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Early 90's lesabre dash face removal - access radio - replace stereo

OOK... this is a little lengthy process... but after the second or third time it becomes second nature.
What you'll need:
- 7mm nut driver (all of these bolts-screws also have a torx insert in the head, I cannot remember the size however)
- Philips screwdriver
- Ignition keys(aka your car keys)
Flat-blade screwdriver

1. You can begin with removing the woodgrain paneling-strips from the dash(this strip is found below the glovebox door and surrounds the heater/vent controls, as well as the trunk release button -on both sides of the steering wheel), either with your fingers or a wide, flat-blade screwdriver and pry the pieces straight out from the sides, or a combination of prying down & out from the top edge. They have these springy clips that will fight you, but, so far for me, have always been forgiving enough to come free of the dash without breaking or cracking the trim, so you shouldnt have much to worry about as far as this step going sour.

2. Dash vents - these all have-to be removed. The removal of all of these uses the same method - turn the vent-thing to it's far left or far right aiming position. Once it comes up against its stops, get one or both hands on the side of it that is sticking out from the dash and pull on it like you are trying to turn it farther in the direction that it currently doesn't want to turn any farther towards(either the left or right). These vents are mounted on a center stud top & bottom, and will pop free from that with a little bit of force. You shouldn't have to worry about breaking these vents when removing them... it's putting them back in that is a little more sensitive. Also, the vents are each shaped a little different, so I suggest that you set each one on the dash above where you removed it from.

3. Behind & above each vent that you just removed is a 7mm headed screw. Remove each of those while trying to not drop the screw down the dash vents as they come loose. After freeing the far passenger side vent the next chunk that you'll want to unscrew and remove is the glove box.... yes, the whole glove box needs to come out for this. There should be two 7mm headed screws(maybe 3 - cant remember off the top of my head) behind the door of the glove box and probably another two below the glovebox door behind where the woodgrain trim strip was.
Oh yeah, the screws that hold the glove box in place are located on the close face behind the glovebox door, you won't need to be digging behind all the stuff in your glovebox attempting to find screws, it can all just stay in place. As well, the glovebox door itself does not need to have any screws removed from it or the hinges that hold it.
The glove box should remove quite easily if all the screws are removed

3b - or something like that - So, assuming you've removed the screws that were up & behind all of the dash vents, the next step is to remove the screws that were hidden behind the trim strips(woodgrain). These are still 7mm screws, and most of them are recessed back in parts of the plastic... you may have to get down to eye level with that area to see them all. Remove all of those and the dash pieces should flop around a little bit.
- Now For The Only Two Philips Screws... they are found above the gauge cluster(speedometer & fuel level things), and will likely require you to get low and look up to even spot them. I'll let you know before-hand that the steering wheel, shifter and steering column are going to really get in the way... perhaps you'll want a stubby philips screwdriver or a really long shafted philips driver. A regular length one will work, but will land your hands right in the middle of all the steering junk making it *extra fun*.

OK, quick review.
Lower trim panel(woodgrain perhaps) strips removed from both sides of the dash.
Screws behind the trim panel removed.
Dash Vents removed.
Screws behind the dash vents removed.
Screws behind the glove box door removed.
Glove box removed.
Two Philips screws removed from above the gauge cluster

Those are all the things I can remember when it comes to getting to this point.

4. REMOVING THE DASH - why did they have to make it this difficult to get to the friggen radio.
You'll hafta get your keys and put them in as though you're going to start your car... only you don't need to start the car, just turn the keys enough to allow the shifter to move(I think you hafta press on the brake to get it out of park anyways), and you will pull the shifter down all the way(1st / low gear). Now the dash piece should be able to come out with some fancy maneuvering.

As far as reassembly, most of that is pretty easily done... the only exception is the dash vents. When you put them in, start with them facing off at an angle and then try to face them to their center(flat across, pointing straight out) and press on the upper and lower portions close to their vertical center line. You should listen for a pop, which is hopefully them snapping into place. To check for proper re-placement, swivel them left and right and see if they look & feel 'normal'. If not, try again with more force. The only risk you run here is breaking the plastic tabs on the vents that hold them to the studs in the dash panel.

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ignition switch actuater

you'll need a service manual it's a lengthy process it requires a lot of dis assembly

Aug 27, 2012 | 1995 Ford Taurus

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i need to know how to get to the dashboard lights to replace them

Project: Replace dashlight behind odometer (PRNDL) light. 2001 Ford Escape.

Time: 10 to 30 min.
Tools: Nut Driver 7mm or (small 7mm socket, socket wrench and small extension)
Cost: $1.50 to $4.00 (cost varies due to location - or so I was told, mine was $4.00)
Screws to remove: only 6 on the 2001, all the same head size, thread size and length)

1. Remove two 7mm hex screws on display panel cover (top, underneath)

2. Put on parking brake, engage key (do not start), move PRNDL lever to L to get out of way.

3. Pull the bottom part of display cover straight toward you (there are 2 clips, one on either side of the steering wheel behind the display assembly cover that will snap free - takes a little force - Do one side at a time) Remove and set aside. This reveals the four display unit screws.

4. Remove the four 7mm screws on the actual display panel. (fyi: all screws in this project are the same head size, thread size, and length)

5. Tilt top of display panel toward you and remove the three top connectors (they come out easily and are in a cable harness so you can't put them back wrong) You will need to squeeze the middle gently, unlocking connector and pull)

6. Pull out display - which includes "glass" covering - this never gets removed! (adjust steering wheel to lowest position if needed)

7. On the rear of the panel you will see several (little grey) knobs. Find the one right behind the odometer and using a pliers, twist counter clockwise 1/4 turn and remove. The little light bulb is encased in these little knobs and is included as a one-piece replacement for the $1.50 to $4 bucks.

8. Replace bulb assembly by inserting the bulb and turning clockwise 1/4 turn.

9. Assemble following reverse instruction of above.

* This all sounds a lot more complex than it actually is. These steps each only take a minute or so. The most difficult part for me was pulling out the display assembly cover. Took me a few minutes to figure out that there were clips on either side of the base of the display cover and what pressure was needed to pull them free. (it does take a little effort at the base of the display to pull free)

All in all this took me about 15 minutes to remove and about 10 minutes to replace, but I had to find socket size, snap locations of cover, etc etc....

Please feel free to cut and paste this article to any other boards with the same question. I hate to see people getting "ripped off" for a simple 4 dollar job anyone can do.

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2003 jetta with sluggish acceleration

I suggest the valve timing is out just a little bit. The engine will still run, but it WILL be sluggish!

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how do I program my Jaguar XJR garage door opener?

Sorry, the process is simple but too lengthy to post here.

Goto homelink.com

They make the system and have very complete instructions you can download.

PLEASE NOTE: MOST but not ALL Brands / models of opener will work with this system.

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Rear Sensor replacement 44.95 retail
Shop Labor 60.00
This will fix the ABS and Brake lights, will fix the speedometer isue and smooth out the erratic shifting.

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