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How to change a heater control unit/heater control ford puma

Ford Puma

What you will need:-
1.Phillips Screw Driver
2.Depending on what stereo system you have, stereo removal keys.


Climate Control Assembly/heater control unit/

1. Standard preparatory measures

Make a note of the radio keycode.

Make a note of the preset radio stations.
Disconnect the battery negative lead.
2. Remove the radio.
3. Note:The control unit for the heating/air conditioning system, all operating knobs and the air distribution operating switch make up one assembly.

Remove the bezel/control unit.

1 Remove the screws on the top of the unit

2 Unclip the clips either side of the unit

Pull the bezel/unit forwards.

Disconnect the plug.
4. Unclip the air distribution shaft.
5. Remove the heater/air conditioning module and the fan operating switch.

1. Refit the components in the reverse order.
2. Install the radio.
3. Connect the battery ground lead.

Enter the radio keycode.

Reprogramme the preset radio stations.

Reset the clock.

Carry out a road test to enable the PCM to collect data.
4. Check that the heater/air conditioning operates properly.

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1 Answer

remove drivers side inside door panel

1. Disconnect negative battery cable
2. Take a flat head screw driver pop out the little eletirc panel on the door and with all the eletronic switches on them.
3. After removing the eletric switches you will notice a screw that holds the door panel, remove that screw with a phillips screw driver and unclip all the eletronic pieces..
4. Check the panel for a screw near the bottom left corner of the panel there was just a screw hole on mine but there may be a screw on yours and remove it.
5. Grab the bottom of the door panel and pull upward hard if the clips do not remove themselves with upward force use a flat head screw driver to pull them up don't break them.
6. Once all of the clips are screws are disengage detach the trim panel disconnect any electrical connectors and remoe the trim panel from the vehicle by gently pulling it up and out.
7. For access to the inner door remove the door panel support bracket then peel back the watershield taking care not to tear it. it install the trim panel first press the watershield back into place. if necessary add more sealant to hold it in place.
8. Installation is the reverse of removal


Jan 01, 2012 | 1998 Ford Crown Victoria

1 Answer

need to replace heater core on 96 tbird....I have Instrument panel out.....glove box out.....center console (climate control unit and stereo) out......have heater hoses disconnected and two mounting nuts on engine side firewall off....It looks like I need to take out the entire dashboard....Is that true? I can't see any other way of getting it out.

Section 12-03A: Air Conditioning System—Manual A/C-Heater 1996 Thunderbird, Cougar Workshop Manual REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Heater Core Removal
  1. Partially drain the cooling system.
  1. Remove the tube gasket from the heater core tubes.
  1. Remove four heater core access cover retaining screws, and remove the access cover from the A/C evaporator housing (19850).
  1. Remove A/C electronic door actuator.
  1. Slide heater core (18476) and seals from the A/C evaporator housing (19850).
  1. Install the heater core (18476) in the A/C evaporator housing (19850) with the tube gasket on the outside of the case.
  1. Install the A/C electronic door actuator as described.
  1. Position the heater core cover on the A/C evaporator housing (19850). Install the four retaining screws.
  1. Refill the cooling system.

    Heater Core

    Item Part Number Description 1 18596 Heater Core Tube Gasket 2 18476 Heater Core 3 18B300 Heater Core Cover 4 390747-S2 Screw (4 Req'd) 5 18N267 Heater Core Cover Seal
  2. 3e541cd.gif

      Feb 16, 2010 | 1996 Ford Thunderbird LX

      1 Answer

      How do you take bumper off a ford puma?

      Front Bumper (434230)

      1. Remove the radiator grille.
      2. Remove the left-hand front wheel.
      3. Detach the fender splash shield from the bumper cover and fender (both sides).
      4. Remove the air cleaner intake pipe retaining clip.
      5. Detach the air cleaner intake pipe from the air cleaner housing.

      1 Rotate the pipe clockwise.

      2 Detach the pipe.
      6. Detach the bumper cover from the fender and support bracket (both sides).
      7. Remove the left-hand side bumper retaining nut.
      8. Remove the right-hand side bumper retaining nut.
      9. Remove the bumper.

      1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

      Jan 01, 2010 | 2007 Ford F

      1 Answer

      2004 Mercury Monterey left frnt window sector gear R&R proceedure

      are you a techie? You need a heavy duty riveter to do this repair. May have to rent or borrow from auto store.

      here's the procedure

      Front Door Trim Panel s4w~us~en~file=adobe.gif~gen~ref.gif Printable View (251 KB) NOTE: LH side is shown. RH side is similar.
      1. Remove the parts in the order indicated in the following illustration and table.


      2. Item Part Number Description 1 23942/23943 Mirror access panel 2 1722897 Cup assembly 3 W56904-S424 Window regulator control switch panel screws 4 14A665 Window regulator control switch panel
        Removal Note 5 W701930-S424 Front door trim panel screw 6 W701930-S424 Front door trim panel screw 7 N602703-S61 Front door trim panel screw 8 1723943 Front door trim panel 9 W705590-S300 Nut insert(s)
      1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
      Item 4: Window Regulator Control Switch Panel Removal Note
      1. If equipped, disconnect the electrical connector(s).
      Door Window Glass — Front s4w~us~en~file=adobe.gif~gen~ref.gif Printable View (328 KB)
      Special Tool(s) s4w~us~en~file=st1132a.gif~gen~ref.gif Heavy Duty Riveter
      501-D011 (D80L-23200-A)
      1. Remove the front door trim panel. For additional information, refer to Section 501-01 .
      1. Position the watershield aside.
      1. Remove the parts in the order indicated in the following illustration and table.

        To remove individual parts, only carry out the listed steps: Part Steps Front door window glass 1, 3 Front door window regulator 1-5 Front door glass run 1, 3, 6-8
      Item Part Number Description 1 W706495-5100 Rivet (2 required)
      Removal Note
      Installation Note 2 N8621986 Nut (3 required) 3 21410 Front door window glass 4 W706495-5100 Rivet (4 required)
      Removal Note
      Installation Note 5 23200 Front door window regulator
      Removal Note 6 N800507-S Bolt (2 required) 7 21596 Front door glass run 8 — Front door glass run (Part of 21596)
      1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
      Item 1: Rivet Removal Note
      1. Connect the window control switch.
      1. Connect the battery.
      1. Position the door window glass halfway down to gain access to the door window glass rivets.
        • Remove the rivets.
      9391398.gif Item 4: Rivet Removal Removal Note
      1. Remove the rivets.
      Item 5: Front Door Window Regulator Removal Note
      1. Disconnect the electrical connector.
      1. s4w~us~en~file=ani_caut.gif~gen~ref.gif WARNING: Prior to power window motor removal, make sure the regulator arms are in a fixed position to prevent counterbalance spring unwind. Failure to place the regulator arms in a fixed position can cause the spring to suddenly release resulting in personal injury.
        NOTE: The counterbalance spring assists the window in the upward direction.
        Remove the bolts and the window regulator motor.
      Item 4: Rivet Installation Note
      1. Using the special tool, install the rivets.

      Feb 21, 2009 | 2004 Ford Freestar

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