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My car just died while driving

If you had an otherwise normally* operating vehicle and while driving just decides to die on you then your problem will most likely be lack or inadequate spark/fuel, most likely fuel related in my experience.
*by normal I mean no overheating, starts fine every time

Tools that may be required - test light ($5), needle nose pliers ($5)
First check the basics such as fuses and spark plug wire connections. make sure all your plug wires are plugged in securely. If so check to make sure any ignition related fuses are not blown. You can do this either by removing and inspecting for any broken fuses or hooking a test light to a ground and probing both sides of the fuse (key must be in the "on" position for this).

Still nothing check for spark at the plugs. Do this by taking your test light and probing one of the plug wires near the plug. Have someone crank the engine, the light should be blinking as engine is turning over. Do this for all wires. If you get a signal each wire, disconnect one of the plug wires, remove the plug and reconnect wire. Have someone crank engine. You should see blue sparks coming from the plug as the engine rotates.

Repeat for all cylinders. (you could also skip the first step and just do this)
If you don't get a spark at a particular plug, then you will need to probe each connection (the wire at the plug, the wire coming out of distributor/coil, the wire coming out of the coil. By doing this you will be able to pinpoint where the damaged component is. If you have nothing into the coil than it is likely an ignition related fuse/relay (solenoid on Fords) is bad.
If you are getting spark to each plug then your problem is fuel related.
To test fuel you will need a fuel pressure gauge (rent for free at auto parts store or pick up a gauge for around $30)
Hookup the fuel pressure gauge at check point (hookup point will vary depending on the vehicle but will likely be on the fuel rail or the throttle body on injected vehicles). Also when you rent/buy the fuel gauge ask them to lookup the fuel pressure. Probably around 40psi and up for a functional fuel system (injected) about 4psi for carbureted (look up pressure at parts store or manual for specific application).
If your fuel pressure reads low, then your filter or pump is bad. Replace the filter and recheck, if still low, replace the pump.

If your pressure reads good than it is likely that your crank and/'or cam sensor(s) or injectors are malfunctioning. The crank/cam sensors are what tell the computer when to fire the injectors. Probe the injector connectors while cranking the engine (there are two wires, one should blink when cranking the engine. If you get a signal than the injectors are bad.
If you still are having issues, than you may have a wiring problem or bad ECU

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I have a BMW 320 ci but When you receive MOT advisory note reading; Front (both)suspension arm has slight play in a pin/bush. I cannot understand this- could you please explain this to me and is it a bit expensive to repair

The person to explain the exact meaning of these vague notes is the person who tested your car.
The alternative is to have that part of the car checked again.

The fact these were advisory items means whatever is wearing or showing signs of deterioration is not likely to affect the safe operation of the vehicle in normal use and is unlikely to do so in the near future.

If you required the ultimate in high speed driving and precision handling you might notice a certain lack of predictability in the driving of your car but otherwise such slight amounts of wear is likely to do no more than increase noise levels slightly and perhaps shorten tyre life a little, though perhaps not even these things.

I hope this helps.

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ABS engages without braking

Check all wheel sensors for broken wires, loose connectors or position of sensors in their mounting brackets.

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1987 k5 blazer dies during driving

Make sure your battery is secured by a good battery hold-down system...if the battery shifts in the tray and the positive terminal touches the fender, the dead short will immediately kill the vehicle.
Also, take the alternator to a parts store and have it tested if your battery is held down firmly. The whining noise can be bad alternator bearings. On a vehicle of this vintage, this is a possibility for the noise. It is furthermore possible that the alternator has died electrically, and during a lengthy drive, the vehicle's own electrical consumption will drain the battery and the vehicle will die en route.
When you jump it off, it gets enough charge from the donor vehicle to drive, but if the alternator is dead, it can't keep the vehicle supplied with enough energy to operate.

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I don't have a problem yet, but I'd like to prevent one from happening. I'm in the market for a used Xterra and I'm curious as to when the normal life of one ends. Basically, how many miles will an Xterra live for, when treated "normally"?

Unfortunately that is like asking when will my dog die. Properly maintained and not abused a car will theoretically run forever. If it gets hit by another vehicle its life could end suddenly. If it is driven hard and not maintained well it will not survive as long. Unfortunately you can't usually see the track record of a used vehicle. I suggest if you plan to invest that much in a vehicle you spend the hundred bucks or so to have it evaluated by a qualified mechanic. To decide when to get rid of a vehicle - you have to decide when the upkeep cost outweighs the cost of replacing it.

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