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Saab 9 5 Drivers Side HVAC Blend Door Problem

DIY Saab 9 5 Drivers Side HVAC Blend Door Problem Subject: DIY Saab 9 5 Drivers Side HVAC Blend Door Problem Title: How to fix the Blend Door
This is a known problem where a plastic part fails that causes the Drivers (or passengers) side blend door to stop operating and will remain in the hot or cold position. To test if this is the problem, with the car running, calibrate the HVAC by pressing the AUTO and OFF buttons on the HVAC controls. If an 8 appears on the driver’s side (or passengers) this is probably the problem. The plastic stop arm is designed to stop the stepper motor for the blend door. When this fails the stepper motor has enough power to break the internal shaft from the motor to the door.
The fix is to obtain two plastic replacement parts and install.
Air will not move to hot or cold when the other side does. HVAC calibration will fail with an 8 code on the side in question.
Mechanic level: Easy / Medium
Basic torx, socket, Phillips tools
About 1 hour, much less if you have done this before
12765865 Plastic replacement for inside failed shaft about $18 5334701 Plastic replacement for stop arm about $25
1) Remove the driver’s side under dash panel
a. Remove the 3 torx screws
b. Remove the plastic push holder from the panel, push in the center a bit, remove it
c. Pull out the panel slowly
d. Remove the two torx screws from the diagnostic terminal
e. Remove the panel from the car
f. You will probably find the failed stop arm falling to the floor
2) Remove the stepper motor, this is located next to the center of the car to the right of the steering column (states). You can identify it because it will have two white wire terminals that go to it. You will probably have to lay on your back and look to the left.
a. Remove the air sensor from the duct by carefully pulling back the two black clips. This is a pin like sensor that does not detach from the white wires
b. Remove the stepper motor wires but squeezing on the top of the white connector and remove upwards, but it aside
c. Remove the stepper motor be removing the two Phillips / hex head screws. The one on the bottom is easy, the one on the top will require a long Phillips, or you can use a ratchet with a 6mm socket.
d. Remove the stepper motor and put aside.
e. Sometimes the internal shaft will not fail, you can check this out by turning the yellow shaft that the stepper motor shaft was in. If it is very flimsy, it will have to be replaced.
3) Remove the failed plastic shaft
a. This will not remove directly and some other instructions say to remove the down assembly. I ended up pushing the shaft in and if fell out after a few operations of the blend door after reassembly.
4) Replace the new shaft and stop arm.
a. Put the stop arm on the replacement shaft and put back in. This cannot go in wrong, make sure the stop arm is in the opening to the top.
b. Turn the shaft arm and you can feel the blend door moving.
5) Replace the stepper motor
a. You may have to play with this a bit, but it will set in the new shaft.
b. Replace the two screws
c. Plug the wires back in
6) Replace the sensor
a. Carefully put back where you took it out
7) Test the system.
a. Start the car
b. Calibrate the HVAC, AUTO/OFF, there should be no 8 or other codes.
c. You may have to do this a few times, the old yellow shaft should drop out.
8) Replace the under dash cover
This was done on a 99 9-5 sedan. There are a few other issues that may cause this problem. The stepper motor failing (rare), or the stepper motor gear coming loose. Most of my time was wasted trying to get the old shaft out the realizing that it does not come out.

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1 Answer

saab clamate contol error codes 01 and 08

You have a HVAC air temperature control blend door failure. To repair this the entire dash assembly must be removed if you can even buy the parts needed, which I doubt.

Jun 03, 2016 | 1999 Saab 9-5

1 Answer

08 dodge nitro blows hot air on passenger side but cold air out the drivers side!! Any answers

NOTE: LHD model shown. RHD model similar. All vehicles are equipped with a common heater, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) housing assembly (1). The heating-A/C system combines A/C, heating, and ventilating capabilities in a single HVAC housing mounted within the passenger compartment behind the instrument panel. The HVAC housing assembly includes:
  1. Mode-air doors (2)
  2. A/C evaporator (3)
  3. Recirculation door actuator (4)
  4. Air inlet housing (5)
  5. Recirculation-air door (6)
  6. Blower motor (7)
  7. Blower motor resistor (8)
  8. Heater core (9)
  9. Air distribution housing (10)
  10. Blend-air door (11)
  11. Blend door actuator (12
  12. Floor distribution ducts (13)
  13. Mode door actuator (14)

Jan 28, 2015 | 2008 Dodge Nitro

1 Answer

Afternnon, just wondering about the best way to locate the blend doors in the hvac box without ripping out the dash on my 2000 jeep grand cherokee. Thanks in advance. Duane

y9ou can gain access to the driver side blend door actuator by removing the glove box. The actuator will be in the left corner of the glove box opening. If you remove the actuator you will be able to turn the pin. If you can turn it 360 degrees the blend door is broke.

If your lucky its only the drivers side. If you get the repair kit from chrysler it will come with instructions with pictures on how to replace the blend door without pulling the HVAC unit/Dash. If the passenger side is broken the HVAC unit will need to be removed.

Heater treater (google them) also have a metal blend door replacement and instructions online on how to replace them without pulling the HVAC housing.

Nov 28, 2010 | 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

No heat on the drivers side


I have the same problem with my 1999 Saab 95 SE. I have done some intensive research on the repair and I have come across a few websites with solutions and they ultimately point to the same one. Your HeaterBox blend door or stop arm is broken it diverts the heat to both sides of the compartment. I had a quick free fix from my dealer from them by setting my temp to HI on both sides. But that did not fix the original problem of having cold air blow on the drivers side no matter which selection your choose to have the air blow, may it be on the windshield, panel or floor, it still came out cold. It is fine on the passengers side, but the tech at the Saab dealership instructed me not to adjust the temperature settings on either side or it might break completely, I think their just trying to tack on $2000 dollars of repairs for something I can fix for $100-$200 or even less than that. You should be able to get the job done in 2-3 hours providing nothing else is broken besides the blend door arm and/or stop arm in your heaterbox. Here is the link I found that will help you fix the problem. Hope it helps and keeps you warm, just be glad you have heated seats for now, without it I think I'd freeze to death in this Michigan weather, lol.

Illustrated Fix

Good Luck and Best Regards,

Gandy Kachucha

Nov 21, 2008 | 1999 Saab 9-5

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