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How to check/replace a 2002 Toyota Rav4 cabin filter

Step 1: Remove the passenger glove box. To do this, open the glove box. where the top part stops, on the right and left side, there should be two pins that hold the glove box open so that it will not fall. Press these tabs towards the center of the glovebox.

Step 2: Remove the air filter. Directly behind where the glovebox was, there should be a large vent (around 10inches wide). In the center of this is a white strip. This is the air filter. Pull out by using the tab to one side.

Step 3 Install new filter or replace cleaned filter and reassemble.

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Where is the fuse for the cigar lighter on a 2007 1.8 petrol mondeo please?

It's behind the drop down "glove box" above the front passenger foot-well

You need to sit in the passenger seat, open the glove box and (whilst preferably empty) gently but very firmly pull it forwards towards yourself. It's just held in by 2 plastic clips (sort of horseshoe shape) in the dashboard - 1 either side - retaining the "round" hinge of the storage box itself.

Be careful not to pull it right out all the way before checking 2 things.
There may be a wire attached to the rear right-hand corner of the compartment - this is the AUX IN to the RADIO.
Secondly there may be a small plastic device on the left rear corner.
This is a DAMPER that just stops the glove box opening "quickly" all the way ending in a "THUD" - it controls a "slow opening" - not fitted to all models I believe.
Disconnect any wires / un-clip the little peg on the damper

Once removed you need a torch and to get your head where your feet were moments earlier.

You'll see a fuse and relay panel with layout something like this


You want the 15A fuse number F68

That's the top 1 of the 3 in the left-hand most column

Fuse panel looks like this - notice "horseshoe CLIP" bottom left

Once replaced, reverse steps of glove box removal.

Quite easy - should take 5 to 10 minutes

May 04, 2017 | Ford Mondeo Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

How to change cabin filter 2011 Lacrosse

I just changed mine yesterday and these tips listed above were unfortunately incorrect.

Step 1 - Open the passenger door
There is a panel that has no screws on the flatside of the dashboard which faces against the closed door at the jam side. Use a body tool and pry the panel carefully exposing the inside area of the glovebox. If possible dont do this in cold weather because the tabs are plastic. Inside the panel you will see one small tab that the glove box has a 1/4 plastic clip seated in the tab.

Step 2 - Open the glove box. Remove the 3 hex screws on the top interior row of the glove box.

Step 3 - At the right and left corners of the bottom of the glove box remove the two front facing screws on the lower hinge.

Step 4- At the very bottom parallel to the floor there are two more hex screws remove those (they hold the plastic vent in place underneath the glove box. Pull the vent downward to release the tabs.
IMPORTANT: Dont forget to go back to step 1 and pull the small tab from the slot in the dashboard cover area ( Inside the panel you will see one small tab that the glove box has a 1/4 plastic clip seated in the tab)

Step 5 - Pull down on the glove box to release the clips.

Step 6 - You will see a black box inside. There are three tabs (right, top, and left) pull them individually to remove the front facing cover. Inside you will see the air filter. Remove and have airflow arrow pointed downward.

Reverse steps to reinstall. Be sure to line up the clips before pressing them back in place. Do not force them!

Good luck. I hope this helps. I did mine on the first attempt with no issues in about 10 minutes (I'm not a mechanic).

Aug 26, 2012 | Buick LaCrosse Cars & Trucks

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2004 titan not blowing air out the vents except a drizzle amount

Most likely you have dirty can clogged cabin air filters. If you know they have been changed, then read no further. If they have not, follow these steps for replacement.

1. Open glove box (passenger side) and remove retractable cord on right side of glove box.
2. Remove 2 plastic hinge pins for glove box ( they pull straight out no tools & are a little hard to push back in take your time - Plastic don't break!!)
3. Remove glove box .Look into hole where glove box used to be. Right side you'll see cover with bolt in middle (8mm I think) remove cover.
4 Replace missing or dirty filters. There are 2 filters . They sit side by side.
5. Reverse process to close.

FYI : Home depot furnace air filter for $3.95 can be cut to size and works just great for a lot less than the $30. cost of these filters at some places. You can make 2 sets and have a replacement for next year!! Enjoy!

Aug 26, 2011 | 2004 Nissan Titan

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how do I change cabin air filter in 2006 m35? video or pics?

First, you need to remove the glove box: Open the glove box. There are three hinge points at the bottom of the box (left, center and right). There are "tabs" on the box that slide into these "holders". Gently pull up and out on the left side of the glove box. The tab should pop out. Repeat for the center point. This should allow the left side stop pin to clear the dash slot. Repeat for the right side. You should now be able to turn the box, pull it from the dash and let it hang from the retaining cord on the right side. Note the hinge slots and tabs for reference for re-installation later. Second, remove the black access door behind the glove box: This is an "L" shaped cover with three hinge points at the bottom and three tabs at the top. Gently push back on the tabs at the top to un-lock, rotate down on the hinge points and pull out. Behind this you will see a white plastic door which covers and holds the filter in place. Third, remove white access door as follows or you will break the retaining tabs off! On the right side is a locking tab, gently press in and pull the right side of the tab toward you to unlock the tab BUT STOP AS SOON AS THE TAB UNLOCKS THE DOOR AND OPENS ABOUT ½ " or the tabs on the left side will break off, they are not hinged! Next, slide the door to the right to clear the tabs on the left side and remove. Note the position and orientation of the filter inside. Remove the old filter. Fourth, install the new filter: Make sure the orientation and air flow direction are as marked and match previous filter. Mine was pointing "up", with the rigid side plate facing out. The new filter will be sitting on top of the fan, when the white door is re-installed, it has "fingers" that lift the filter into the proper location, but you may find it easier to lift the filter up with one hand and slide the door back into position with the other hand. That said, lift the filter, slide the tabs on the left side of the door back into there slots. Push the door back into original position and latch the right side locking tab. Make sure the door is sealed and back to original position and latch tab on the right is locked. Now, reverse the previous steps to complete the task. Re-install the black access door cover. Lift up the glove box and turn to install right side stop pin into dash slot position, rotate left side into position and center box in dash opening. You will have to move the box up/down, in/out a bit to "feel" the hinge tabs properly engage the hinge slots. Once the tabs are in the slots you can push down on each side and it will pop back in place. (If you have difficulty, you may want to remove the under dash cover below the glove box. There are three tabs in the front that slide into three slots and one tab and slot in the rear. This can be removed by pulling down on the front of the panel at each side and the middle, then slide it forward out of the rear slot. Disconnect the light if required by pushing the latch on the plug and pulling it off. Feel around the hinge locations to guide the parts together).

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_change_the_cabin_air_filter_on_a_2006_Infiniti_M35#ixzz1NKCLa6qC

May 25, 2011 | 2006 Infiniti M35

1 Answer

Dear SIr, Please advice on how to change the air filter under the hood, what parts should be disassembled, will be better you'll explain it with some pictures attached. Regards, Maxat

How to Replace an AirConditioner Filter on a 2002 ToyotaAvalon

The air conditioner filter onthe 2002 Toyota Avalon is more commonly referred to as the cabin air filter.The filter does more than just regulate the flow of air: It also filters outpollen, dust, exhaust fumes and air pollution. Because it directly affects thelevel and quality of air coming into the passenger cab through the interior airvents, it can compromise the performance of the air conditioning, as well asthat of the heating system, if not changed at regular intervals.

1. Openthe Avalon's passenger's side door. 2. Open the glove box and removeits contents. 3. Locate the stop screw on the right side ofthe glove box, and remove it with the Phillips-head screwdriver while bracingthe bottom of the glove box. 4. Gently swing the glove box downward andlet it hang upside-down towards the passenger's side floorboard. 5. Locate the white filter frame, now visiblefrom behind the original glove box's position. 6. Push the tabs at each end of the filterframe inward to unlock it, then pull the tray and filter assembly out of thecabin air filter housing. 7. Remove the oldfilter from the tray, then install the new one, making sure to tuck the ends ofthe replacement filter under the tabs on the left and right sides of the tray. 8. Reinsert the trayand filter assembly into the filter housing; push it until the tabsautomatically lock the door of the tray into place. 9. Reassemble theglove box by lifting it up, replacing the stop screw and then returning itscontents before closing it.
you may check at www.ehow.com just type how to replace an air conditioner filter of a 2002 Toyota Avalon..

Nov 09, 2010 | 2002 Toyota Avalon

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