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Water in gas tank

Instead of expensive treatments, use a low cost method. for every 5 gallons of gas in the tank, add two ounces of regular rubbing alcohol. this is the main ingredient in all treatments. gas and water will not mix, but the alcohol attaches to the water and then the alcohol will attach to the gas, thus removing it from your tank and burning it. works well on all gasoline engines

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can I use iso heet

no reason stated? why not just run fuel, its already ready to run
and in USA< (not stated either) has 10 % ethanol already
iso heet comes in 2 types, ethanol and methanol.
if you buy the ethanol its useless here, like adding 1 drop of peee in the ocean of ethonal
but the methanol , is good for known fuel line icing.
id not mess with it. at all. leave the chemistry to your fuel co.

send 5min and read the MSDS sheets on both and see,
one bottle is blue other red.

i believe (too lazy to look it up for you) ISo means its ethanol.
99% in your bottle is it is
Isopropanol is the simplest secondary alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol or more commonly as rubbing alcohol.
minus the rubbing oil, sure.

your 20 gallon tank (guess) is 2 gallons of ethonal, inside.
so how much water can it suck up,
50 times more that pure gas.

fresh fuel is less than 1% water (in the ethanol part)
and can rise to 4% stored. in 60 days.
longer invites phase change, and the water releases. bad idea.
but you empty one tank per weak so it is a water eating system already, big TIME.

Jan 07, 2015 | 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

1 Answer

Is it OK to install LPG tank to Nissan A32? Would there be any problems in the future in regards to the engine to some other parts of the car? what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing it?

Virtually any vehicle can be converted to LPG. The key is understanding what is available in your area and what is more cost effective. This will involve a conversion kit. It is not as expensive in fuel injected and Direct injected motors as it is in carburetor motors but there is still considerable cost. You are talking about adding a Pressure tested tank and the cost for that will depend on whether you go natural Gas or Propane. Both are doable. Both require a regulator be installed. Natural Gas typically requires 1300 PSI in the tank where Propane is at a much lower pressure. Both are cleaner burning and theoretically, you should notice I used the word "Theoretically", as both natural gas and Propane are said to have an equivalent Octane level of 104 versus the high octane rating for unleaded or 93 to 97. Because of the higher Octane you should get better mileage but in conversions it doesn't always work out that way. It has been my experience that in factory built LPG vehicle to experience a higher mileage rating but that is not always so in Conversions. You also have to consider that unlike Gas powered vehicles in most states you are required to get a registration sticker that is sold to at a cost of your estimated usage because you are taxed once for the gas instead of by the gallon. You have to estimate how many gallons of LP gas you are going to use and pay the taxes up front instead of as you use it. If you choose propane and have Propane used in your house you can have what is called a wet line installed in that tank and be able to fill up at home, this is not an option for the Natural Gas conversion. At first glance that 73 cent a gallon for running propane is very tempting but when you add to it the upfront cost of taxes every year that actually ends up running some $4 a gallon making it more expensive that regular gas powered vehicles. I looked into all of this when I considered opening a conversion business a few years ago and got the shock of my life. Then working for a company that used conversion vehicles that ran on LP gas found out that on LP, in the conversions anyway, they were prone to vapor locks and slow acceleration or hesitation at acceleration. It wasn't so bad in the vehicles that started out from the factory on LP but those were still problems. Add to that that there was not a marked improvement in mileage, in fact there was a loss in most cases, it is not cost effective to make this conversion.

Mar 18, 2011 | 1995 Nissan Maxima

1 Answer

i have a 94 oldsmobile cutlass supreme it has a miss but i change plus wires fuel ign,

what you may have are clogged fuel injectors,simple to clear up. add lucas fuel injector cleaner to your fuel tank. suspect bad fuel? water in fuel? 1 bottle of clear rubbing alcohol added to your gas tank should clear up to 1 gallon of water in your fuel tank. the alcohol will not affect your engine at all. it will only dry the water up that may be mixed in your fuel,be prepared for this as gas prices will continue to rise .hope this helps.thank you for choosing fixya.com

Feb 27, 2011 | 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1 Answer

Good Morning - My uncle just gave me a Dodge Ram 50, 2.0 liter engine. Today as I drove the pickup it began to spatter as if I was running out of gas. Today alone, I have changed the plugs and the wires and each time I get up to 45 miles it began to stall, hesitate as well as almost cut off. I am new to the sight, but can someone help me? Let me know where I can locate the ffuel filter, or the fuel pressure regulator....HELPPPPP

hey it may be a simple thing! i would start at this,add lucas fuel treatment to gas tank to clean your fuel injectors,ask this question? truck been setting long time? more than 2months? if so most likely ,,bad gas if setting that long, also try CLEAR AND I REPEAT!!! CLEAR AND NOT GREEN rubbing alcohol 1 one whole bottle be added to fuel tank with at east 4 gallons of gas and drive for 25 miles to clean the injectors and to clean the fuel lines and the fuel lines. most very likely,this will take care of your spatter.hope this helps!

Sep 19, 2010 | 1987 Dodge Ram 50

2 Answers

My 2005 dodge durango was ran low on fuel and sputterd out on my drive way. After filling with 5 gallons of gas it is hard to start and will not idle. Does this model have a fuel filter I can check/replace? If not where can I start looking for the trash sucked into my fuel system?

Could have gotten water in the fuel system...
Before you start taring into things try this simple trick first. Get a regular bottle of rubbing alcohol and dump it in the gas tank with the remaining fuel...the water will mix with the alcohol and burn off.

You can also use STP gas treatment...


Nov 23, 2009 | Dodge Durango Cars & Trucks

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