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Brake lights not working but bulbs are ok

If your brake lights are not working nut the bulbs are ok then the first thing you need to do is open your fuse box and check the fuse for the brake light.

If after doing this the fuse is ok then the problem the points towards the fault being with the actual brake light switch.

To locate the brake light switch what you need to do is get on your knees at the drivers seat side of the car then look closely at the brake pedal.
What you now need to do is follow the brake pedal to near the top where it goes through the bulk head into the engine bay.
If you have a good look at this area at the very top of the brake pedal you will see a plastic switch with either 2 or 3 wires coming from it that is atatched to the base of the frame that holds the actual brake pedal.

If after looking in this area you cant see this switch then their is a good chance its fallen off so look for a plastic switch with 2 or 3 wires coming from it that it just floating in the air by its wires, if this is how yours is the refit it to the base of the brake pedal and you should now find your brake lights are working.

If how ever the brake light switch it atatched to the base still then what you need to do is remove it from the base they are usually just clipped on and will pull off easily if its not pushed on then it may be held on by one bolt.

Once you have removed the switch what you need to do is get some one to stand at the back of the car and then you press the switch and see if the brake lights light up if they dont then this switch needs replacing.

If they do light up then check if their is any adjustmant that can be made some switches have like a screw fit that can be adjusted to allow the switch to work after is has worn down due to the age of the car.

If its not adjustable then your best option would be to replace the switch but if you have a mechanical mind then you should be able to make a way for the switch to work, dont try this if you are unsure as you can cause more harm than good.

After replacing the switch or adjusting it you should now have the brake lights working if after doing this they are still not working then what you need to do is remove two back light assembly and locate the wires running from the connector then follow these wires and you will see one that is bolted to the metal frame of the car once you have found this undo it and clean behind it where it connects with the metal of the car.
After cleaning this put it back together and you should find your brake lights are working.

If not then their is a good chance you have had a short somewhere and their has been a wire thats melted to locate this you would need to strip the car and follow the wires from the brake light switch to the fuse box then follow the wires from the fuse box to the rear lights.
Now somewhere along the way you should find a wire that has melted and needs replacing.
All you need to do is cut the wire or wires that have melted and strip the plastic cover back then fit bull connectors as these done short out as they are coated in plastic, once you have done this connect the wires and this should now have your lights working.

Please do not carry out the last job yourself if you are unsure what you are doing as you could cause your car to go up in flames over night, it only takes one wire to short and within a couple of hours the heat produced could and will cause the car to set alight, so please leave the last solution to a pro.

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tail lights inoperatrive

Could be one of three things;
1. Check the fuses in the fuse box.
2. If all fuses are OK, check the headlight switch.
3. If this car has 'delay turn off lights' feature, the lighting control module should be checked.

Nov 12, 2011 | 1993 Lincoln Town Car

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my back break lights isnt working and front head lights are they both connected

If both are not working, check your brake light fuse and then bulbs for burnt filaments. If ok, could be wiring or brake light switch located at the back of the brake pedal. To eliminate the switch, if your car is equipped with cruise control, try to engage it and if it works, the switch is good, if not, switch is bad as the cruise control needs a good working brake switch to engage the cruise.

Aug 14, 2011 | 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

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2008 kia optima break lights not working

  • kia optima brake light
  • Open the hood and locate the battery. Remove the cable from the negative terminal (black cable) by turning the retaining nut on the cable clamp counterclockwise with a socket wrench until the clamp is loose enough to slide off the terminal. You must disconnect the battery's negative terminal to avoid a potential electrical shock when working on any electrical component in your KIA.
  • Open the trunk and pull back the carpet near the tail light assembly.
  • Remove the three nuts holding the lamp assembly in place and pull the lamp assembly out.
  • Remove the bulb assembly by rotating the bulb counterclockwise and pulling the bulb straight out of the housing.
  • Install the new bulb. Installation is the reverse of removal.
  • Reconnect the cable to the negative battery terminal.

  • Aug 11, 2010 | 2008 Kia Optima

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    2003 silverado 1500 v-6 brake lights dont work

    ljones, Did you check the "VEH stop" fuse in the left side instrument panel fuse box. There are 3 stop light fuses, 1 for all the stop lights located in the under hood fuse box. 2 in the left side IP fuse box. 1 for the upper stop light and 1 for the lower stop lights. The fuse box in the IP is where the upper and lower stop lights split. Let me know.

    Feb 26, 2009 | 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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    Brake light not working

    First ensure the bulbs are fine.

    Check and replace the fuse in your fuse box.

    If it keeps blowing after replacing the brake lights fuse, then there is a short on the wires, you need to check wiring.

    If fuse is ok and there is no brake light check wiring to the lights, there is a broken connection or an open wiring to the brake lights.

    Note: brake lights are usually not dependent from tail lights, they have separate wiring.

    Aug 14, 2008 | 1988 Chevrolet C1500

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