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Removing a two piece rear main seal

When removing a two piece rear main seal without a sneaky pete, it can be very overwhelming here's how... First unbolt the transmission and slide it back just so that the input shaft is not in the way of taking of a clutch and/ or fly wheel. Then drain all engine oil and remove filter. Next remove the oil pan ( but be careful that none of the old pan gasket gets in the bearing caps, or crankshaft). Then next remove the oil pump( watch the gasket on this also so it doesn't fall down inside the pump pickup tube). Then your going to want to loosen the main baring cap bolts starting from the back of the block then going to the front( not to much just enough to get the pressure of the upper main seal and the crankshaft, but you will need to take the cap bolts on the very back one at the back of the block all the way out thus the bottom rear seal is in it). Remove the bottom rear seal by pulling it out (sometimes using a flat head screwdriver), and then put the new one in by dipping it in fresh oil and simply pushing it in the groove big tab side forward. Next take a screw and a small drill or screwdriver and lightly screw it into one side of the rubber on the seal in sort of a upwards diagnal pattern ( be very careful not to scar the crankshaft). Then grab the screw with the pair of pliers and lightly tap on them with a (small) hammer or the end of a screwdriver. next take the new seal dip it in fresh oil and slide it back in, in a clockwise pattern. Next put the bolts back in the baring cap with the new seal in it , and just snug them down. Then starting with the (R) front bearing cap bolt start tightening them back down to the engines given torque specs in a zig zag pattern tighten every other one all the way back to the back of the block, then back to the front. Put your new seal on the oil pump then bolt this back up to the torque specs listed for that vehicle. Next put on the rear pan gasket (if it's a four piece gasket) then put the front pan gasket on the pan. Next by using small amounts of high temp silicone put a dab on every corner it touches another gasket piece and bolt it back up ( torque specs vary depending on vehicle usually between 12 and 18 foot lbs.) Then bolt the fly wheel and/ or clutch back up. Slide your transmission in the aligned whole and bolt it back up. put on the oil filter and fill it with oil. Start the vehicle and check for leeks, if there's leeks tighten the pan generously and check again. Thank You and I hope this has helped.

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Rear axle 02 escalade need to remove to replace dust shield

-chalk the wheels so the vehicle can not roll.
-Place the transmission in nuetral.
-jack up the rear of the vehicle.
-remove the real wheels-
-remove the drums or calipers and rotors.
-remove the rear diff fill plug on the side of the differential.
-remove the center cover on the rear differential. Have a drain pan under it to catch the lube that will come out.
-rotate the drive shaft until the rear diff pin bolt is accessible and remove the bolt.
-remove the rear diff pin
-push the axles in
-remove the c clips from the axles
-pull the axles out
-replace the backing plate/dust shield.

They do make a two piece backing plate that can be installed without removing the axles. You will unbolt the old backing plate then cut it into two pieces to remove. The new two piece backing plate will slide over the axle and then bolt into place. I know for sure NAPA has them.

If you have any questions let me know!

Oct 05, 2011 | Cars & Trucks

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I have a 87 dodge raider at it has a leak on the back of the engine looks like out of the bell housing could it be a sending unit. It is engine oil.

Hi there colterf! Usually if you have engine oil leaking out of the back of the motor/ tranny bellhousing, it means that you have a rear main seal that needs to be replaced. Now the rear main seal is a pretty tricky item for the do it yourself'er if you are un familliar with the components themselves. Here is a rough step by step of what needs to be done.
  1. Disconnect negative battery terminal
  2. Lift vehicle and place securely on stands
  3. Locate and disconnect all electrical wires, cables, hoses and supply lines from the transmission (including the clutch or fork slave)
  4. Remove the driveline
  5. Unbolt and remove the transmission crossmember
  6. Use a transmission jack to steady and support the transmission ( at this time you may want to drain the tranny fluid to reduce weight)
  7. Unbolt and remove the starter assembly
  8. Remove all of the bolt on the bell housing
  9. Double check to make sure that the tranny if free and there are no morecomponents connecting it to the engine/ frame
  10. Lower jack and remove the transmission
  11. Locate the output shaft at the back of the engine (the seal goes around the shaft and between the block)
  12. If your vehicle has a seal retaining clamp unbolt and remove it.
  13. While on step 12 you need to drain and unbolt the engine oil resivoir to drop it down a 1/2" to access the seal and to also make sure no oil gets dumped when you remove the seal.
  14. Once you have the seal clear use a specialized seal puller to remove the old seal ( a medium sized flathead screwdrive may work as well)
  15. Once the old seal is removed check the seat on the block for any contaminates and remove them.
  16. To install, place the new seal on the seat and firmly push it into place. The seal needs to go in EVENLY! Use a specialized seal installation tool to make sure it is in all the way, all the way arround. If the seal is inserted uneavenly it will most likely leak.
The installation of the rest of the components are in the reverse order. For many people this is over their head. If you are unsure of yourself do not attempt and have a professional do it.

I hope that this will help you out!


Mar 31, 2011 | 1987 Dodge Raider

2 Answers

need to find a way to put in a rear main seal in my 1989 jeep cherokee 4.0 without pulling the transmission

The Rear main seal on a Cherokee with the 4.0L is a 2-piece seal and the transmission doesn't have to be pulled. You have to remove the oil pan and rear main cap. That's it. The transmission doesn't have to be removed. Hope this helps.

Best of luck

Jun 18, 2010 | 1989 Jeep Cherokee

1 Answer

How do I replace the main rear engine seal on 95 GMC Sierra

you have to remove the drive shaft, the cover around the bottom of the trans. Remove the torque convertor bolts,remove the bellhousing bolts from the trans. You may have to unbolt the exhaust bolts. Slide the tans back remove the flywheel to access the oil seal.

Mar 20, 2010 | 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

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how do i take out a rear main seal?

Remove the transmission, after holding the rear of the engine supported, using a jack with a piece of wood between it and the engine. Remove the clutch and pressure plate, and the flywheel or if automatic, the flex plate. The rear main seal retainer will then be exposed. Remove the 2 oil pan to main seal retainer assembly, and the bolts circling the retainer, and slide the retainer assembly unit back off the crankshaft. Remove the old gasket from the retainer, and clean the gasket ridge before installing a new gasket. It's a one piece hard rubber gasket, which must be inserted in the retainer evenly. This can be done on a work bench, or flat wood on a concrete floor, Some light oil might help it seat easier, Once seated slide the retainer containing the new gasket back over the rear of the crankshaft, A rubber hammer will help ease it back into position, Replace all bolts, not forgetting the oil pan to retainer bolts, and reinstall all parts in reverse order of removal. If a manual trans, this would be an excellent time to install a new clutch kit.

Jan 11, 2010 | 1989 Mazda B-Series

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