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Car air filter replacement

A dirty air filter in your car reduces air flow into the engine, resulting in less power and often lower gas milage. The typical filter is made out of pleaded paper. It may have an outer band of plastic foam or fiber ( in some air filters ) that traps large particles. Inspect the filter every 6 months or every 12,000 mile in normal conditions, these numbers ( period of air filter inspection ) reduces depending on how dusty and polluted your area is. In most cars the filter housing is connected to the air intake by a duct. Unclip and remove the cover, then take out the filter. Examine the filter by tapping it against a wooden surface ( or similar ) to dislodge the loose dirt. If you see a oil film on the oil filter, have a mechanic check the engine. If the filter is dirty all around, replace it. Some air filter housings have a small filter for the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system. change this filter if its dirty.
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Reduced engine power

Several checks for this...free check at good exhaust/mech shops on clogged catalytic converter...dirty air filter...clean Mass Air Flow Sensor (near air filter, use only MAF sensor spray) Spray and wipe out throttle body with spray cleaner...dirty gas use fuel additive "Heet" removes water, and use gas addidtive fuel injector cleaner...I like the STP super concerntrated...Most of these are low cost checks. Hope this helps.

Sep 30, 2013 | GMC Sierra Cars & Trucks

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Exceive fuel is being burned but not so much as to turn the cheak engine light on? How bad is it ? 10 MPG? things to check; Fuel pressure both high or low will cause problems. Timing, most can't be changed , but timing belts can jump off a tooth to standard and it'll have reduced compression less power then burn more fuel. Lack of oil and filter changes, both the oil ( makes the engine drag) ( fume), and the air filter. If you live in a non dusty area you can ty running one tank of feul with the air filter removed , if this helps the filter should be replaced. If it appears dirty replace it anyway.

Oct 10, 2012 | 2008 Honda Fit Sport

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Just bought ford fiesta finesse 16 valve 03 1.2 am doing roughly 21mpg no leaks or drips this is round town and on motor way have not taken it above 65


As far as the review says the mileage should not falter since it is new as you said. However

These are the causes of a poor mileage in a car:-

Poorly Inflated Car Tires

Car tires that are improperly inflated create significant road resistance and drag on a moving car. A car engine has to work harder to propel a car forward due to this increased tire/road resistance. This resistance chips away at a car's gas mileage.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter impedes air flow into a car's engine, a process that disrupts normal engine combustion and makes it less efficient. This causes a reduction in both engine performance and gas mileage.

Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are responsible for igniting a car's air/fuel mixture, an event that causes a mini explosion inside a car's engine cylinders. Bad or dysfunctional spark plugs don't fire, or ignite, properly; thus, they affect engine combustion negatively, which in turn negatively affects gas mileage.

Bad Oxygen Sensors

For a car to be at its most fuel efficient, its oxygen sensors, small and electronically operated, automatically adjust a car's air/fuel mixture and have to be functioning properly. Bad oxygen sensors cause abnormal air/fuel mixture ratios, a condition that results in poor gas mileage and poor vehicle performance.

Leaky Fuel Injectors

A car's fuel injection system is responsible for injecting precise amounts of fuel into a car's engine cylinders, where it is combined with air and ignited. For a car to perform properly, a specific amount of fuel has to be injected by each fuel injector into each engine cylinder. A leaky fuel injector wastes fuel by leaking it outside the engine and reducing the amount of fuel that makes it into the engine. This results in wasted fuel and reduced gas mileage.
It is suggested to start with a code scanner to find out if there are any stored fault codes in your car.

Also check this link for some helpful tips:-


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Jul 18, 2011 | Ford Fiesta Cars & Trucks

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Jeep Wangler is getting poor gas milage what could be the problem?

Bad fuel, dirty fuel filter, dirty air filter, dirty injectors. I'm assuming there's no check engine light on. You should get upwards of 20mpg easy. try replacing the airfilter and fuel filter. I would get a K&N airfilter, i've had great luck with them. you should notice amore power and better fuel efficiency. Also, use an injector cleaning additive, like Lucas, and use synthetic engine oil. it cost more, but you'll change it less often and it's worth it. I'm a fan of valvoline. oh, and make sure your tires are inflated properly, that can make a noticeable difference

Dec 22, 2010 | 1999 Jeep Wrangler

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Its time to replace my air filter.

Inspect/Replace As a filter gets dirty, the amount of air that can flow through it is reduced. This is not a problem until less air than the engine needs gets through the filter. Without the proper amount of air, the engine will not be able to produce the power it should, nor will it be as fuel efficient as it should be.
Included in the preventative maintenance plan for all vehicles is the periodic replacement of the air filter. This mileage or time interval is based on normal vehicle operation. If the vehicle is used or has been used in heavy dust, the life of the filter is shorter.
Always use a replacement filter that is the same size and shape as the original.
The shape and size of the air filter element depends on its housing; the filter must be the correct size for the housing or dirt will be drawn into the engine. On today's engines, air filters are either flat or round.
fr_12.06.3184.gif Typical flat air filter element. f12-07.gif Typical round air filter for a late-model vehicle. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company. When replacing the filter element, carefully remove all dirt from inside of the housing. Large pieces of dirt and stones may accumulate there. It would be disastrous if that dirt got into the cylinders. Also make sure the air cleaner housing is properly aligned and closed around the filter to ensure good airflow of clean air.

(i searched this info on autozone.com)

Apr 27, 2009 | 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

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