it easy to work with seat belt.
    locate driver side seat belt retractor (in center pillar between front and rear door, you may have to fight with weather strip)

    Locate Yellow connector on bottom of Seat belt retractor (it's called "Pretensioner")it is located on very bottom of rear side of retractor.
    only one yellow connector. (make sure your battery is disconnected)
    Check its physical connection or looseness.if connection looks fine, you may have to replace whole seat belt ($180-$200 in Lincoln dealer)
    You can check if pretensionor is good or bad by regular tester, but unless you know how, I won't tell (because I don't wan't you to blow out pretentionor).

    Jul 19, 2012 | 2005 Lincoln Town Car

    1 Answer

    Is ther a fuse for air bag light and were is it

    yes there is an airbag fuse located in fuse panel on left side of dashboard, drivers side door pillar post(drivers door needs to be open to see the fuse cover). if not there check under dash near left hand kick panel

    Oct 04, 2011 | 2006 GMC Sierra

    1 Answer

    How to change the third break light bulb in a 2007 hyundai sonata ?

    From 2006 to 2010, the Sonata's 3rd brake lamp requires the rear package deck be removed to access that bulb.
    1. Remove the rear passenger seat bottom (remove two12mm bolts between the seat back and the seat bottom - tilt the seat back forward to locate these bolts).
    a. Press the two bottom front edge tabs to release the front of the seat bottom from the floor.
    b. Remove seat bottom & set aside w/two 12mm bolts
    c. Tilt both seat backs downward
    2. Remove the left & right hand shoulder cushions (12 mm bolt at the bottom of each cushion)
    a. Remove seat belt from shoulder cushion guide at the top of the cushion
    b. Lift up and forward on shoulder cushions to remove them (if equipped with side airbags, disconnect wire harness connector).
    c. Set shoulder cushions aside w/two 12mm bolts
    3. Using a small flathead screwdriver, pop out the 'SRS' button cover from the C pillar panels on the left & right hand side to access either the phillips head screws, 10mm bolts, or #30 Torque Screws
    a. Remove screws and set aside
    b. Using a standard flathead screwdriver, pop out the C pillar panels on both sides (clips hold these panels in place)
    c. Set these panels aside after removal w/screws/bolts
    4. Trunk Access-way panels are held in place by phillips head screws (two at the bottom (left and right hand sides) and 4 to 5 at the top .
    a. Remove left and right hand panels and set aside w/screws.
    5. Rear package deck held in place with two plastic clips (white, yellow or pink)
    a. lie on your back inside the trunk (trunk lid open to allow for more light). Looking through access hole find 3rd brake light wire harness connector & disconnect.
    b. locate package deck clips, one on the left and another on the right on the underside of the pckage deck
    c. Squeeze clips to push them out - package deck will come loose
    d. Remove package deck & remove 3rd brake lamp bulb socket (turn counter clockwise to remove). Replace bulb & reassemble in reverse order.

    Sep 05, 2011 | Hyundai Sonata Cars & Trucks

    1 Answer

    Where is the airbag module located in the 2000 cadillac seville

    Hello: Sir, There are a total of 5 (five) modules in the Inflatable restraint system, ( airbag) I will list them, their purpose and location:
    Sensing & Diagnostic Module, the main module located under the rear of center console, Driver side inflator module located left side driver seat back . driver side inpact sensor located left lower side of center left pillar. steering wheel inflator module under the horn pad in the steering wheel. passenger front side inflator module located under righ side of upper instrument panel . Right front passenger side impact module right side of passenger seat lower back. Rf passenger side impact sensor. lower part of center pillar. The left and right sensors are not modules . Note, Codes B0051 and B0053 require replacement and programming with a scanner. Hope this helps you

    Oct 08, 2010 | Cadillac Seville Cars & Trucks

    2 Answers

    How do you remove rear tail light assembly to replace lamp? I remover the two screws that attach the assembly to the rear pillar but it is still attached to something else.

    1. Open the tailgate.
    2. Look closely at the side of the brake light cover where it is closest to the tailgate. It is black plastic.
    3. You will see two roundish looking outlines in the black plastic (not the two outlines in the plastic that is the same color as your van). There is just enough of a crack to slide a small screwdriver into the crack.
    4. Pop the little plastic "doors" up to reveal 10mm nuts with Philips heads.
    5. Remove the bolt/screw from each of the two holes. The tail light cover will be loose, but it will not come out yet.
    6. Find something small to pry with. It should be plastic or you might scratch your paint.
    7. On the side of the van where the tail light cover is flush (the far opposite end of where the bolts were), push a small tool (screwdriver?) under the edge of the cover and pry straight up. There is a peg that fits snugly into a hole in the van. The peg is attached to the tail light cover. With a small flashlight, you should be able to see the peg after prying it up just a little. The peg will pop out and that will allow you to change the bulb.
    8. To replace the cover, start by popping the peg back into the hole, then replace the two screws. Finish by snapping the screw covers shut.

    Oct 08, 2009 | 2005 Honda Odyssey

    1 Answer

    My 2004 CTS "service airbag" light comes on intermitantly, the driver side rear airbag (at the rear pillar) cover was loose when i got the car, i popped it back on but it does come loose occasionally,...

    did you get this car new and if it is under warranty take it back
    pushing the cover back on can pinch the bag and cause it not to work
    this could cause the light to come on
    have it checked and take great caution when putting cover on cause it can activate the airbag and cause damage to you

    Dec 27, 2008 | 2005 Cadillac CTS

    1 Answer

    Honda Accord brake light removal

    It's a lot of work for just cleaning.
    Fold the rear seat down and remove the two 12mm bolts on the bottom corners of the seat back, pull the seat out.
    Between the seat bottom and the carpet you will find two tabs you need to pull and then pull the seat bottom up and out of the car.
    Remove the two 10mm bolts securing the seat bolsters to the area the seat bottom was covering. Pull the seat bolsters up and out of the car.
    Pop the "C" pillar trim off of the car (above the parcel shelf and beside the rear glass) (side airbag vehicles have a slightly different procedure.)
    Pull up on the parcel shelf carefully and evenly. Remove clean and put everything back together.

    Aug 16, 2008 | 2005 Honda Accord

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