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Does your car shake, shimmer, and/or vibrate? Read this...

Is your front end wobbly? Does your steering wheel shake?

There are a few reasons that your car will shake.

Your car will either shake up and down as if your riding on a washboard:

1a. This is caused by a bubble in your tire, or balding tires; as well as having tires that have not been properly (regularly) rotated and/or balanced.

1b. This is also due to a mis-alignment of either front and/or back tires. Not all vehicles can have a rear alignment, so check with your mechanic to find out.

2a. If your car is shaking from side to side; and/or your steering wheel shakes even a little bit while at higher speeds (45 and above); this is caused by the wheel bearings. Wheel bearings over time get dusty, from brake dust, water damage etc. Over time they wear out and become thinner, loose, and the grease seals wear out.

2b. The thing about this is that you can easily check this yourself before consulting your mechanic or other automotive dealers and such:

2c. With one tire securlely raised about 2 inches of the ground (or less as long as it's not touching the ground; grab the tire with both hand at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock; push and pull from either side as if your trying to wiggle the tire off; if there is a lot of play and you can easily move the tire back and forth in this direction, your wheel bearing is bad on that side. (front of vehicle) Do this for the other front tire as well; NOTE: regardless of how one or the other tire is, it is best (recommended) to replace both wheel bearings, for if you replace one, and leave the other, the one not replaced will soon go bad, and you'll be back to square one agian - save yourself the time and money and have them both done - (most mechanics will not do only one anyway and will recommend this as well).

3. When you have these wheel bearing replaced, ask them to check (and perform if needed and affordable) a front end alignment (some do this as well as part of the service and service charge) as well as alert you of the condition of your struts.

4. If your struts are bad, you'll know. The front end will "rattle" on either side, or both depending on if one side or both sides are bad. It won't necessarily do it all the time, however every time you hit a bump, even the smallest of bumps, you'll hear it, and possibly even feel it in the floorbard and foot peddles.

This is not something to be to worried about as far as being able to drive the vehicle, however NOTE that this will affect other components on the front end such as the alignment. Also, if this is not something you can afford to fix at this time, rest assured you can still have an alignment performed, however they may not be able to perform a "full" alignment until the struts are replaced.

Consult your mechanic for more and fuller details regarding your particular vehicle, and discuss the best options that suit your financial and car needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here on fixya.com.

Please know that I take great pride in helping others fixing thier cars and computers as well (PC's and Laptop's). You can search me under the Cars and Trucks listing as carsandcomps.

"Information obtained in this tip is derived and stated based on my personal experience with my 1993 Toyota Carolla. My struts need replaced, however I was able to have a 3/4 alignment performed, and my mechanic informed me that the struts will be fine until I can afford to replace. I also had new tires put on the front as well." Please consult your mechanic for your specific car or truck as each vehicle condition and options vary.

I sincerely thank you for reading my tips, and look forward to helping you fix your car or truck and getting back on the road safely.


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Help? 2012 BMW is giving me a problem

Go get your tires balanced and have them check your front end,may need a front end alignment.

Mar 15, 2017 | BMW Cars & Trucks

2 Answers

steering wheel wobbles when driving slowly and in a straight line

you need to have your tires checked for a slipped belt, also if you get a shake in the steering wheel when you apply the brake you need to have the brake rotors re-surfaced or replaced.

Feb 03, 2011 | Ford Focus Cars & Trucks

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Front end shakes so much it looks like the wheels are falling off

What you have is called death wobble. Generally it is caused by one or several loose components in the steering. You need to have all mounts including where steering box is attached to the chassis checked. Often the problem is caused by either bad ball joints or track bar ends or mounts. Wheel stud torque is also important. if any brake, tire, or other front end work has recently been done, this may be the cause. One item often suggested by shops is the steering stabilizer. It is often damaged by the shaking but if replaced will not cure the problem and will be damaged again.
If everything in the front end is carefully checked and verified as good, then as a last resort, have some additional positive caster added to the front end alignment. That often helps.

Sep 14, 2009 | 1998 Jeep Wrangler

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2007 jeep wrangler shakes uncontrollaby after

When you say shakes i am guessing the steering wheel. If it is the steering wheel shaking, it's know as the death wobble. Check the front steering components, look for worn or broken parts. Most common for death wobble are the tie rod ends, idler arm and pitmen arm. look for play along the track bars and check the ball joints. The other thing too that will cause a death wobble is a bad alignment. there may be negative or no caster at all which would give you a death wobble. Check all of the above and keep me posted. Good luck and be safe

Jun 04, 2009 | 2001 Jeep Wrangler

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very bad shaking after hitting a bump

this is known as death wobble because it feels like you are going to die but slowing down will end it.

The cause for death wobble are:
  1. Worn or loose tie rod ends on your steering linkage.
  2. Worn or loose trackbar bushings or tie rod ends on the trackbar itself.
  3. front end needs alignment.
  4. and many others but the common reasons are listed above.
try to realign the front end. If it doesnt help, then you do indeed have worn steering / suspension components.

Jun 13, 2008 | 1999 Jeep Cherokee

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