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Did they really change your oil filter?

Want to be sure? Before you bring the car in for an oil change, use a black magic marker on a white filter or a white paint maker on a dark colored filter. Make a mark you will recognize.
Before you leave the premises with your new oil change take a peek. Many times you will see your marked filter still on the car. Show the mechanic what he did not do. I can assure you he will humbly change it, saying he told another mechanic in the shop to change it but that guy must have forgot.

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I have a color security cam theat turns black n white after dark.is there something I can do to the lite sensor so that after dark it bypasses lite sensor an stay "in color" ?

Most cameras change to black and white when it is dark and the infrared led comes on. The ones that don't do that are very expensive. There is nothing that you can do.

Apr 18, 2015 | Cars & Trucks

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how do I change the oil and air filter

This is simple, real basic stuff - however, the response cannot be tailored to your vehicle because, well, you don't list a vehicle!!!

Air filter: Undo the wing nut or snap off cover, remove the old filter and toss it out. Put the new filter in and close the filter enclosure by reversing what you did to open it. Write the date you did this on the edge of the filter with magic marker.

Oil Filter: You need a oil filter wrench and a oil filter, of course. Of course you will be changing the oil also at the same time so you need a wrench to remove the oil drain plug from the bottom of the engine. Oh yea, you will also need a way to catch the oil. Oh yea, you will also have to have a place to discard the oil beside the ground which is not legal in most of the free world. Before you install the oil filter, put a small amount of oil on your finger and coat the rubber gasket on the filter. Snug it down on the engine then, with your oil filter wrench, tighten it 3/4 turn. You might want to write the date you do all this on the filter with a magic marker. You will put in sufficient quanty of the proper quality and grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer for your vehicle based on environmental consideration and your driving habits. Do not under or over fill. Check the level with the dip stick (the hole where you will be dumping the oil to refill). Oh yea, you may need a funnel too. When you are all done, start the engine and check gages and lights and look for leaks under the car. If you find leaks, repair them IMMEDIATELY. Oh yea, you will have to buy a black magic marker. Oh yea, you will need rags to wipe all the areas you are working in ... before you start (to prevent dirt from getting in) and after (personal pride of a job well done).

So, next question is what air filter and oil filter do you need? Dad-burned if I know. When I worked in the Auto Parts store, there were probably over a thousand different oil and 1500 different air filters for sale. How can I pick one for you, I don't know if you are in a 57 DeDoto or a 51 Studebaker or a 95 Caprice because you didn't say anything about your car.

So here is what to do. Go to the full service Auto Parts store in your town. Stay away from the "fast food " variety of auto parts store. Go where the counter is dingy and scared, the floor well worn and the people who work there might even cuss once in a while. Tell them what you want to do; tell them you are there to get all the stuff you might need including the proper oil filter, proper air filter, oil filter wrench, drain plug removal tool, a oil catch basin and maybe a "mechanic crawler" which is a thing you lay on to roll under the car. Oh yes, you will also need a Jack Stand to put under the car to hold it up while you are removing the oil plug, catching the oil, replacing the filter with a new one, etc. Probably easier to use the creeper than roll on the ground although rolling on the ground is OK to and will save you $50.00 of the initial $ out lay. You will also have to jack up the car using the car spare tire changing jack. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET UNDER YOUR CAR WITH ONLY THE JACK UNDER IT. IF IT FALLS, YOU ARE D E A D !!! ... but you will have saved $4.00 by doing your own oil change!

So that is how you do it. Don't expect to save a lot of money by doing this work yourself. Oh yea, you still have to dispose of the oil. If you heat your home with oil, you can dump the used oil into your heating oil tank ... but don't do it often. It pollutes and will clog your heater fuel filter if you do it too often.

For this terrific answer to your question, be reminded I am a volunteer worker here who works for praise from my home on my computer. I love to see the 4 thumbs up sign and read warm fuzzy comments. Ball is your court.

Thanks for allowing me to assist you this afternoon @ FixYa.com (please don't count off for typos, I do the best I can)

Jun 06, 2011 | Smart fortwo Cars & Trucks

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how to change the head gasket on a 1998 cavalier.

take off the belts mark timing marks before doin soo save you hours white chalk or black magic marker but then you have 16 bolts in the head have to take out then head lift off scrape old off (this is important make sure the gasket surface 100% clean then put new on and then put all back togethor make sure timing is exact you will have to unplug a bunch of senors and wires but thats around a 12 to 22 hour job depending experience make sure change oil after wards too

Sep 14, 2010 | 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

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oil has turned black and thin

You don't identify the engine - if it is a diesel engine it is normal to turn dark. If it is a gasoline engine properly maintained it shouldn't turn dark. However, something leaking into the engine would cause other problems. Gasoline leaking in would thin it but not cause the dark color. Coolant leaking in would cause a milky look and transmission leakage would cause other symptoms. I suggest you change the oil and filter and check it regularly for awhile and note any symptoms that don't seem normal when driving. If it hasn't been changed for awhile it may just be dirty, and hot oil draining will seem thinner.

Dec 21, 2009 | 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

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paint color code

The below link will take you to the 2007 Chrysler Sebring colors. Please note that you mentioned it was a 2002, then a 2007. The link is for 2007.


Jun 02, 2009 | 2002 Chrysler Sebring

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