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Hate streaky windshiels in the rain? Wipers stop all together?

I take an old pair of hose (womens), buy some loose tobacco, cut the hose to about 1 foot long making sure there are no holes in the toe or elswere, put a 1/4 cup or so of tobacco into the sock, tie a knot so the tobacco stays put. Then open the bonnet of the car, find the windshild wiper water tank drop the end of the sock into the solution or plain water, make sure the upper end of the sock is securely fastened to something outside the tank so you won't loose the bag you created and you'll be amazed at how clean the winshield will be next time you use them after squirting the windshield as usual.

If your wipers stop working all together and you can't see to drive, take a sock as the one I described, get it wet and wipe the winshield with it. The rain will then sheet off the galss as if there was no rain at all. no drops can form. The tobacco breaks the surface tention. Want proof? Take a glass of water, fill it to the top just short of spilling over. You'll notice the water actually rises above the edge drop one grain of tobacco or black pepper and the glass will immediately release the water out of the top of the glass.

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why does my 2003 astro van miss and stall when it is warm?

Hi Linda, There are a few things that could be causing a miss and stall. However one of the first things I would suggest is to look for a vacuum leak. I experienced this same situation. I found the leaking hose that led to my throttle body. Once replaced the van ran fine.

The safest way to check for a leak is purchase one of those small propane bottles used for camping along with the valve attachment to run a torch off the bottle. You will want to get about a 3 foot piece of rubber hose that would fit over the torch end snuggly. Start your vehicle and let it warm up...then open the valve on the propane bottle and take your free end of the hose and start running it around the small hoses in and around your air cleaner, throttle body etc.

Be very careful because you are going to leaning into the motor compartment. It's called a motor compartment for a reason, its for motors ..not people. (smile) So watch out for the fan that will be turning at high speed...make sure that you have nothing hanging, including hair, that can get caught up in the fan. Make sure that your skin does not come in contact with anything hot.

As you run the propane hose along the other hoses make sure that you are listening for the idle in your van to change. If you find a hose where this occurs. It will need to be replaced. Don't stop there. You don't want to go through the steps of replacing the hose only to find out the problem remains. You could have more than one hose leaking. Note each of the hoses that need to be replaced including where the hose is connected on both ends and the length of the hose. I prefer to take one end loose and cut a piece of the hose I want to replace with me to the shop to purchase a new hose. Taking photos, making notes and marking the hose with tape helps you make sure you are putting hoses back correctly.

Finally, if you choose to replace the hoses yourself, make sure that you replace the hoses one at a time so you won't get mixed up. I will usually take one end of the old hose off and place the new hose on the connection point. I then will run the new hose along the path of the old hose until I reach the second connection point and cut the new hose to the proper length. At this point I remove the old hose from the second connection point and connect the cut end of the new hose. That will complete the repair of that hose and I can move on to the next hose to repair.

I hope this helps you as I suspect that this is a vacuum leak.

My Best


Aug 22, 2014 | 2003 Chevrolet Astro

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Where can you buy a Vacuum hose that goes from the brake booster to the intake mainifold for a 1995 Mercury Mystique

Auto Parts Store

Just standard vacuum hose, unless
it has some odd shaped ends

If a dealers parts dept can't find old
stock, you make up something

Cut out the bad part & buy a hose to hose
connector for the part you cut out

Mar 03, 2013 | Mercury Mystique Cars & Trucks

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how do i change a thermostat on a hyndai elentra 1999

1.Disconnect the battery cable from the negative terminal

2.Drain the cooling system.If the coolant is relatively new or in good condition,save it and reuse

3.Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine to locate the thermostat housing

4.Loosen the hose clamp then detach the hose from the fitting.If its stuck,grasp it near the end with a pair of large adjustable pliers and twist it to break the seal,then pull it off.If the hose is old or deteriorated,cut it off and install a new one

5.Inspect the condition of the outer surface of the thermostat cover inlet that mates with the hose.If its corroded or pitted,replace the thermostat housing cover

6.Remove the thermostat housing cover bolts and then remove the cover.If the cover is stuck,tap it with a soft-face hammer to jar it loose.Be prepared for some coolant to spill as the gasket seal is broken

7.Note how the thermostat is installed (which end is facing out)and then remove it

8.stuff a rag into the thermostat housing,and then remove all traces of old gasket material and sealant from housing and cover with a gasket scraper.Remove the rag from thermostat housing and then clean the gasket mating surfaces with lacquer thinner or acetone

9.Install the new thermostat in the housing.Make sure that correct end faces out.The spring end is normally directed into the engine and that the bleed hole is at the top

10.Apply a thin ,uniform layer of RTV sealant to both sides of new gasket and position it on the housing.

Jun 25, 2010 | Hyundai Motor 1999 Elantra

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Transmission fluids

If you have the 4 speed 4L30-E..........9.2 quarts (automatic)

And, if you have a manual:

Manual Transmission, W/ BW 5-SPD..........4.4 pints
Manual Transmission, W/O BW 5-SPD..........6.3 pints

Type of fluid is dextron or mercon III, you have to pump it in from the bottom.

Please don't forget to rate!!!!

Mar 22, 2009 | 2000 Isuzu Rodeo

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