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How to replace and refit the ignition on a chevrolet silverado

If you need to remove the ignition on a chevrolet silverado then just follow the instructions below.
You will also need the following tool unless you can make something similar.
The tool is: J 42759 ignition switch connector release tool.

Removal procedure:


1. disconect the negative battery lead
2. disable the SIR system Zone 3( you will need to check how to do this as it varies from each year of production.
3. remove the hush and knee bolster (instrument gauges and console)
( you may find away around doing the work above but just take your time ok)
4. remove the steering column trim covers
5. with the key in ignition turn the key to the RUN possition
6. install an allen wrench into the hole on top if the lock cylinder. Push down onto the wrench to release the tab on the lock cylinder inside the cylinder housing
7. slide the lock cylinder out of the cylinder housing.
8. disconnect the passlock and key buzzer from the lock cylinder housing
9. insert tool J 42759 into the lock cylinder housing to release the tabs on the ignition switch.
10. pull the ignition switch out of the lock cylinder housing.
11. disconnect the connector from the ignition switch.

Now for the installation procedure.
To install the ignition then follow the instructions below:

1. the gears between the ignition switch and the lock cylinder must be in the correct position, failure to do this will cause the gears to be out of line in the ignition switch and lock cylinder housing witch would result in a no start of engine or even drain the battery, so make sure you get this part right.
2. you need to make sure the gears are lined up correctly if not it wont work correctly if it is wrong you need to turn the gear in the ignition switch until it is in the correct possition
3. use a screwdriver to rotate the lock cylinder housing gear counter clockwise until it hits a stop.
4. connect the ignition switch connector
5. insert the ignition switch into the lock cylinder housing, the tabs on the ignition switch must be lined up correctly in the lock cylinder, make sure this is correct.
6. use a screwdriver to rotate the lock cylinder housing gear clockwise to the start position - allowing it to spring return on its own into the run position, if it dont do this then the chances are you have the lock in the housing the wrong way or gears not set correct.
7. align the lock cylinder and then install the lock cylinder into the lock cylinder housing.
8. connect the pass lock and key buzzer into the lock housing.
9. install the steering column trim covers.
10 install the hush and knee bolster.
11 enable the SIR system
12 connect the negative battery cable
13 try the ignition and make sure it works as it should do

If you are unsure of what is being talked about above then you should either leave this job to a pro or go and get a workshop manual as getting this wrong could result in the car not starting or the battery being drained, either way it would mean you have to do the work all over again

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1 Answer

how to program remote for 2009 chevrolet malibu

Install a scan tool.
Turn ON the ignition with the engine OFF.
With the scan tool, select Body.
Select Remote Control Door Lock Receiver (RCDLR).
Select Module Setup.
Select Program Key Fobs.
Select the key fob desired to be programmed.
Follow the scan tool on screen instructions.
Remove the scan tool.
Exit the vehicle. Operate all functions on transmitters to verify correct system operation.

Dealer !

Jul 25, 2017 | Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

hello i have a 1993 chevrolet silverado 1500 and i jus replaced the fuel pump and the distributor and now it wont stay running and it back fires can u tell wat might be wrong

Hello theman022002,

Your description would indicate that the timing is off. Possibly when you installed the new distributor you were off a tooth or two. Turning the distributor Will Not adjust the timing.

You will need to reinstall the distributor with every thing set to top dead center, then follow the steps below to set the proper cam retard offset.

Good Luck.

Ignition Timing: Adjustments

The ignition timing cannot be adjusted. The distributor may need adjusting to prevent crossfire. To insure proper alignment of the distributor, perform the following:

1. With the ignition OFF, connect the scan tool.
2. Start the engine. Allow the engine to idle until the engine reaches normal operating temperature.

IMPORTANT: Cam retard Offset reading will not be accurate below 1,000 RPM.

3. Increase engine speed to 1,000 RPM while performing the following steps.
4. Use the scan tool in order to monitor the Cam retard Offset.
5. If the Cam retard indicates a value of 0 degrees, the distributor is properly adjusted.
6. If the Cam retard does not indicate 0 degrees, the distributor must be adjusted.

1. With the engine OFF, slightly loosen the distributor hold down bolt.

IMPORTANT: Cam retard Offset reading will not be accurate below 1,000 RPM.

2. Start the engine and raise the engine speed to 1,000 RPM.
3. Use the scan tool in order to monitor the Cam retard Offset.
4. Rotate the distributor as follows:
a. To compensate for a negative reading, rotate the distributor in the counterclockwise direction.
b. To compensate for a positive reading, rotate the distributor in the clockwise direction.
5. Repeat step 4 until 0 degrees is obtained.
6. Turn OFF the ignition.

NOTE: Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices.

7. Tighten the distributor hold-down bolt to 3 N.M. (25 lb ft).
8. Start the engine.
9. Raise the engine speed to 1,000 RPM and with the scan tool view the Camshaft retard Offset to verify 0 degrees has been maintained.


Apr 10, 2011 | 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1 Answer

need illustrated instructions to remove the power steering pump and pulley from a 1989 Chevrolet silverado 4x4 pickup

You will need a pspecial puller and installer to remove and reinstall pulley,My local advanced auto parts store rents these tools.

Aug 25, 2009 | 1983 Chevrolet Silverado

1 Answer

does antennas disconnect from back of radio or further down?

Yes it does but in most cases, you need to at least partially remove radio to do it. Booster probably came with instructions. Read & follow them. Unless your'e experienced in this stuff, do NOT cut antenna wire & attempt a splice.

Dec 28, 2008 | 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD

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