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Serpentine belt replacement

This is another for all you guys who intend to replace a PK surpentine belt....before removing it make a sketch showing the correct lacing....Then you wont get stuck putting it back

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how to replace the alternator on a 2001 chrysler concorde

take off the surpentine belt via the belt tensioner which typically has a hex bolt in it, use a socket wrench to slip over that, twist it one way until it frees the belt, take that off noting how it went through everything, (a little hint is that every pulley with notches in it makes contact with the notched side of the belt, every smooth one contacts the flat side) disconnect the wiring, unbolt it from the engine, replace with new one, attach wiring to the new one, feed the surpentine belt through all the pullies in the correct order and use the tensioner to reattach the belt.

Oct 18, 2012 | 2001 Chrysler Concorde

1 Answer

2001 Dodge Stratus how to remove and install water pump

Hi Byron, I'm not very familiar with your vehicle, fact is I've never seen one. If the engine is a north south mounted motor take photos of the lacing of the PK belt before dismantling (or make a sketch, with the engine cold remove the radiator by disconnecting any electrics which may be fitted. Open the cap and then drain the coolant into a container for later disposal, (in the correct way). Loosen off the hose clips and remove the top and bottom hoses. (You may find they need twisting to break the seal formed by the coolant) Remove the securing bolts and or bracketsand remove the radiator. Next remove the belt or belts (This is a good time to check and see if they or it needs replacement) If the vehicle has a timing belt and the water pump is mounted behind it, set the vehicle on the TDC or zero mark and remove the cover (which usually means removing the crank shaft pulley, which in turn will mean locking the engine to loosen the pulley bolt (which is torqued [I don't know the spec....not much help am I !!!!] The engine is locked with the use of a dog tooth tool which is fitted into the starter motor housing which will need removing, meaning the battery will have to have been disconnected. Use the dog tooth to lock the fly wheel....Remove the pulley bolt and with the use of a puller remove the pulley. loosen off the cover and set it aside. Check the timing marks are aligned and then loosen the tensioner bearing and push it back as far as possible lock it and remove the belt. Loosen any pipes fitted to the water pump and the then the bolts of the water pump. Remove and fit the replacement water pump with a new gasket and 'O' rings if used. When reassembling make triple sure that the timing belt is correctly located. This is achieved by fitting it and after releasing the tensioner rotate the engine be the use of fitting the pulley bolt and removing the dog tooth. Turn it two revolutions and then check the timing marks align. Once achieved, tighten everything to the correct torque and refit the cover and everything else. Refill the coolant and connect the battery. Start up and run the engine to check for any leakages. Hope this has helped. Just keep in mind that most of a motor car can be understood by the use of common sense! If the engine is a transverse mount, most of what I've said is applicable to both types of engine fitment. I that case you may have to remove an engine mount in addition, and work through the relevant wheel arch. Sorry I can't be of more help! If you give me more details I may be able to help a little more but not with the tightening specs. I think you'll probably get someone who will help a lot more than I have, giving you the information from the actual vehicle without guess work. Regards John

Nov 11, 2011 | 1999 Dodge Stratus

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Hi Mienkins426, The first thing to do is, make a sketch of the lacing (how the old one is fitted) before removing it.....so you won't have a problem installing the new one....The job is easy when you do it that way....
Regards Johngee10

Nov 05, 2010 | 2003 Saturn VUE

1 Answer

how to install an alternator

Make a drawing of the lacing pattern of the PK belt. Loosen all belts and then loosen the retaining through nut and bolt at the base of the alternator. Loosen the lock nut on the upper part behind the alternator bracket and then take down the adjuster bolt until the belt is slack. If you disconnect the battery of this vehicle you'll probably need to have the security system re-coded, so make sure you're prepared with that one. If you live on a farm ten thousand miles from any service centre, there is a way of not disconnecting but You have to take full responsiblity for that. You'll need to unplug the connectors at the back of the unit and with the battery disconnected and then remove the old unit. Putting it back is the reverse. be prepared to call out the guy with the scanner when you re connect the battery!

Oct 02, 2010 | 1999 Nissan Maxima

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need to know how to put a serpentine belt on a 1995 302 ford motor

Below the altenator is a tensioning pully, insert a 3/8" ratchet or breaker bar in the square hole on the tensioner and release the tension on the surpentine belt and remove the belt. Route the new surpentine belt in place up to the altenator and take the tension off the tensioner and put the belt over the altenator pully. Double check to make sure the belt is riding correctly on all the pullies before starting. Crank the engine over several times before starting to seat the belt. f78f558.jpg

Jun 02, 2010 | 1995 Ford Mustang

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