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Normal crank no start

If your car will not start, do the following
1.) when you turn the key to the on position, note whether you can hear the fuel pump energize. You should hear the pump run for 3-5 seconds
2.) when you crank the engine, does it sound normal, or is it faster or slower than normal and is it EVEN
3.) Is the check engine light on while cranking
4.) finally, if possible, do you have SPARK at any/all spark plugs

All this should take just a few minutes and will help 10 fold during the diagnoses process

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1 Answer

Car was running 200 buick regal went to pass a car pretty fast and car just died now i changed crank sensor good spark and fuel and pressure turns over wont start

Idle air control or your throttle position sensor they will both do this fred are you sure about the fuel pump do you hear it energize when you turn the key

Nov 17, 2016 | Buick Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

were can I find the fuel pump kill switch

When you first turn the key to start the vehicle the PCM - engine computer energizes the fuel pump relay turning on the fuel pump for two seconds to prim the system . The fuel pump won't be turned on again till the PCM receives a crankshaft position sensor signal. If you hear it come on the inertia fuel cut off switch is OK . Now then what problem are you having Lisa ? A no start condition ? Is there spark getting to the spark plugs ? Do you have a red light on the dash flashing when trying to start the truck ? Anti-theft system problem .

Dec 01, 2015 | 1999 Ford Expedition

1 Answer

I have a 2000 buick regal,3.8 that will not

u can try replacing the relay. when u turn the key to the position right before starting position which is the position it would be in when u start a car and let off key because car started, well this is somting to try turn the key to position right before starting position have sombody listing down by fuel tank and see if tey can hear pump come on, try a couple of times to make sure they can hear, also the pump will only come on for about 2 seconds each time u put the key in that position, if u do hear the pump come on each time u do that that means pump is working if so u need to build up fuel pressure which could b anywhere from 20 to 60 pressure, to build up pressure u need to turn the key to same position turn key off turn key back to that position then off and do it like 50 times each time u do that the pump is on for only 2 seconds only building a half to one pound of pressure thats why u haft to turn key somany times to build it back up, if u try that and car keeps almost starting but doesent then u need to build up a little more pressure. NOTE make sure u have gas, also most electric fuel pumps will go out when turned on dry

Nov 27, 2009 | 2000 Buick Regal

1 Answer

1986 Nissan 300ZX starting problem

Dear llama470: there is a fuel pump relay located in the worst possible place Nissan could possibly think of! In the right 1/4 panel just forward of the wheel house. You have your work cut out for you if you want to get to it.
1st remove the sill plate from the door opening.
2.nd remove the trim panel which goes across the roof behind the seat (most 300ZX's are "t" tops")
3rd carefully gain access to the interior 1/4 panel. I gave you these instructions because the plastic gets very brittle and cracks easily when stressed. Anyway, as you remove the panel, just about 1.2 up the 1/4 just behind the door striker is a GREEN relay. That is the starter relay. The relay is energized by the ECM. There is a black wire with a few traces or red dots along the way which will end up going to pin # 108 on the ECM connector. If you ground this wire, the relay should click and the pump should run. Most Japanese cars make and break the grounds, not the positives, so the positive will be hot as soon as you turn on the key. The reason it will start then die, is because the fuel pump has two circuits to run on. One relates to the cranking circuit which will energize the relay and the other will only energize it after the car has started. This was designed so that if the car were in an impact, the impact would kill the fuel pump. NOW, The ECM is what runs the relay after the car has started. you may need to try another ECM.
The fuel pumps are easy to get to on this car. Remove the foam insulating floor covering behind the seats and you will see a large round metal plate with a wire harness going through it. There are quite a few bolts going around the perimeter to retain the plate. NOTE! BEFORE YOU REMOVE THIS PLATE, BE ABSOLUTELY SURE THE PUMP DOES NOT RUN.
Here is another way you can check:disconnect the starter solenoid and with the help of a friend, have them hold the key in the start position. You should hear a kind of shishhhhing sound coming from around the fuel lines. Also, prior to turning the key, pinch the fuel hose where the fuel filter is and you will notice it is easy to pinch flat. If the pump is working, when you turn the key to the cranking position and hold it, try pinching it again. The hose will now fee; some what hard. This would indicate it has fuel pressure, thus indicating the pump is working. Which means is all likely hood the ECM is probably the culprit. Most other components wont keep it from running, it will just run badly. Let me know how you do. Good luck

Feb 10, 2009 | 1986 Nissan 300ZX

1 Answer

My 1999 Cherokee doesnt start

Take off your gas cap and have someone stand there with thier ear at the hole, (no smoking), turn the key to on just before start and they should hear the fuel pump humming. if they dont then try to start. if it doesnt start turn key off and at that instant the pump should be heard again. What i think is happening is your pump is only energizing when you turn the key to off instead of energizing when you turn key on. Its supposed to energize when turning your key on and off. This would explain your second start working and not your first. This can be caused by a bad fuel pump relay switch. Hope this helps. please rate me

Jan 12, 2009 | 1999 Jeep Cherokee

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