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Buy and use a test light

A test light is invaluable to check for battery power, grounds, fuses, bulbs ect. Buy a good one and learn how to use it. For fuses, use the tip and touch it on each end, if both ends have power you now know that ONE, the fuse has power to it and TWO, the fuse is good. You can now check fuses without wasting time pulling and looking. Use a test light to check for grounds. put the wire clip to the positive post of the battery and touch the body or engine and check for light, light is good. Now to check if you negative cable (ground) is good, clip your wire to the negative terminal and touch the engine, any light is bad, check it while trying to start the engine. (a friend can help) if the light comes on, you have a bad ground. You can also use it to check your trailer plug, wiring and grounds.

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no power to left rear turn/ brake light

Check the display. Ask a helper to step on the brake pedal while you check the lights from the rear. If no lights appear, check the fuse that connects the brake lights. The owners manual will show the location of the fuse box and which fuse is for the brake lights. Pull out the fuse and look at the wire in the central window. If the wire is broken, replace the fuse. Make sure the new fuse is not blown, and carries the same amperage.
Take note of lights that are out, if any are working. The problem may be cured by replacing the bulb in a brake light that's out. A burned out bulb has a broken filament and a dark brown spot on one side. Check the owners manual for bulb type.
Check the circuit if replacement bulbs and fuses do not restore the lights. Find the wiring diagram in the vehicle assembly manual. The circuit for the brake lights runs from the battery to the fuse, to the pedal switch, to a connection plug, to the lights. The circuit has to be checked with a volt tester at all points.
Check the battery power and the light on your volt tester. Turn the ignition key far enough to activate the electrical systems. Turn on the lights to check for battery power. If the battery has power, ues it to check the volt tester. Put the black lead (the ground) from the volt tester on the negative battery terminal. Briefly touch the red tester light on the positive terminal. The light on the volt tester should flash brightly.
Test the wiring to the fuse. Clip the ground wire to solid metal near the fuse. Touch the light tip to both sides of the fuse. Both should light the tester. If neither side lights, the wire between the battery and fuse is bad. If only one side lights, the fuse is blown.
Test the switch and wiring. Touch the light tip of the tester to both terminals on the brake pedal switch without putting any pressure on the pedal. One should carry power and the other should not. When both show power, the switch is stuck and the brake lights are always on. If neither shows power, the wiring between the fuse and the switch is bad. Now check both switch terminals while the pedal is depressed. Both sides should light the tester. If not, the switch is bad.
Check the connection plug. Unplug the connection and refer to the vehicle manual to identify the brake light wire. Touch the tester light on the brake light wire at the inner socket on the battery side. If the tester lights, the power is flowing to this point. If not, the wire between the plug and the pedal switch is bad.
Check the socket. Plug in the connector plug and remove the bulb. Touch the contact inside the socket. If the tester lights, the socket is good. The socket and wire running to the plug should be replaced if the tester doesn't light.
Check the bulb with the ground wire. The bulb must be in its socket. The ground wire running to the socket should be black or brown. Stab the tester through the insulation. If the tester lights, the bulb is good. Replace the bulb if it doesn't light.
Check the ground wire. Remove some of the insulation around the ground wire. Twist one end of the extra wire around the exposed ground wire. Touch the other end to a solid piece of metal. If the brake light comes on, the ground wire is bad.
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Oct 13, 2014 | 2000 Ford Expedition

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2006 corolla dash lights and tail lights not working

So Jason you need a little experience in electricity to solve the problem. You and multimeter., or a test light. If you have a test light. first you need to check the fuse. 1Put the ignition on, 2 put the test light in a good ground and check all fuses. The test light need to light bright on both terminal of the fuse. If all fuses are good .go on the tell light remove the bulbs check for power in ground. To check power and ground. You need to check a good body ground for the test light. Check power and ground if you find power and ground you need a good bulb check the contact of the. Bulb in the connector. If you don't have power or ground. Use the multimeter to check for continuity on both wire. How to do that. Turn off the ignition, use the a good ground attach the black lid in ground and red lid in one of the pin of the light bulb. Turn on the ignition put multimeter on volt and one of the pin of the bulb connector should give you 12 voltor (OL)the other one turn ignition off put the multimeter on resistance you should have a good ground or out of limit (OL) . If you have OL for one that mean one the wire is open. You need Chase the wire to fix the opening.

Oct 03, 2013 | Cars & Trucks

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Is there a fuse for the license plate light

the license light uses the same fuse as the tailights so it they work its not a fuse.check the bulb then check with a test light for power to the socket centre contact and check for a good ground connection buy connecting the test light to a good power source and touching the probe to the side of the socket.if it lights with both of these test then the bulb is no good.if it doesn`t light up you need to find the problem wether its powe supply or a bad ground.the power wire for the light is brown and you can locate it in the wire loom.

Mar 28, 2012 | 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

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Sir My cherokke 89 when i put the key for start , the starter rotates with the engine but it wont fire . Tip when i open the switch none of the bulbs in the dash goes on.

You need to find out if it is a fuel problem or electrical.
Spray carb cleaner into the carb. Does it start now ?
If no, remove spark plug, install wire, ground plug against metal on engine, have someone turn over engine while you look for spark, no spark, then pull cap off distributor, check for mositure, check for cracks ect. May be the module, coil wire ect.

Feb 05, 2010 | 1989 Jeep Cherokee

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No electrical power 1994 S10 Pickup V-6 4.3 L

your fuse box is inside , lower left kick panel , check all fuses in there , then also in the engine compartment on the firewall around the middle is a junction block with like 2 fusible links , they need to be tested , and also 1 fusible link right off the positive side of the battery , test it also , if you don't have a test light for testing , you can kinda wiggle the fusible links and feel if they are limp and stretchy , that's not a good sign , you can buy replacement fusible links or fusible link wire from local parts store , depending on how much sparking happened you may have blown the fusible links . if you don't have a test light , pick one up at the parts house and learn to use it , it will be invaluable when it comes to testing this kinda of failure . cheers .

Jan 12, 2009 | 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

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