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Sensor p0330 de jeep liberty 2003

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Michael Zangari

The system needs to be checked for cades. Airbag codes are pulled out of the ECU with the use of a scanner tool. A good auto mechanic shop will have this or you can go to the dealer. YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO REPAIR THIS YOURSELF,YOU COULD ACTIVATE THE AIRBAG!!!!!

Source: 2003 jeep liberty air bag light on is it easy to fix

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It is the blower motor resistor. Look under the passanger side dash and locate the fan housing (looks round and black in color. Then locate the resistor it will be in that housing usually withtwo ten millimeter nuts or two simple screws holding it in. unplug the harness to the resistor and remove the resistor. Part store price is approx. 50.00. Note: on aftermarket (not Jeep) resistor sometimes you have to modify the housing a little to get it in. Hope this helps.

Source: 2003 Jeep Liberty heater fan problem

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Daniel Arellano

Check the wheel bearings. Run the car and check where the noise is coming from. the wheel bearings make a gravelly, clicking noise if the bearing is bad. Lift the car and move the wheels up and down , to the sides etc. Listen or if the wheel moves , your bearing may be bad.

Source: Jeep Liberty Clicking Noise

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