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Which way to loosen-which way to tighten?

Many times, in the middle of a job, I found myself unsure which way to turn a bolt or nut. I was aware of counterclockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten, but I was forced to pause and picture a clock face. There had to be an easier way.
There was. Now I face the bolt or nut and turn to my left to loosen and right to tighten. For the nuts and bolts I'm not able to face, I picture myself facing the bolt or nut and turn left to loosen or right to tighten.

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car is hard to turn

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Things You'll Need

Adjustable wrench
  • Pitman arm puller
  • Torque wrench
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    Park the vehicle on a level surface and make sure the front wheels are pointing straight ahead. Make sure the vehicle is in park (or in gear if you have manual transmission) and set the parking brake.

    Disconnect the pitman arm from the steering box from underneath the front of the vehicle by turning the holding bolt in a counterclockwise direction with an adjustable wrench. Place a pitman arm puller (available at auto parts stores) over the pitman arm and tighten the nut on the puller in a clockwise direction with an adjustable wrench until the pitman arm loosens from the steering box shaft. Remove the pitman arm and the puller.

    Open the hood and loosen the lock nut on top of the steering box from the engine compartment with an adjustable wrench in a counterclockwise direction.

    Place a torque wrench on the steering shaft and turn the wrench one complete turn. Make sure the torque reading is approximately 2 inch pounds. Tighten the adjusting nut on top of the steering box (it comes out of the center of the lock nut) in a clockwise direction with an adjustable wrench one half turn if the torque wrench reading is too low. Loosen the nut in a counterclockwise direction if the reading is too high.

    Rotate the steering shaft with the torque wrench again. Make adjustments to the steering box adjusting nut as described in Step 4, if needed, until the correct reading is obtained on the torque wrench.

    Make sure the steering wheel is in the straight ahead position and reattach the pitman arm to the bottom of the steering shaft on the steering box. Tighten the holding nut in a clockwise direction with an adjustable wrench until the pitman arm seats into place.

    Tighten the lock nut on top of the steering box with an adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction. Close the hood

    Jul 24, 2012 | 1993 Buick LeSabre

    1 Answer

    can't get the crank pulley loose. is it left our right threads. i am replacing the water pump.


    Sep 19, 2010 | 1995 Mercury Villager

    1 Answer

    LH guide is straight RHguide is curved has 3=8 slot on top to adjust has springloaded =hydralicassistfd tensioner below RH there is no adjusting screw and you cant get to anything whenfront cover is onengine tensidiver seems yo push chain to far around crank shaft gear tears off nfioprene buffer p.s your phone number please

    To install:

    CAUTION Before installing the timing belt, confirm that the No. 1 cylinder is set at the TDC of the compression stroke.
    1. Remove both cylinder head covers and loosen all rocker arm shaft retaining bolts.
    The rocker arm shaft bolts MUST be loosened so that the correct belt tension can be obtained.
    1. Install the tensioner and the return spring. Using a hexagon wrench, turn the tensioner clockwise and temporarily tighten the lock-nut.
    2. Make sure that the timing belt is clean and free from oil or water.
    When installing the timing belt align the white lines on the belt with the punchmarks on the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets. Have the arrow on the timing belt pointing toward the front belt covers.

    A good way (although rather tedious!) to check for proper timing belt installation is to count the number of belt teeth between the timing marks. There are 133 teeth on the belt; there should be 40 teeth between the timing marks on the left and right side camshaft sprockets, and 43 teeth between the timing marks on the left side camshaft sprocket and the crankshaft sprocket.

    1. 1986-87 Engines:
      1. Using a hexagon wrench, loosen the tensioner lock bolt, set the tensioner and then slowly turn the tensioner clockwise and counterclockwise 2-3 times.If the coarse tensioner stud has been removed, be sure to apply locking sealer to the threads before installing it.
      2. Tighten the tensioner lock-nut to 32-43 ft. lbs. (43-58 Nm). Tighten the rocker arm shaft retaining bolts (in 2-3 stages) to 13-16 ft. lbs. (18-22 Nm).Before tightening, be sure to set the camshaft lobe at the position where the lobe is not lifted.
      3. Install the upper and lower timing belt covers.

    2. 1988 Engines:
      1. While keeping the tensioner steady, loosen the lock-nut with a hexagon wrench.
      2. Turn the tension approximately 70-80 degrees clockwise with the wrench and then tighten the lock-nut.
      3. Turn the crankshaft in a clockwise direction several times and then slowly set the No. 1 piston to TDC of the compression stroke.
      4. Apply 22 lbs. of pressure (push it in!) to the center span of the timing belt between the right side camshaft sprocket and the tensioner pulley and then loosen the tensioner lock-nut.
      5. Using a 0.0138 in. (0.35mm) feeler gauge (the actual width of the blade must be 1 / 2 in. thick!) positioned as shown in the illustration, turn the crankshaft clockwise ( slowly! ). The timing belt should move approximately 2 1 / 2 teeth. Tighten the tensioner lock-nut, turn the crankshaft slightly and remove the feeler gauge.
      6. Slowly rotate the crankshaft clockwise several more times and then set the No. 1 piston to TDC of the compression stroke.
      7. Install the upper and lower timing belt covers.


    Sep 18, 2010 | 1988 Nissan King Cab

    1 Answer

    Hiwich timing mark I used to time the balancer shaft on a 99 honda accord with a 2.3L

    To Install:
    NOTE: Clean balancer belt drive pulley, timing belt pulleys and upper/lower timing cover prior to belt installation.

    1. Set timing belt drive pulley to TDC by aligning dimple on pulley with dimple on oil pump. honda-03-23-3426.gif

    2. Set camshaft pulley to TDC so that "UP" mark is at top and grooves align with top of cylinder head. Timing belt installation honda-03-23-3549.gif

    3. Starting with driver pulley, install timing belt in a counterclockwise sequence.
    4. Loosen and ten retighten adjusting nut.
    5. Install balancer belt drive pulley. NOTE: Inspect rubber seal on lower cover and replace as necessary.
    6. Install lower cover.
    7. Install crankshaft pulley and bolt.
    8. Rotate crankshaft pulley counterclockwise several times to seat belt.
    9. Loosen adjusting nut 1 turn.
    10. Rotate crankshaft counterclockwise 3 teeth on camshaft pulley.
    11. Tighten adjusting nut to 33 ft lb (44 Nm). honda-03-23-3542.gif

    12. Turn crankshaft pulley until TDC is achieved. honda-03-23-3426.gif

    13. Ensure that camshaft pulley "UP" mark is at top and grooves align with top of cylinder head.
    14. Remove crankshaft pulley and lower cover.
    15. Rotate crankshaft to TDC again and lock timing belt adjuster arm with a 6 mm timing cover bolt.
    16. Loosen adjuster nut 1 turn and ensure that belt tensioner freely moves.
    17. Push tensioner up and tighten adjusting nut. Balancer shaft alignment honda-03-23-3556.gif

    18. Remove bolt and washer from maintenance hole.
    19. Using a 6 X 100 mm bolt, scribe a mark 2.9 in (74 mm) from end.
    20. Insert bolt into maintenance hole and hole in balancer shaft.
    21. Install bolt up to scribed line. Balancer shaft alignment honda-03-23-3557.gif

    22. Align groove on balancer shaft with pointer on oil pump housing.
    23. Install balancer belt and loosen adjusting nut 1 turn to tension.
    24. Retighten bolt. Balancer shaft alignment honda-03-23-3556.gif

    25. Remove bolt from maintenance hole and install bolt and washer. Tighten to 22 ft lb (29 Nm).
    26. Reinstall crankshaft pulley.
    27. Loosen adjusting nut 1 turn.
    28. Rotate crankshaft pulley counterclockwise 1 turn and tighten adjusting nut.
    29. Remove bolt from timing belt adjuster arm. NOTE: Inspect rubber seal on lower cover and replace as necessary.
    30. Remove crankshaft pulley.
    31. Install lower cover.
    32. Install seal at adjusting nut. NOTE: Crankshaft pulley, bolt and washer must be cleaned prior to installation.
    33. Lubricate crankshaft pulley bolt between head and washer and bolt threads with clean engine oil. honda-03-23-3537.gif

      Do not use impact wrench to perform following step.
    34. Install crankshaft pulley and tighten bolt using special tools to 181 ft lb (245 Nm).
    35. Install dipstick/tube assembly.
    36. Install upper cover. Tighten bolts to 9 ft lb (12 Nm).
    37. Install cylinder head cover.
    38. Install alternator bracket and alternator.
    39. Install power steering pump belt and alternator belt. Upper bracket installation honda-03-23-3420.gif

    40. Install upper bracket and tighten fasteners in proper numbered sequence.
    41. Install stop.
    42. Install battery and enter radio anti-theft code.
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    Jul 03, 2010 | Cars & Trucks

    1 Answer

    how to install timing belt on 1998 vw beetle

    Things You'll Need: · Set of quarter-inch drive sockets Quarter-inch drive ratchet Set of half-inch drive sockets Half-inch drive air gun Set of metric wrenches Special tools for holding camshaft timing #2065-A and injection pump #2064

    Step 1

    Remove the accessory drive belts and the accessory drive belt tensioner. Remove the upper timing belt cover and the valve cover. Turn the crankshaft clockwise until the No.1 cylinder is atop, dead center, with the flywheel timing marks aligned.

    Step 2

    Install the special tool setting bar (#2065-A) on the rear of the camshaft. If it does not fit, turn the crankshaft once more and line up the timing marks again in the hole of the transmission housing.

    Step 3

    Insert locking pin #2064 into the injection pump to hold it in position. Remove the crankshaft pulley bolts, the crankshaft pulley and the lower timing belt cover. Loosen the tensioner pulley nut and allow the tensioner to move away from the belt. Loosely tighten the nut to hold the tensioner out of the way. Remove the top guide pulley and the timing belt.

    Step 4

    Make sure that the timing mark on the flywheel is lined up and that the camshaft setting bar and injection locking pin are in place. Loosen the camshaft bolt a half turn and tap the sprocket with a soft mallet to loosen it off its taper. The sprocket should move freely. Install the top guide pulley and torque to 18 foot pounds of torque.

    Step 5

    Install the new timing belt, starting on the right side and working counterclockwise. Keep the tension on the right nontensioned side. Loosen the tensioner pulley nut. Using the two-pin wrench, turn the tensioner pulley clockwise until the notch and raised mark are aligned. Torque the tensioner pulley nut to 15 foot pounds of torque. Make sure the flywheel timing mark is still aligned.

    Step 6

    Torque the camshaft bolt to 33 foot pounds of torque. Remove the locking pin from the injection pump and remove the camshaft setting bar. Turn the crankshaft two turns and check the alignment on the flywheel. Make sure that the setting bar can be inserted easily and that the injection pump locking pin can be inserted. Install all components in reverse order of removal and torque the crankshaft bolt to 18 foot pounds of torque.

    My Recommendation - Pay an authorized VW mechanic $500 to replace the timing belt water pump an tensioner, and sleep better knowing that the job was done right. Just too many places for a novice car mechanic to screw up. jQuery('.article ol .image').each(function(i,e){ var $this = jQuery(this); $this.find('img').error(function(){ jQuery(this).remove(); $this.remove(); }); });

    Oct 06, 2009 | 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

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