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Electrical Problem? Use a test light or a voltmeter

A (window ) to see electrical ower is a test light. A test light can be aquired at most auto parts stores and dept. stores with an auto section. You can make one too, the ones that are easiest to use are the ones aquired at a parts store or a tool dealer. It looks like a clear handled ice pick with a wire coming out the end with a clip on the end. connect this clip to ground and touch the ice pick end to something powered up and the light inside the handle light's up. You can also find grounds by connecting the clip to the battery positive and anything you touch with the tip thats grounded will light the light. Because you can make it work both ways you need to keep track of how you have it connected. You can get fancy ones that are red hooked to ground and green hooked to power and the wire coming out of the handle has two clips one for grond and power. ( connect to the battery ) These lights if you spend a little money can even have coiled cords, look at spark plug wires and even find power by just holding them in your hand and touching them to power without a wire ands clip. I like to (see) the connection and the power so the simple wired ones are fine with me. ( a dollar on up, a Snap-on brand $35 ) So some electrical device is'nt working ? you pull out your test light and connect it to the battery ground or any other medal ground on the body or motor and put the pointer on the suspected wire or connecter and ( see ) the power. Light's dimmer than as you tryed it on the battery then it's got power but not making a good connection or the grond you connected the light to has'nt got a good connection, try it somewhere else. The cheaper the test light, the more likly your going to have troble with it. while testing something aways test something that you know that works to make sure the light is working. Some test lights can handle high voltage like wall out lets in the house but 12 volt lights should be reserved to cars and high voltage ones to houses and Hybred cars that have big batteries ( golf carts too).
Volt meters like the test light let you see the power too. Like test lights the more you pay the better they are but even a cheap one can find lots of problems. I use a cheap one as theirs less confustion and if you connect it wrong and blow it up you at least didn't blow a lot of money.. I use a Harbor Frieght $8 meter and when I go to get one I get a few so if I blow one or misplace it I know where the other one is and get it. You can get meters that not only tell voltage. they'll tell you if it's positve or negative or altenating current. The cheaper ones might lie to you as you get what you pay for. Some meters are automatic rangeing so you don't have to know how big the power is that your trying to test but on the other hand if it can do that and you don't notice that it's looking at millivolts instead of whole volts you still can be confused. Car problems can be confusing enough with out having your tools confuse you too. Use the simplest tool you can, to find the problem. If a test light will work ( power or not) theres no need for a meter. Most voltmeters will also check for OHM's connection. You can set for OHMs and test a loose light bulb or other device. Put the test lead ends on the light bulb connectors and the connection will be shown in OHMs including (open, no connection ) to short ( complete connection, no resistance) and everything in between. Again the more you pay the more likly it'll be right in the in beween ranges but again if you drop it lose it stomp it, lend it out, and it's gone you do'nt lose as much Money. I keep several meters and store the expensive ones carefully and leave cheap ones laying around where I can find them easy and just throw them away when they act up. Parts on cars can be tested as to their resistance ( the repair manual might list a range that a part is good in) Batteries can be veiwed ( look ) at the level of charge. 12 volt batteries are 12.6 volts fully charged ( and can be higher, called a surface charge) and dead batteries are 12volts, and if you put a load on them they can drop much lower quickly. Get a cheap test light and a cheap meter. then as you see how they do,buy yourself a better one as soon as you see what your going to really need. Cheap is good as long as it'll tell you what you need to know.

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how to check ower window switch 92 chevy trk 5 prong 3 buttons

If you take a 12 volt test light,you can get one at a parts store.you take this switch where the wires are on the bottom.turn the ignition switch on, and take the test light,and ground the wire end of this light(it will be a alligator clip)And take the pointed end and stick it where the where the wires go in the switch.(make sure it is for the correct side window.)push down on this rocker switch and the test light should illuminate! if not that way,move the switch to the up position.If you have your test light on the right wire it this switch is good, then the light should illuminate.most cases i see is Window lift motor wore out! On another quick trick is ! With the ignition switch on, Hold the button down in the direction you want it to go AND SLAM THE DOOR REAL HARD!!! It has worked on my F150,and still going GOOD LUCK

Oct 02, 2011 | 1992 Chevrolet C1500

1 Answer

The top section of the rear defogger works but the lower section will not, only the first four wires work.

Take a 12 volt test light and ground the clip while running the tip over the lines that work until light goes out. That should show exactly where the break in the electrical circuit is..Most auto parts stores carry the stuff to fix this problem. It comes in a small.bottle like a nail polish bottle and you just brush it on at the break. Good luck

Jan 24, 2010 | 1995 Toyota Corolla

1 Answer

1994 Honda Accord LX Rear Window

first if you want to attempt to repair of locate problem purchase repair manual ex:haynes or chiltons then get a multi meter with dc volts settings and impedance settings and a light tester then follow troubleshooting section and electrical system section this isnt the easiest find or repair it can be very fraustrating but Ill do my best:
first locate relays in electrical system section of repair manual test to see when switch is engaged either up or down that there is power coming from relay use schematic in electrical section to determine colors if there is move on
then remove power windows switch using multitester or light tester to see if theres power coming into and from switch in up or down position use electrical schematic in book to determine appropriate color wires
if no power coming to switch you have a wiring problem from relay to switch and the hunt begins looking for damaged wire or ground
then if there is power to and from switch move to regulator and make sure theres power coming in to it when switch is engaged if so your regulator is knackerd replace it if not find damage wire ground or break
if regulator is working and window is off track repair it using either winshield and window sealant/ adhesive or new clips and anchors
for parts see either dealer or these guys most of these parts arent readily available from regualr parts stores but you may get lucky
peach street auto 18003652341

Jan 12, 2009 | 1994 Honda Accord

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