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Removing you sprak plug

When removing a spark plug it helps after losening to use a small hose to slide over plug and turn rather the burning your hand tring to remove.

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How do I Remove the heater hose from the rear of the engine on a 1998 Ford Expediton?

Sounds like you are talking about the hose that goes to the heater. It has a snap spring clamp on it. You will be able to handle it better if you buy a new hose and cut the old one off. A small curved needle nose plier or straight plier may help. Then put the old clamps onto the hose higher up and slide them in place once the hose is mounted. Do the hard to reach end first(using the hose length to grip onto) and clamp it, then attach the last end.

Sep 18, 2014 | 1998 Ford Expedition

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how do you change the #3 spark plug on an 01 Blazer?

This is the one behind the steering shaft on the driverside, a swivel sparkplug socket and a small extension and a small peice of rubber hose, you will use the swivel to get loose then use the hose to slide on the plug and remove it by hand the rest of the way, to install you will dothe same, use a small peice of hose, slide onto the plug and tighten by hand as far as you can, then sldie swivel on and tighten, make sure not to over tighten, they dont need to be so tight, and make sure not to crack the plug, have soket as straight as it can go. its not to bad to do, ive found that getting the plugs through the wheel well is so much faster then from inside the engine compartment. hope this is helpful. good day.

Sep 03, 2011 | 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

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location of TDC senor

Not only am I going to give you the sensor loaction, but I am also giving you step by step instructions on you can repair it yourself, and we also sell the part:

Step 1: Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable.


Step 2: Remove the Plastic Ignition Coil Wire Cover by turning the 2 Screw hooks counter-clock wise and lift it off.


Step 3: Unplug all Spark plug wires and remove each bolt for the ignition coils and put them a side. keep them in order from left to right (1 2 3 4) so you can put them in the same cylinder.

Step 4: Remove the 2 nuts on the Spark Plug Wiring Harness

Step 5: Remove the two nuts on the Throttle Cables, unplug the wire on the left side of the valve cover and also de-tach the AC hose clamp from the back right side of the valve cover disconnect the PCV hose i believe on the back of the Valve Cover. push the throttle cables up and behind the Air Box.


AC Hose Clamp

Step 6: I already had my valve cover off, but you may now loosen the bolts on it. i think there were 5. do it in this sequence couple turns at a time to prevent warping or any other damage to the valve cover.


Step 7: Unbolt the AC Hose Clamp so that you can slide the spark plug harness wires out of the way to take off the Valve Cover a little more Easily.


Step 8:Remove the Valve Cover. start by gently lifting it from all sides around to make sure it is fully losse. start from the left and lift lighty. you need to angle it out under the AC Hose. again, mine is off. but this is how you would lift it out.


Step 9: Cover the Head with a Tshirt, Rag, or any cloth that is big enough so that nothing falls into the head.


Step 10: Pull the Power Steering Reservoir straight up and push it to the side along with the hoses. DO NOT DISCONNECT THESE HOSES.


Step 11: Pull out the CMP(TDC Sensor) Wire Grommet, and unplug the wire.


Step 12: Remove the 3 Nuts on the Upper Timing Belt Cover. the one on the far left is the hardest because its in a tight spot. i simply used a rachet and a 2" extension. loosen it as much as you can with the ratchet then use a medum size extension and the 10mm socket without the ratchet and loosen it with your hand until you can use your bare hands. to get the bolt out. these are pretty small. be sure not to drop them below. once the three are removed you can pull the cover up and out under the AC Hose over the Coverd Head.


Step 13: Remove the 10mm Bolt on the Sensor and pull it out and then the sensor after. this one is very short so i suggest using the ratchet with a small turn just to loosen it. then take it out with you hand very slowly and do not remove you hand from this bolt. it'll come out in a couple turns.


Step 14: Put the New CMP/TDC Sensor in mounting it with the same bolt. notice there is a small hole on in the position to hole the sensor in place. be careful putting the bolt in so you dont drop it.

CMP/TDC Sensor

Sensor Fitting Hole

Do the Reverse to put everything back together. hope this helps.

Feb 12, 2010 | 2001 Honda Odyssey

2 Answers

drain for coolant 99 cadillac deville

lower radiator has a petcock just losen or you can always losen and remove lower radiator hose.

Jul 22, 2009 | 1999 Cadillac DeVille

1 Answer


At least you have the 4 liter 6. Once you get all the **** out of the way its like replacing a W/P on an "old school" engine, very much like a Ford or Chevy straight 6. 1) Remove radiator top retainer (the metal U that looks like its the top of the radiator (#13 or 14mm sockets I think). 2) To completely get if off you also have to remove the grill (4-6 phillips screws), then 3) unbolt it from the tubular bumper retainers underneath the grill. 4) DO NOT remove the latch cable - no need. 5) Remove the top bolts holding down the fan shroud. Lift the shroud off its bottom "tabs" and push over the fan. 6) Using #10mm socket remove fan from fan clutch, then remove bolts holding fan clutch onto water pump pulley. 7) Pull out shroud, then fan, then fan clutch. Be very patient, lots of wiggling may be needed. 8) Locate belt tensioner on idler puller below the Power steering pump. Losen very little the pulleys center bolt (10mm), then use a 10mm w/entension to losen the pulley's tension (use counter clockwise/normal rotation to losen). 9) Draw a diagram of the belt routing - you will Never remember it correctly otherwise. 10) Tap the w/p pully and pull if off - do not hit radiator fins! 11) Drain the radiator (clockwise/right rotation opens petoc from factory radiators - counterclock used on aftermaket rads). 12) Remove lower raditor hose at radiator, then at pump (it will be a challenge). 13) Remove upper radiator hose from rad and from thermostat housing. 14) losen the Rubber heater hose from the metal hose screwed into the W/P. 15) Remove 4 bolts from W/P (13 or 14mm I think). The one at the 4oclock position is longer than the others. One is hidden at 6oclock.
16) Remove 2 bolts (14-15mm??) on bottom of Power Steering mount - these go through the W/P case to the block. You may also need to losen the top PS bolts so the PS Bracket can be loose at the W/P case. 17) Wiggle the W/P out from under the PS bracket. and pull off. (16b if needed, remove the upper idler pulley near the A/C unit.) 18) Remove the Thermostat (upper hose return) housing. Scrape off old gasket. Replace with 160deg or 190deg thermostat. Use silicone on gasket. 19) Carefully use a 17 or 19mm box wrench to remove the metal heater hose return line from the upper part of the old water pump. Coat threads with spark plug thread antiseize and screw onto new W/P. 20) Install new W/P gasket w/silcone, be careful to Not block the water holes. 21) Slide W/P under the P/S bracket and jiggle into place. Hand thread one of the top bolts to hold the W/P in place. 22) Insert the P/S bracket bolts and lightly tighten. 23) Jiggle W/P around and insert other bolts, start with the 6oc hidden bolt. Add remaining bolts and tighten to 25 or 250?ftlb (about 3/4 past socket-snug). 24) Tighten ALL P/S bolts. 25) Adjust metal heater pipe. Reinstall rubber heater hose. 26) Reinstall W/P pulley and Fan clutch, and upper idler if it was removed. 27) Thread NEW Belt on pulleys. 28) Tighten tension on idler. Tighten idler axle bolt. 29) Install lower rad hose. 30) Slide shroud over pulleys. 31) Install fan on clutch. 32) Clip shroud retainer bolt mounts back on top of radiator. 33) Install shroud. 34) Connect upper hose. 35) Reinstall radiator retainer. 36) Bolt retainer to Tubular bumper mounts. 37) Reinstall grill. 38) Wonder where the extra bolts etc are supposed to go. 39) Cuss - pray -cuss - pray. 40 ) sip some beer. 41) carefully inspect everything to ensure its back to the way it looked before (several pictures from a digital camera taken during the disassembly will help). 42) Close the rad petok. 43) Add 1 gallons of antifreeze. 44) Start engine and add another gallon of A/F. 45) Turn heater controls to HOT inside (no need for fan). 46) Water guage should show 180 to 210F. 47) Add 1 gallon of water. 48) Install New 18PSI rad cap. 49) Turn off engine and add water or A/F to overflow tank. 50) 1 hour later open Cap to see if level has settled. Add Water as needed to fill rad.

Dec 24, 2008 | 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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