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Alero camshaft positioning sensor

How i did it was removed the bolts on the altenator and moved it aside, then unclipped the cruise controller from the bracket by the front motor mount. Then with my 1/4 inch drive 1/2 socket removed the power steering bolts through the power steering pump pully and moved it to the side and then pulled out the 8mm bolt that holds the sensor in and wholla the sensor pulls out push the new one in and put everything back together.

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replace valvecover gasket 1997 chevy s-10 2.2 engine

  1. 11_24_2011_12_52_33_am.gif
    Disconnect the negative battery

    cable and remove the air duct assembly.

  2. Disconnect the throttle cable and remove the cable support linkage.

  3. If equipped, disconnect the cruise control cable assembly.

  4. Remove the PCV valve and pipe assembly.
  5. Tag and disconnect the spar

    k plug wires and move them out of the way.

  6. Disconnect the power br

    ake booster vacuum hose.

  7. Loosen and remove the rocker cover retaining bolts, then remove the cover from the engine.

DO NOT pry on the cover to remove it. If it sticks, use your palm or a rubber mallet to bump it rearwards, from the


  1. Using a putty knife, carefully clean the gasket mounting surfaces. Keep debris out of the engine.


Fig. Fig. 2: Unfasten the throttle linkage cover retaining bolt ...


Fig. Fig. 3: ... and remove the cover


Fig. Fig. 4: Disconnect the throttle cable from the linkage


Fig. Fig. 5: Use a suitable prytool to pry the cable retaining clip from the cable support bracket and slide the cable out of the bracket


Fig. Fig. 6: Unfasten the retainers attaching the front cable support bracket from the upper intake manifold and the valve cover


Fig. Fig. 7: Unfasten the rear cable support bracket bolt and set the cable and bracket aside


Fig. Fig. 8: Unscrew the crankcase vent valve retainer ...


Fig. Fig. 9: ... and pull the pipe and valve assembly from the valve cover


Fig. Fig. 10: Disconnect the PCV valve hose from the valve


Fig. Fig. 11: Disconnect the spark plug wires and move them aside


Fig. Fig. 12: Disconnect the brake booster vacuum hose clamp using pliers ...


Fig. Fig. 13: ... and disconnect the hose, then set the hose assembly aside


Fig. Fig. 14: Remove the valve cover retaining bolts

Fig. Fig. 15: Lift the valve cover and move it backwards until it clears the hoses at the front of the engine, then remove the valve cover

To install:

  1. Install the rocker arm cover to the engine using a new gasket, then tighten the retainers to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm). Be careful not to overtighten the fasteners and either distort the valve cover (causing and leak) or break the fastener (causing more work).
  2. Connect the spark plug wires.
  3. Install the PCV valve and pipe assembly.
  4. Connect the brake booster vacuum hose.
  5. If equipped, install the cruise control cable assembly.
  6. Connect the throttle cable and secure the cable support linkage. Tighten the bracket bolts to 10 ft. lbs. (25 Nm) and the bracket nut to 22 ft. lbs. (30 Nm).
  7. Connect the air duct to the inlet, then connect the negative battery cable.

Nov 23, 2011 | Geo Tracker Cars & Trucks

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how to replace an intake manifold gasket on a 1996 gmc jimmy


Here is a detailed summary on the procedure of how to replace the intake manifold gasket on a 1996 gmc jimmy;
STEP 1 Disconnect Battery (may not be absolutely necessary, but a good practice to avoid shorting a positive wire to ground).

STEP 2 Remove serpentine belt.

STEP 3 Drain the coolant.

STEP 4 Remove air cleaner ducting and disconnect wires.

STEP 5 Disconnect throttle linkage and bracket.

STEP 6 Disconnect cruise control cable.

STEP 7 Remove brake booster vacuum hose at manifold.

STEP 8 Remove PCV hose.

STEP 9 Remove ignition coil and bracket.

STEP 1O Remove purge solenoid and bracket.

STEP 11 Relieve fuel pressure at test port.

STEP 12 Remove fuel lines and bracket.

STEP 13 Remove upper intake manifold.

STEP 1 Remove the distributor and label the spark plug wires.

STEP 2 Remove heater hoses and bypass hose.

STEP 3 Remove upper radiator hose.

STEP 4 Remove EGR valve?

STEP 5 Remove sensors and bracket on right side.

STEP 6 Remove EGR tube, clamp and bolt.

STEP 7 Remove PCV valve (and replace).

STEP 8 Unbolt A/C compressor and move it aside.

STEP 9 Loosen compressor bracket and slide forward, but do not remove it.

STEP 10 Remove alternator bracket bolt (or remove alternator and set aside)

STEP 11 Unplug all vacuum lines from intake manifold.

STEP 12 Unplug all electrical connectors from manifold.

STEP 13 Take note of the intake manifold bolts and mark the location of the bolts.

STEP 14 Remove intake manifold bolts, and manifold.

STEP 15 Clean mating surfaces

STEP1 Set the new gaskets in place and apply silicone to flat areas on front and rear of engine block.

STEP2 Apply thread locking compound to manifold bolts.

STEP 3 Install the manifold and tighten bolts to 35 ft-lbs, in proper sequence.

STEP4 Install the distributor.

STEP5 Install the upper intake manifold.

The remaining installation procedures are basically the reverse of removal.

Have a nice day.

Dec 04, 2010 | 1996 GMC Jimmy

1 Answer

how to replace alternator for 1999 lincoln continental.

Disconnect the battery remove the fanbelt, Theirs a bracket on the top held with 10mm headed bolts, the wire loom for the plug wires can be pushed back enough with the bolts out thiers a cover on the motor that needs to be removed and set aside. theirs two 10 mm headed bolts in the bottom of the altenator that go fronm the front into the engine thier log remove them and the altenator is loose with it moving to the front some you can remove the wires and them the altenator

Sep 20, 2010 | 1999 Lincoln Continental

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how to install 2001 mercury villager water pump

go here and see the files section for porcedures. Change timing belt at same time. You are already there. This is a one day job.


SECTION 303-03: Engine Cooling 2001 Villager Workshop Manual
  1. Drain the engine cooling system. Refer to Cooling System Draining, Filling And Bleeding .
  1. Remove the crankshaft pulley. Refer to Section 303-01 .
  1. Remove the water pump pulley.
    1. Remove the bolts.
    1. Remove the water pump pulley.
  1. Remove the six lower timing belt cover bolts.
  1. Lower the vehicle.
  1. Remove the upper radiator hose.
    1. Remove the bolt.
    1. Release the clamps.
    1. Remove the upper radiator hose.
  1. Remove the coolant bypass hose.
    1. Release the clamps.
    1. Remove the coolant bypass hose.
  1. Remove the A/C compressor idler pulley and bracket.
    1. Remove the bolts.
    1. Remove the A/C compressor idler pulley and bracket.
  1. Position the wire harness aside.
    1. Unclip the wire harness.
    1. Position the wire harness aside.
  1. Disconnect the vacuum reservoir vacuum hose.
  1. Unclip and reposition the main wire harness.
  1. Unclip the wire harness and position aside.
  1. Position the wire harness bracket aside.
    1. Unclip the spark plug wire from the bracket.
    1. Remove the bolt.
    1. Position the wire harness bracket aside.
  1. Remove the PCV breather hoses and tube.
    1. Release the clamps.
    1. Remove the bolt.
    1. Remove the PCV breather hoses and tube.
  1. Remove the upper and lower timing belt covers.
    1. Remove the seven upper timing belt cover bolts.
    1. Remove the upper and lower timing belt covers.
  1. NOTE: Note the location of the stud upon removal.
    Remove the water pump.
    1. Remove the six bolts.
    1. Remove the water pump.
  1. NOTE: Apply a 2.0-3.0mm (0.079-0.118 inch) bead of Silicone Gasket and Sealant F7AZ-19554-EA or equivalent meeting Ford Specification WSK-M2G343-A4 to the mounting surface of the water pump.

Dec 23, 2009 | 2001 Mercury Villager

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you need to remove the caliper by removing the brackets, not hard just remove 3 bolts. 1-remove the lower caliper bolt, 2- flip the caliper up and out of the upper bolt and then move it aside. and then remove two 17 or 19 mm bolt for bracket.

May 01, 2009 | Nissan Altima Cars & Trucks

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