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As we know there are some who are not familiar with automotive jargan and know how to know any better when it comes to fixing or replacing vehicle parts.

Trust me, I used to be one of these "mechanically declined" and "ignorant" of the automotive know how and what not individuals.

So here's some tips:

1. Upon experiencing any problem with your vehicle, don't run to the first mechanic you know or see (unless you're experience with such has proven successful or you personally know and trust them).

a. Just like with doctors for certain bodily issues, get a second and/or third opinion/diagnosis. You'll be surprised what 2 or three different mechanics will tell you.

b. Ask a friend or family member who you may know or think may know more about automotive issues. Chances are you know someone who does, and just haven't asked them yet to know they are more experienced or knowledgable then you first assumed.

c. Usually, when a vehicle starts to act up, it's something small; usually. In these cases, these are parts that you can replace yourself, which not only earns you the experience in that area, but also saves you tones of money. From changing oil, to replacing spark plugs, you can do most of the work (tune up) and repairs at home with the simplist of tools; which you probably have in your garage or closet. Even if they aren't the "right" tool; trust me, I've used tools that wouldn't normally even be considered for certain repairs, and they worked just fine and got the job done just as well. I don't necessarily condone this, however, in a "must do" scenerio, it's okay.

d. Smaller: always check the smaller components first. Ex:
1. car overheating: replace thermostat and gasket.
2. if that's not it, check the hoses, and replace if necessary
3. heater core and hoses - replace these, as they heater core can get plugged long before the radiator which will cause water flow restriction and leak from the core itself, or cause a hose to burst.
4. Water hoses have very hot water and anti-feeze running through them constantly, which after time (in accordance with outside temps and conditions) "eat" through the hose from inside out, causing rips which eventually burst and cause a leak.
5. Never run a vehicle without Anti-freeze as this not only helps prevent it from freezing in cold temperatures, but also helps the car from overheating. It helps keep the water from reaching above "boiling" temperatures; though in the event of an overheat, the water will boil in the overflow (bubbling) of which you can both see and hear. NOTE: NEVER remove a radiator cap when engine is hot, especially when it's overheating. Simply remove the overflow cap and let the pressure die down COMPLETELY.
6. If you are away from home, and experience your car overheating, pull over immediately and turn on the heater, but leave the car runnning. This will pull the heat away from the engine helping it to cool even faster. Watch the temperature gauge while sitting, and if it doesn't go down while the car is idling, turn off the engine, but leave it in the ACC position to allow the heater to still run. It should be set on defrost, with A/C on and at the highest (hottest) temp available.(red zone on heater selection temp lever/knob)

Cheaper: The above mentioned are the cheaper and easiest to replace first.

Bigger: If the thermostat replacement does not fix nor the the heater core or any hoses, there is a good chance your water pump has quit working properly. While it will still spin (like a fan) the bearing have worn out, and it is more or less just flopping around and not circulating the water as it's meant to.

1. Price the pump at a local auto parts dealer.
a. You'll need to present the year, make and model as well as the engine size (3.0 L , 4cylinder,V6 o V8). They may want to know what type of transmission you have, such as a three or four speed, automatic or manual.

2. Once you have the price, call a tursted mechanic (or 2 or 3) and get quotes if you feel you cannot perform this repair yourself. I assure you, if you have the proper tools, you can.

3. In the event you cannot afford a mechanic, simply upon purchasing the new water pump, request a repair manual for your particular vehicle (CHILTON, is best), or HAYENS if CHILTON is not available.

4. The water pump, while not too expensive, is probably going to be the most expensive of all for this particular fix.

NOTE: If you have any questions regarding any type of problem, please contact me and I will help you solve your problem. If for some reason you present to me an area of which I am not familiar or am not sure of, I will be honest and let you know. I am not going to feed you some story about how to fix something I don't know how to fix, or know little or nothing about. I will simply make suggestions (cheap ones) as to not make you spend needless money.

I hope this information is useful to you all. If your situation is different than the example above, then please contact me. I will do my best to help you successfully get your automobile back on the road.

I sincerely enjoy and take pride in helping people fix anything that I can. I do not expect anything in return, as I do this for fun and to be helpful. I look forward to your questions, and giving you answers to succesfully satisfy your automotive needs. I also have experience with PC's, so please let me know if you need help with that as well.

I currently run and operate Windows Vista Home Premium. I have run and operated all older versions, such as Windows 95, 98, XP, XP Professional.

Again, let me know what you're question or concern is and I'll respond as quickly as I can. Please allow at least 24 hours from date of posting a question or concern to receive a reply.

Thank you for choosing Fixya.com for your quetions and concerns.


Guru/Premium Expert @ Fixya.com

**( though this category has been listed under Plymouth/Voyager and cars, this can be applied and assumed for most years of makes/models of vehicles.)

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im getting codes p0300 p1168 p1051 when i took it to advanced. Just wanna know what they mean and what might need to be replaced under the hood.

P0300 means random misfires, multiple cylinders, and could be due to most anything - fuel, ignition, vacuum leak, bad compression, etc. The other two codes, P1168 and P1051 are specific to the manufacturer of your vehicle. Since you did not provide make, model, or year (or engine size), no valid assessment can be made. Please post another question specifying the make, model, and year of your vehicle, and also provide the symptoms that prompted you to take it to have the codes read (other than the check engine light). Maybe someone familiar with your vehicle can provide some better assistance.

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Passenger side lights

It sounds like you have a ground problem an voltage is back feeding through the circuit or resistance some where in the circuit. Do have DVOM - digital volt ohm meter ? You can get free wiring diagrams at www.bbbind.com/ ! suggest you go to youtube an check out some videos on basic automotive electrical trouble shooting an voltage drop testing before you try testing an repairing this problem . You didn't say make ,model an year of vehicle , but on semi new vehicles till now they use electronic control modules for control of these type circuits . If you are not familiar with automotive electrical circuits I suggest you take it to an automotive electrical shop .

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Dash lights and over head light stopped working. Could this be the headlight, dimmer switch?

It could be ,depends on the make,model an year vehicle. Best to test power B+ voltage an grounds > I don't know what if anything you know about automotive electronics. You can go to youtube an check out some videos on basic automotive electrical testing an trouble shooting . Some newer vehicles the dash lights are controlled by a module , BCM - body control module ,SJB - smart junction box etc.... You can go to www.bbbind.com/ for free wiring diagrams an see what all is involved in the circuit. I don't like to see people waste there money just replacing parts . I have been fixing vehicles for over thrity years . Started at a Chevy dealer right out of a two year automotive program back in 1984 .

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Seat arosa, I just brought a seat arosa and it had a radio fittet but with no faceplate, does anyone know how to get the old radio out?

If you cannot figure it out you might be better off contacting a professional to do it. It is a very easy job for someone who is familiar with automotive audio devices.

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