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Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 1999 (mixed coolant, oops) coolant and radio problem

I was driving a few minutes when all of a sudden my radio started changing channels on it's own. I tried all the buttons to keep it on my favorite channel, but it kept changing. Then I noticed the heater was pushing out more than 90 degrees out of the heater vents. I sat in a parking lot trying to figure out why. I read the manual that comes with the Ford Expedition 1999. Nothing was written about the radio changing except that it could be on auto change. Nope, that wasn't the problem. I thought maybe the sensor was going bad. Nope, that wasn't the problem either. Ugh! I remember (By accident, I added green coolant to the orange coolant).

So, I decided to check the coolant. WOW!!! it was low, very low, and now I remembered that I add the wrong coolant to the radiator about a week ago. Humm, Could the radio be getting hot from the mix and low coolant?

Well, I went to the store and bought two gallons of Prestone Dex-cool Ford WSS-M97B44-D, premixed 50/50 and two buckets. I went home to change the coolant.

Steps: before doing this wait for the truck to cool completely! Wear goggles.

1. Find the radiator drain, found on the passenger side of the lower part of the radiator. It has a white plastic bolt. You should be able to see it by pulling back the plastic flap by the front of the passenger wheel.

2. With the engine off and cooled, Unscrew the radiator cap a little to release the pressure inside and step back so you don't get hit with coolant. Once, you are sure the pressure has all been released, you can now unscrew it off all the way.

3. Place a bucket under the radiator drain.

4. Unscrew the radiator drain about half way. The coolant will start coming out right away. If you take the nut out all the way the coolant will pray.

5. Let the coolant drain out all the way until it no more is coming out.

6. Using a garden hose...fill the radiator reservoir with water. You will be doing this a few times until the radiator coolant is all out. You should be seeing clear water come out when the coolant is all removed from the radiator.

7. Once the radiator is completely cleaned out of all coolant. Screw the reservoir nut back in (closing the reservoir).

8. Fill the radiator with plain water from the hose.

9. Screw the radiator cap back on.

10. Run you truck for 10 minutes, until the engine warms up.

11. Turn off truck, and let cool all the way. About 15 minutes.

12. Open radiator cap again, using caution from #'s 1 and 2.

13. Unscrew the reservoir using caution from # 's 3 and 4. Let drain completely.

14. Repeat steps 3 through 13 a couple of times.
15. Do step # 7.

16. Now you can fill your radiator with two gallons of Prestone Dex-cool Ford WSS-M97B44-D, premixed 50/50.

17. Using caution. Start your engine, leaving the radiator cap on. Watch for the coolant to bubble under the cap. Note: you need to have you radio and heat on full blast....I know this sounds strange but it resets them while you are running the truck.

18. Slowly (using caution) release some of the air pressure. Pressure helps the coolant run through the radiator, but too much will crack the radiator reservoir (the white plastic container you put the coolant in).

19. Once you have noticed that there is no more bubbles (air pockets) coming from the radiator, screw the cap on completely.

20. Let the engine cool completely.

21. Following cautions #'s 3 and 4, check the coolant.d

22. If you need to add more coolant, now is a good time to do it. ONLY, fill to the recommended line or amount.

23. Screw cap back on tight.

24. You are done.

Hope this helps someone! Now my radio is working fine and my truck heater is working at its proper heating range.....That was my problem....


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Try a new unclutted radio with a on and off knob ,or a really old solid state transistor one from the 70s ,all these electronics nowdays do my head in ,i cannot even find the on/off button on a lot of modern vehicles ,nothing worse than taking a motor for a test drive and the radio or cd is on and trying to turn it off to hear the vehicle noises

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You could have a stuck button that is blocking the rest of the buttons from functioning. Check the hand controls on the steering and if all is ok, try get the radio out and unplug it. If this now gives you heater display and functionality the problem is on the radio itself.

Before you delve too deep, disconnect the battery for a few minutes. Sometimes they just get "confused" and need a reboot! Its worth a try!

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