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How to install Radio in Honda Accord

Things You'll Need:

* Stereo
* Wiring harness
* Dash kit
* Phillips screwdriver
* Heat shrink
* Lighter
* Wire strippers
* Wire caps

In order to install A Radio first follow steps of Removing the Factory Radio

Open the center console, and you'll see two phillips screws at the bottom. Unscrew both of them.

Remove the drink tray, and unscrew three more phillips screws. The center console is now loose enough to move.

Pull the center console back a few inches to expose two more screws under the plastic part of the gear shift. Remove these screws.

Pull the ashtray out of the dash, and you'll see one more phillips screw. Remove this screw and pull off the plastic panel around the factory stereo.

Locate the metal tray under the factory pocket (below the stereo), and pull it out of the dash. There will be two phillips screws holding it in place; remove those, and then pull the stereo out of the dash. You'll need to unplug the wiring harness that is plugged into the back of the radio.

Now Install The New Stereo

Assemble the dash kit, as shown in the instructions. Put it into the dash where you just took the stereo out. There will be a rectangular opening, and a pocket underneath. The opening is where the radio will go.

Secure the dash kit by screwing in the one screw in the ash tray, and the two in the opening of the panel.

Insert the metal cage that came with the stereo into the opening above the pocket. Ensure that the fit is flush with the pocket. Using a screwdriver, bend the metal tabs upward, which holds the metal cage in place.

Start wiring the stereo harness to the wiring harness. Match wires color by color until all of the wires are paired. For example, if you find a purple wire coming out of the aftermarket wiring harness, plug it into a purple wire from the factory harness. You aren't touching any of the wires in your dash on this step, you are simply wiring the new stereo to the wiring harness.

To connect these wires you'll want to place a piece of heat shrink over one of the wires, strip the ends, twist both ends together, and then pull the heat shrink over the exposed metal parts of the two wires. Heat the heat shrink with a lighter until it shrinks and forms a tight bond between the two wires. When done correctly, you won't be able to pull the wires apart.

Plug the aftermarket harness into the factory plug, and insert the radio back into the dash. If you find wires that don't have a match, be sure to cap them so that the ends aren't exposed. Exposed wires are what cause shorts and electrical problems.

Work in reverse order to put the dash back together. The radio won't be secure in the dash until the dash is put back together.

Hope this helps


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1 Answer

F5TF-19B132-BA Ford Radio Pin out

The stereo pin layout can be obtained from the car dealership, also a repair manual should have the stereo wiring harness layout in it , the stereo harness adapter for installing non oem stereo, found at the local auto parts store will come with the wiring layout, wires are color coded too, sometimes the stereo harness or stereo harness adapter will have small writing on the wires itself, showing you what that wire is for, and where it should connect.

Basically it comes down to, obtaining the stereo wiring layout, read the description on the wires, and properly connect them together, then solder the wires or crimp them, I like to solder mine with soldering wire for electronics, and put shrink tubes to protect the wires, put the shrink tubes on the wires before soldering together, and ensure the shrink tube is the proper size awg wire gauge.

You will also need, aftermarket face adapter kit and antenna adapter, if installing aftermarket stereo.

Hope this helps and enjoy the stereo :)

Apr 11, 2015 | 1999 Ford Taurus

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how to replace socket on Jeep Liberty front parking light

Hi UtahBeeMan, I'm glad to help! The new socket that you buy will have a pigtail wiring on it, this is so you can solder and heat-shrink that wiring to the vehicle wiring. I suggest you do 1 wire at a time so you don't get the wires crossed. Here what you do, If you bought the socket at the dealer it will come with heat-shrink in the package, if you don't have heat shrink you'll need to buy some at the auto parts store. TOOLs You'll Need: Soldering Gun, Heat Gun, wire stripper. NEXT: Cut one wire, CAUTION: Make certain you are connecting the proper wire by holding the new connector up to the vehicle connector and start with the wire that you just cut. NOW: Strip the wires, next slid the heat shrink on one side of the wire as far back from the heat as possible. NOW: Put the wires together and solder them by placing the heat gun directly on the wire and letting it heat up, after it heats up touch the solder between the tip of the gun and the wire itself, this will give a nice flow of the solder, while moving along the wire. After soldering, let the wire cool down before covering the exposed wire with the heat-shrink. Then slide the heat-shrink into place and use the heat-gun to heat the shrink until you see the insulator material inside come out of the ends, once that happens you are done, move on to the next wire. Hope this helps and have an awesome day!

Jan 17, 2014 | 2006 Jeep Liberty

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changing the cigarette lighter

Well for that you could look at a junkyard or automotive supply dealer, you'd be looking for a 12volt accessory socket\lighter socket.

Wiring it would be pretty simple, you uninstall the one in your dash and install the new one.

You'll need basic tools for this and a soldering iron, solder, shrink wrap tubing and a lighter. A wire stripper wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Feb 06, 2012 | Peugeot Cars & Trucks

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my 2004 silverado will be blowing nice cold air from the air conditioning and suddenly thedrivers side will switch to hot. Shutting off the engine wil "reset" it, but only for a while .

there is a common problem with these trucks, but cannot guarantee without actually checking the wiring.

there is a part of your climate control system called a blower motor resistor. this is what controls your fan speed. it is located under the dash on the passenger side, long flat connector, inserts into the ductwork behind the blower motor. this part corrodes as a result of condensation forming in the system, causing resistance and high heat issues. under certain conditions, the heat from this can actually begin to melt the wiring harness going to the resistor, causing power to back feed where it doesnt belong, resulting in unpredictable heating and air conditioning operation, such as yours. it can also sometimes give you an intermittent burning / melting plastic smell.

the harness and resistor may need to be replaced. the harness is available from your local dealer. in my area they retail for around the $170 area, but the price my vary. the resistor is available at any local parts store. the repair connector harness comes with the necessary connectors, all you need to do this job yourself is some wire strippers and a lighter for the shrink tube connectors, along with a socket to remove the resistor - usually a 7/32". again, this is something that is a common failure, which SOMETIMES exibits your symptoms. a visual inspection of the harness will be telling, and give the components a sniff and smell for any burnt odor indicated. good luck!

Aug 11, 2010 | Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Cars & Trucks

2 Answers

How to remove 2001 hyndai sonata audio system

Things You'll Need:
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wiring harness adaptor
  • Hyundai radio adaptor kit
  1. Open the coin holder and remove the two screws at the front. Pry the trim from around the gearshift lever and unhook the power wire to the cigarette lighter.
  2. Locate and remove the two screws from the bottom of the radio trim panel. Look for the screws, attached to a rod, below the glove box. Unhook the cable from the rod and pull the rod free.
  3. Place the shifter into "D" and slide the radio trim panel away from the dash. Locate the four screws at the front and sides of the stereo and remove them.
  4. Pull the stereo out of the Hyundai Sonata dash and disconnect the wires from the back of the unit. Connect the wiring harness adaptor to the original harness.
  5. Slide the new head unit into the Hyundai radio adaptor kit. Attach the wiring harness adaptor and antenna wire to the back of the new head unit and push the entire assembly into the dash.
  6. Secure the stereo in place with the four front and side screws and turn it on. Verify all of the speakers and features are working. Reattach the radio trim panel, insert the rod back into cable assembly and secure the trim around the gear shift.

In here you can find tips about remove radio...
- Hyundai Car Stereo removal
- Stereo Removal Hyundai (buy)

I really hope help you with this (remember rated this help). Good luck.

Oct 01, 2009 | 2001 Hyundai Sonata

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