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How to change rear axle bearings on F-150

To change your rear axle bearings on a Ford F-150 the first thing that you need to do is block your front tires and support the rear end on jack stands. You will then need to remove the tires from the back also. You can pretty much start any 1 of 3 places, either tire or the differential(is the round container that both axles run into). I would start at the differential so that all the gear oil can run off before I get back there. You will need a 10mm socket to loosen the bolts on the cover of the differential. Loosen the top bolts but do not remove yet, then remove all lower bolts so that oil drains into a receptacle. Keep the top bolts in to keep the oil from gushing out every where. when done draining you can take them out and remove cover. While thats draining move to the rotors(where the wheels bolt on). You need to remove the caliper which is where the brake pads are held to stop truck. To remove calipers,you have to remove two bolts 1 at top of caliper and 1 at bottom. After you remove those bolts you can remove it from the rotor. Next, remove the rotor itself(if rotor sticks apply some rust buster to loosen up parts and maybe a little heat( i stress little because you could damage parts) NO BEATING on rotor, unless you want a bigger problem than you started with. After removing the rotor on both sides of truck return to the differential. Now that oil has all drained remove cover and look inside. You will see 1 big gear wheel that turns a little group of 4 littler gears. You need to take the fat metal pin that is in between those four little gears out. To do that you will need to remove the small bolt that is in the top of the pin. If you can not see the bolt or you do not have access to it, you will need to put truck in N so you can spin the gears around until the bolt is accessible. When you get the pin out, you may have to spin gears again to remove pin completely. Now that the pin is out you will need to push the axles in, they should slide in about a quarter inch or so. Now if you look where you just removed the pin from, you will see your axle end. In order to be able to pull it out you need to remove a C shaped washer from the end of the axle. You can use a pair of needle nose but since its so slick in there from oil I just push it off the back with a screwdriver or something like that. Now you can remove axle. Just pull the end of the axle(where tire attaches) straight out from truck. Finally to the point of this How to. The bearings will be sitting just inside the metal tube you just removed the axle from. First you need to deal with the grease seal that sits right in front of the bearing that needs replacing. Use a slide hammer believe me you dont want to attempt this job without 1. You can usually borrow 1 from your local parts store.Remove old bearing and seal with slide hammer and insert new bearings and seals. Now you are ready to put it back together. Don't worry putting together is just following these steps in reverse. Don't forget to refill gear oil when you are complete, and anti slip.

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1 Answer

Noise from right front tire

jack up front left on level ground ,support and chock rear wheels and set park brake ---look and check the cv axle for leaks,tears or damage -put in neutral and watch axle should turn smoothly turn steering wheel to left and rotate tire again watching axle if their is binding or grinding or studder movement than axle is damaged and needs to be replaced

Apr 08, 2014 | 2005 Ford Freestar

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how do you change the rear wheel bearing on a ford econoline 150 1994

Well you have to remove the whole assembly

With a 30mm deep socket , remove the axle nut, do this before jacking the car up...

Then jack the car up and remove the wheel.

Then the tie rod end , brake caliper and lower ball joint.

Remove the cross bolt and brake hose bolt on the strut.

pull the assembly off of the strut.

The you need a press to press the old bearing out after you remove the inner snap ring.

press the new bearing in and install a new outer seal and a new snap ring.

reassemble and if you are using a new hub pull it onto the bearings with the axle nut


Oct 13, 2010 | Ford Econoline Cars & Trucks

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rear axle removal on a 2004 f150 fx4

First thing is to make sure you chock the front tires so the truck will not roll. Raise the rear end and set it on jack stands. Put the transmission in Neutral and make sure the parking brake is off. Remove the rear tires and disassemble the brakes on the side with the leaking seal. Place a drain pan under the rear differential and remove the cover. Remove the differential shaft lock bolt. You will need to turn the drive shaft by hand to access the bolt. It will be on the right side off the spider gear housing. Only use a 5/16 or 8mm 6 point box end wrench to remove the bolt. After you remove the bolt reach on the top of the spider gear housing and push the differential lock shaft down to remove it. Make sure the spider gears do not rotate after you remove the shaft. If they do you will need to realign everything to reinstall the lock shaft. Push the axle shaft in enough to remove the "C" clip from the tip of it. The axle will now slide out of the rear end. You can use the tip of the axle shaft to remove the axle seal. If you're changing the bearing as well you will need a slide hammer with axle bearing adapters to remove it. You can use a socket and hammer to install the new bearing and seal. Be careful not to damage the bearing and seal. I recommend packing grease in the back side of the seal. This helps prevent the spring on the seal lip from coming off. Assembly is the reverse. Clean off all the gear oil from the differential cover and the axle. You can use RTV as a gasket if the OEM gasket is damaged. Fill the rear end with new gear oil of the proper type. Refer to your owner's manual.

Jun 05, 2010 | 2004 Ford F150

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How do you change the bearings on the rear axle of a f150 Ford pickup? And does my year model require the bearings to be pressed on?

you have to block up the rear end then pull the cover off the rear end then pull tires and drums off then
go to the punkin and pull the center pin out its a 5/16 or 8mm bolt out slid the pin out then push axles in take the C-clips out then pull axles out
you will need a axle slide hammer to get the bearing out and
then tap the new one in just far enough to get the cyl. in
then put all back to gether

Mar 07, 2010 | 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

1 Answer

what all do i remove to replace the rear wheel bearings on a 1995

First jack rear end up and block it..Remove the rear tires,Take off caliper and caliper bracket..Next remove the rotor,Then there will be a big nut in the center that the axle is bolted to.Remove that nut..Then make sure thees no wires for abs or any other kind of wires connected to the bearing.Next you should see 3 bolts holding the bearing in maybe 4 they changed them so many times..After removing the bolts you'll probably need a hammer and a chisel or air chisel to get the bearing out..Be careful when doing this to not damage the holder thats holding the bearing it.Go all the way around it with the chisel working all corners to removing the bearing..By now you should have progress on getting it out.Repeat process to installing the new one..Just be very carefull in not ruining the new one and there is a torque spec on the center nut that holds the axle and tightens the bearings preload.Call your local parts store for torque spec on rear axle nut.If you don't get the right amount off torque will result in early failure.Not to tight and not to loose.It not that major and it may seem but will save you money in the end..So dont forget to get the torque specs.Good luck and happy I could help..

Mar 30, 2009 | 1995 Ford Thunderbird

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