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Replace brake pads on rear of car

  • First, you have to get a ratchet set. You may also need some everyday tools that you should have lying around the house. You also need a trolley jack and a car stand to go under your car to stop it from falling off of the jack.
  • After you have gathered the supplies, loosen the bolts to the rear left wheel with a 17mm ratchet. Do not fully remove the bolts, but loosen them enough. After loosening, find the jack point under the car near where the wheel is. Place the stand under the jack point and jack up the car then place the car stand under the jack point at the side of the trolley jack then remove the trolley jack slowly letting the car rest on the stand. Do the same thing on the other read wheel so that the entire back is lifted slightly making it easier to work with both wheels.
  • Now remove the wheel bolts completely and remove the wheels. Locate the two 15mm bolts on the back of the brake caliper, just under the caliper holder. Remove them and liberally apply force on the caliper to get it out of the way. It’s a good idea to rest the caliper on the trolley jack to prevent you from bending any of the break pipes.
  • Once the caliper is removed, take out the brake pads and replace them with the new ones. Place the caliper back and place the bolts back in the correct position from the start and tighten fully. Place the wheel back on the car hub and tighten the bolts. The bolts won’t be able to be tightened fully since the car is still suspended. Repeat this ending process on the other wheel. Only after, using the jack under the car stands, lower the car back to the ground. Once the car is back on the ground, use the 17mm socket to make sure each wheel is completely tightened.
  • When shopping for ratchets, try to find some that have long handles so it is easier to apply the force needed to tighten the wheels’ bolts completely.
  • Congratulations on changing your brake pads and saving money that would otherwise be spent at the garage.

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How to remove motor mounts on a 1992 lincoln

Remove the starter motor with a ratchet and socket and then unplug any electrical connectors from sensors or components attached to the transmission. Remove the sensors and components with a ratchet and socket.
Remove the header-exhaust pipe with a breaker bar and socket, if you believe you will need more room to secure and maneuver the transmission out of the vehicle.
Unfasten the transmission to mount, mount to crossmember and crossmember to frame bolts with a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. Detach any brackets from the bell housing or rear of the transmission housing with a ratchet and socket. Secure the transmission with a transmission jack and raise the transmission just enough to remove the mount and crossmember supporting the transmission.
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Oct 17, 2014 | Cars & Trucks

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Steps to Replacing a Clutch on mitsubishi express

for the full steps then get a workshop manual as there are some details that will be missed . Basically it is Remove the battery terminal. remove the rear drive shaft ( front also if 4wd). Remove the gear lever at the tower bolts on the gear box. Drain the gear box or be prepaired for the gear oil to run out the end of the transmission when you pull the box. . Place a bottle jack under the sump at the rear of the engine . Place a trolley jack under the gear box. undo the rear transmission mount cross member Undo all the bell housing bolts. lower the jack and the trolley jack and pull the gear box back. Undo the bolts holding the pressure plate on the flywheel a bit each at a time as you go around the plate . Remove the plate and the clutch plate ( be aware that the clutch plate will only go back in one way so watch the way the clutch hub was facing. Remove and replace the bearing in the back of the crank shaft. clean up the flywheel face ( good idea for a good non shudder job is to have the flywheel re-machined ) fit the clutch plate the right way and fit the pressure plate . Use a clutch aligner tool as it will be impossible to fit the gear box with out it. Replace the clutch throw out bearing. Now re install using the reverse processes As I said a manual shows it all

Dec 14, 2013 | Cars & Trucks

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transmission removal

Hi, you will need a jack, jack stand, wrench, ratchet set and pliers to complete this job successfully. You have to start by raising the front and rear of your Saab using the jack and place it on jack stands. The entire Saab should be off the ground.
Then you continue by removing the shift linkage and throttle body from the transmission using the wrench and ratchet set. Use the pliers to loosen the nut securing the vacuum hoses on the transmission and remove the vacuum hose. Remove the speedometer cable using the pliers.
Slide the rear U-joint out of the rear end of the Saab's transmission as you remove it.
You then place the transmission jack under the transmission. Lift up on the transmission slightly to relieve weight. Disconnect the lower bell housing, torque converter bolts and bell housing bolts using the ratchet set and wrench.
You finally remove the transmission mount and cross-member bolts using the ratchet set. Lift the transmission using the jack to remove the cross member. Lower the transmission slowly while pulling it toward the back of the car.

May 30, 2011 | 2003 Saab 9-3

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what tools do I need to replace the brakes

To Replace Brake Pads...
1. Brake Pad Set

1. C-Clamp
2. Flat Head Screwdriver
3. Jack Stand Set
4. 3/8 in. Drive Ratchet
5. Combination Wrench Set
6. Tire Iron
7. Socket Set
8. 1/4 in. Drive Torque Wrench
9. Dial Indicator

To Replace Brake Shoes...
1. Brake Shoe Set

1. Combination Wrench Set
2. Floor Jack
3. Jack Stand Set
4. Mallet Hammer
5. Brake Spring Tool
6. Flat Head Screwdriver
7. Needle Nose Pliers
8. Tire Iron
9. Brake Resetting Gauge

1. Brake Cleaner

Hope this helped (remember comment and rated this).

May 05, 2010 | 2000 Dodge Stratus

1 Answer

bad starter on 2000 eclipse

jack up the car using jack stands to support vehicle don't use trolley jack by itself. Look on the side (usually towards the back side of motor where it meets the transmission look for the wires the starter will be somewhere around the engine side of the transmission bell housing

Jul 02, 2009 | 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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