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ABS brakes warning light on

Most garages will ask for $1200 to fix it. Their solution is an overkill. They tend to replace most cables and sensors in the ABS system. Many new car owners prefer to buy cars without ABS mainly for the high cost of fixing it. I found a simple fix that should be tried before spending all that money. The fix can be used on other models. I noticed that my problem occured after heavy rain with frequent driving thru puddles and seemed to go away after few dry days. I took it on a dry day to a garage and asked to troubleshoot this problem with the mechanic (no need to mention the smile on his face). I started by disconnecting the cable from the front passenger side sensor (mounted over the disc brakes of the front wheel) and measured the voltage getting to the sensor, it was 5Volts. I reconnected the cable to the sensor and sprayed the equivalent of a cup of water on the cable until the warning light came on in the dash board. I disconnected the cable and I measured 2.5Volts at the connector end of the cable. That showed there is a crack in the cable. A quick inspection of the cable located the cracked spot. After drying the cable with a blower, I added some car grease to that spot and the mechanic wrapped it with a tight tape. Et voila! the problem is gone now for six winters with snow, salt and heavy rain. You may have to inspect all four sensors until you locate the problem. I learned to watch for the ABS warning light after going thru puddles just to remember which side of the car dipped into the salty melted ice on the road. That side would be the first on my list to test if the ABS light ever comes back.
Note: The car was raised on a fork lift, the engine is stopped and the ignition key must be in the Battery ON position when measuring the voltage with a voltmeter. A $5 voltmeter will do. I will never drive a car witout ABS brakes. There is a way to maintain that system for over 12 years without going broke.

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Abs light on Ford fiesta. Garage diagnosed as new sensor needed. New sensor fitted but light is still on. Do I need to get the Abs light reset at a garage or can I reset it myself?

Hi Heather, IM AL the owner of Big As Auto Repair!

Heather, if the garage installed the part then they should fix what's wrong with the abs. If you installed it yourself then go to the auto store and have them clear the code that's still in the abs. If the light goes out and stays out after driving awhile your good to go, but if the light comes back on then it could be the wiring or connector are even the wheel hub assembly. Hope this helps and please visit my auto-repair-website: http://www.bigasautorepair.com/

Mar 26, 2017 | Cars & Trucks

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ABS light on

This is a long shot, have no experience with Beemers. Similar problem on a 1994 Olds, make sure all bulbs in the brake lights including the light on the rear shelf rear window are all working when you press brake pedal. Maybe get lucky.

Sep 04, 2009 | 2001 BMW 5 Series

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disabling faulty abs breaks. Will car still pass mot?

If there is only one sensor faulty you should be able to replace that one.If for any reason one abs wheel sensor cannot connect to the abs system reader it stopes working.It means your brakes working just as fine but the Anti Block System is not functioning anymore.Your car will certainly pass the mot without ABS.

Jul 15, 2009 | 2005 Toyota Corolla

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I've got a 1999 Caddy Deville throwing a 0741 code and showing "Serv Traction Control" and ABS lights on on the dash. If I'm on a steep incline on dry pavement the traction control tends to come on when trying to accelerate from a dead stop. If I shut the traction control off in the glove box I don't see this behavior. Is it possible I need a new TCC solenoid and torque converter?

No you don't need any transmission work, the parts you listed are part of that. You either have a bad wheel speed sensor or more likey a bad connection at one of the sensors. Sometimes the cables get damaged. The cables are supposed to remain flexible but sometimes the wires inside break. These cables go from the wheel speed sensors and feed information to the ABS system.

Jun 20, 2009 | Cadillac DeVille Cars & Trucks

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Trac Off and ABS Lights came on, won't go off

trac control & abs light staying on in dash on pt cruiser 2001 limited
well had same problem with my pt cruiser 2001, firstly there is no need to plug in computer under the dash for pulling abs error codes,
because the problem can be the cracked abs ring on the drive shaft/cv joint,
turn your steering all the way to left and ask your colleague to see if behind the tyre the abs ring is broken or cracked,
it is circular like a bracelete with grooves, then turn the steering to the right and repeat the inpesction,
if the abs ring is cracked then look on ebay or web for pt cruiser abs ring or kia abs ring, should cost about £5-£10 each
and a garage could heat it up with gas and hammer it into the drive shaft/cv joint for you for about £20-£30,
takes about 30min to 45mins, make sure the garage dont heat the cv booth kit rubber next to the abs ring when heating it up.
i heard you can only buy abs ring for front wheels and its not available separately for rear wheels,
so for rear you may need to buy the whole part it comes on
the front abs rings are easily visible when you turn the wheel to one side, the rear ones may not be visible as i have not seen them
so if the abs ring are good then it wil probably be one of the wheel sensors, in this case you you may look for a garage who will hook up
the computer and pull the code for you, be carefull if the say there are no abs error codes it means the sensors are ok and most of it
there is no need to buy abs sensor for any wheel when there are no error codes
on pt cruiser you can pull engine error codes yourself without a computer, just do the key dance on the ignition,
turn key until dash lights come on then switch off and then again turn key until dash lights come on then swithch off,
then turn key for third time again until dash lights come on , you will see engine error codes displayed then says done,
if there are no error codes it will say done, howevere these are engine error codes only not abs error codes,
abs error codes are pulled using abs diagnostic tool
incase its a faulty wheel sensor, will cost £45 at dealer or £20 from scrap, then a garage can removed the tyre and plug out the old sensor cable
and replace it with a new one, one end is easy to plug in but the other end has to be pushed in at an angle,
its about 30min job and garage can charge £20 or so
my pt cruiser is back on the road with just one abs ring replaced and it all cost me £30 alltogether

Apr 11, 2009 | 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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